Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Deep within Me!

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Day's details
At approximately 5:44am EST in the Northern Hemisphere on Wed. Dec. 21st we will experience the Solstice and enter Winter.  The Solstice is the longest night and shortest day and is a good time to do work related to retrospection, ancestors, family rituals, joy, and understanding nature's rhythms.

Decoration designed
Many of our standard Christmas season symbols are really that of the solstice and should also be lauded on this day. So hang your wreaths, put up your evergreen trees, light your candles, hang your lights for all to see, ring your bells, place your holly around the house and when you sit to light that warming and soothing fire, know that all of these are Solstice motifs and you're invoking the power of Sister Winter for your greatest and best good.

Delving to depths
This Solstice I am acknowledging the connection I have and searching inside to find new depths and boons for me and the universe. Just when I think I know where I am or what I think, I will pause, take a breath, and take one more last look. For in that brief moment I know I will find exactly what was waiting for me all the time. Patience, compassion, ease and confidence will be words I recite to myself over and over again. Yes, holidays, families, and lots of free time can often be a concoction for disaster, but this year, I will settle in and know that many gifts will be bestowed upon me and most of them will not be purchased.

Decide your destiny
Below are symbols, concepts, and words for you to use as a starting point on your own wintery journey.  Take all the time you need over the next few days, see what resonates with you. Whatever you try not to see, probably will be the very thing you MUST give light to during the Solstice. Happy Solstice, see all of you on the other side of all of this goodness!

Winter Totem - Moose
Meaning - Find New Life from my Depths

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Divine Feminine Connection

Water & Rhythms


Seek Herbal Alternatives

Maneuverability & Intuition

Winter Concept - Open to Sacred Energy

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Know my Contradictions

Make use of my Spiritual Territory

Embrace my Depth Perception

Trust my Knowing

Release my Past

Winter Affirmation
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On Winter's dawn I'm grateful to be all that I can be,

In a quiet time I know messages, magic, and love are overflowing,

Most importantly Sister Winter I am open to the sacred that is manifesting.


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