Happy Birthday Blog

The reason for celebration

It is with great humility, happiness, and sheer honor that I celebrate the fourth year of life for the Daughter of Waters blog.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have foreseen this when first I sat to write when in southwestern China.  So in true celebratory fashion, let's wish the blog our best wishes and hope that she continues to evolve, assist, expand, and bless each and every one of us.

Our Sagittarius Sister

As a Sagittarius and being ruled by the planet Jupiter I know this blog has been a source of great leadership and service to me and so many folks.  I look to her for those decisions I might not want to make, but I know I need to make.   This blog's energy has been on point so many more times that I can probably think of and don't think because I am the conduit that I don't get gifted and surprised from what she provides, believe me, I DO!!!  One thing I know for certain, this blog has taught me to sometimes sit down, shut my mouth, and listen, even if I don't understand. 

Help her make a wish

Now here is your chance to wish her a happy birthday...birthday wishes...what she has meant to you....what you hope from or for her in the future....also general comments are welcome as well.
Whatever you give will be what she needs from you.  Thank the ancestors for her!


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