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Felicity Warner, founder of the Soul Midwife Movement, has respectfully and practically assembled a powerfully packed tool kit for those assisting the dying and their loved ones. She has defined and laid the framework  of “Soul Midwifery” then she proceeded to speak “real talk” with regards to dying, caring for dying, the dying process and care of the Soul Midwife.

One of the most valuable portions of the book is the historical and cultural perspecitves Warner gives the the reader.  From the very ancients to more modern times her chronology of how we humans have cared for and ritualized our dying made me really begin to see death as what it should be seen as: another transition.  Her demystification of the dying process and the candor needed to attend to the dying and their families is useful to everyone from the experienced Soul Midwife to the novice attendant of anyone who is dying (including your own family member).  This book should be required reading for anyone who fashions themselves helpful in the dying process, be it medical, spiritual, or therapeutic. 

Now if the content of the book wasn’t enough, the lay out and layering of information is an added plus.  Within each section there are anectdotal stories, reflective questions that forces the reader to interact with the book, charts, and resource listings.  And at the end the recap is concise, to the point and handy. 

Today as I visited someone in hospice an ease fell over me because I made sure to ask myself those questions this book brought to the surface - "Why am I here? What am I to do?"  Confidence is not something we ever expect to have around death, but The Soul Midwives’ Handbook gave me just that.  I recommend all professionals, spiritual practioners, and future palliative workers to be sure to add this book to their libraries.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free from Hay House for review purposes. I was not obliged to write a favourable review. The opinions expressed are strictly my own.



Feng Shui Simply can be that line of demarcation that we all need to make a change in our lives.  Cheryl Grace masterfully has written one of the most down to earth and easy to read books on the subject.  Feng Shui, a Chinese system of that improves and elevates the energy around us, can be laid out in a convoluted manner, but in this book Ms. Grace brought clarity and almost Woman Wit to it which made it such an easy read.

Aside from the great break down of the system this book urges all of us to not only grasp the Feng Shui of objects like furniture or color palettes, but even more intriguingly it is suggested we use Feng Shui principles on our inner self as well.  

If you pick up this text I can guarantee at least one of her recommendations can have the potential to totally transform your life.  For me, it was the section on clutter.  Although I know what it is and am not a victim of it, somehow this book made me look at it in such an obtuse way I have totally rearranged my space and am more aware of even the semblances of clutter. 

You need to know how to shift energy, read this book.  You haven’t felt compelled to act upon all the self help information you’ve gathered, read this book.  You feel like you are standing just on the tip of something new and can’t quite step over that line, read this book.  For a foundational understanding of Feng Shui mixed in with some trendsetting translation of it for the inner person, read this book!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free from Hay House for review purposes. I was not obliged to write a favourable review. The opinions expressed are strictly my own.


The Tapping Solution, A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living 
by Nick Ortner

The Tapping Solution is the book that follows the best selling documentary of the same name.  The documentary's Executive Producer, Nick Ortner has coupled the film with this definitive text on the history, evolution, and present day iteration of tapping.  Tapping, simply stated is a system of tapping body meridians while reciting (out loud or quietly) a mantra in order to eradicate both physical and emotional discomfort.  The chronology of this technique is so well laid out that anyone, from lay person to scientific scholar, will be able to process and understand.  The only thing initially to watch for the is the jumping of pages when the explanation of how to tap is introduced.  But after you get the pattern of tapping you should be off and running.

The organization of chapters is a bona fide foundation building strategy that allows the reader to think, practice, understand and then move on to the next step towards self liberation.  The first foundational block that Ortner offers us is on anxiety, being overwhelmed, and stress.  These three feelings can be like sharp daggers inching their way through our bodies and mindsOrtner making this the initial tapping section is genius.  He goes on to tackle other areas such as change, our past, healing, pain, weight issues, relationships, dreams and fears.  Quite the comprehensive list right? And the other thing that astounds me is nothing comes across as "preachy" or "accusatory".  All chapters are chock full of real life stories of victors who have surmounted their challenges by tapping.

One of the most salient undertones of this book is the direct relationship of how Western allopathic medicine has directed us to see the solutions and healing outside of oursevles.  Ortner is not medical industry bashing, but rather he is promoting the power we all have inside ourselves to heal, something we can't hear enough of in this age of medical technology. If you've never picked up a self help book or if you've attended many a workshop, you will learn something from The Tapping Solution.  As I now know from reading The Tapping Solution, my future is truly in my hands.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free from Hay House for review purposes. I was not obliged to write a favourable review. The opinions expressed are strictly my own.


Women, Sex, Power and Pleasure: Getting The Life (And Sex) You Want by Evelyn Resh

Certified Nurse Midwife and Sexuality Counselor, Evelyn Resh has written a tour de force in her book Women, Sex, Power and Pleasure.  Resh begins by explaining exactly why women need pleasure in their lives then proceeds to provide ample personal and client based anecdotal situations that shows why women (themselves) must see that connection between their ability to enjoy pleasure and empowerment.

With all of the shared life stories in this book the truest genius is the laugh out loud real life imagery of daily predicaments women find themselves in when they are attempting to do entirely too much.   Resh masterfully selected client examples, solutions, and analysis that will help readers identify themselves and others.  With that identification, women will hopefully ask themselves those hard to utter questions related to their relationship with their sexuality and all subsequent pleasure and power that will arise from those answers.

Those who are looking to evolve by capturing their true sexual self and improving on that person, Resh has put in print real time strategies within the reader's capabilities.  If you are looking to know your true relationship with sex, power, and pleasure, this is the book for you.  Even I found myself identifying and assessing on a truly personal level.  Finally, a book to assist women in doing that deeper work to accesss that stronger power source.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free from Hay House for review purposes. I was not obliged to write a favourable review. The opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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