Monday, January 28, 2008

Did someone say a waning moon and a Retrograde?

Waning, it is that time once again. We are drawing this lunation to a close. How has your time been this cycle? Triumphs, spaces that need work? In this phase all that you want to discard and rid yourself of, now is the time. We are ending what has been an amazing and insightful time. I have learned that the dawn of the coming new Lunar Year, with our next new moon, will be the beginning an entire new cycle. So bid this end with a fabulous farewell. Know your lessons, know your power, know your divinity. This waning moon is in my sign, Virgo, which is currently ruled by the great keeper of crossroads, Mercury.

So yes..Mercury has about entered its retrograde period. And to sum it up, communication with, self, others and our modes of communication can all be misrepresented on a moment to moment basis. Do no fear this time. It has come to me recently that this retrograde period is an excellent time to challenge ourselves to think innovatively, beyond our societal norms, and past even what we understood just yesterday. For this reason I thought it would be good to give information on things that Mercury rules and see if we can spot them in our lives, flip them, and be the better for having this time.

My waning focus, while entering this retrograde time deals with absorption without negativity. We all can benefit from giving and getting messages, yet we must take heed what other things we pick up along the way. I just want to reinforce that. Below are a few of the areas Mercury can affect.

Work in Mercury

Open to new ways of thinking to achieve
Reflections of Imbalance

Herb/Flower Essences for this Waning Phase

Clary Sage

I have a mercurial oil mix, email me for details if you are interested

Waning Moon Messages

North-Earth Element
Do not be fooled by outer trappings
Dance my fabulous dance
Explore and celebrate my greatness

South-Fire Element
Put at my synaptic impulses, only love, always love, just love, Unconditional Love

East-Air Element
How long will I miss the peace moments
Step forward and know the path will be there

West-Water Element
Begin my love journey by being my own true love
True love is an amazing partnership

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

...Let the Sun Shine in....on the Fullness of the Moon

The Full Moon is the time to check in on your progress during the lunar cycle. Are you upholding those quests you set out upon, earlier this cycle? Do you need to alter a few things? Ask yourself the real, meaningful questions now. As this full moon dawns upon us, know there is always time. Time to assess, time to alleviate things that aren't working, and ultimately time to ascend to that higher self we all have inside.

So, this particular moon phase I have chosen to give you more information on the Sun, the ruler of Leo, since we recently had Leo’s lessons just a few short weeks ago. The Sun, so bright, so warming, always allows light to shine on everything. The Sun, which is a manifestation of masculine energy is strength, personified. For me, the Sun has always been a welcomed addition to any day. Particularly now, when I am living in a place where there is little sunlight this time of year, I have developed an even greater appreciation for the spiritual and physical light that is the Sun. Do not take this magnificent entity for granted, because just when you think it will be there, it may not.

My own work with the Sun during this full moon time is around, love and time, yes what a gargantuan, yet surmountable series of concepts. Well, if I truly want to understand time in a new way I must be willing to go no holds barred. And yes, the brightness of the sun may reveal not so rosy realities, but as fast as I see it, the Sun’s powerful rays can transform it with its light. Go the distance, use the light to truly see things as they should be seen.

Work in the SUN

Drive away inner darkness
Face issues of inner uncertainty
Attraction, Renewal, Success

Flower/Herbal Essences for the Sun


Full Moon Messages
North-Earth Element

The knowing I possess is and was always there
Know the truth I am

South-Fire Element
Do not accept crossing my own boundaries
I have intelligence beyond what I can understand at this moment

East-Air Element
Understand my role in all affairs of the heart
True love needs no interpretation
Know I create all of the love I receive from inside of me
Digest love truly

West-Water Element
Know my goals and stay fixed on them
Doubt not my path, even when the way seems uncertain
All is as it should be

Friday, January 11, 2008

Spring’s gifts of blossoms.....Yes, its the Waxing Phase.

This waxing phase is considered the Springtime of the lunar cycle. As in spring, plant what you want, even things that bloom in a short time. We are on our way to the Full Moon ahead, but focus on now, see what things are in store for you just around this corner. This waxing moon is in Pisces a sign known sometimes as the Old Man or even the Cosmic One, the possibility to be all that we are collectively. Use this flowering, blossoming, budding, spring to go deeper into who you are and why, because you must.

And of course Pisces is ruled by Neptune, a great assistant for those inner journeys, those dark waters, those long distance excavations. Fear not the darker places, just know that whatever light you will need will be provided, then just simply put one foot in front of the other and step, each foot at a time, no hurrying.

So, take up the challenge, set some short terms goals, work through them, and see the power that already exists within. In keeping with my desire to transform my concept of time I am focusing on clearing my mind so I can reveal that transformed time that is already waiting for me to understand it.

Work in Pisces
Metaphysical Pursuits
Personal Enlightenment/Inner Journeys
Psychic Development

Herbs/Flower Essences

Waxing Moon Messages

North-Earth Element
In a process things will happen as they should
When moments of wanting to speed enter, breathe in and exhale it right back out

South-Fire Element
Clarity comes as you know, you know, what you know
As you transform, so shall time, because time is of you
Understand solutions merge with time through divinity

East-Air Element
Your passion, your dreams, your journey, your time is right here for you
LISTEN, to the messages, the messengers, and yes, even the noise
Release your desires, your dreams, and destinations through the fire

West-Water Element
Self-work is your most important work
To clear means to focus, to clear means concentration, to clear means quiet

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Transforming our take on Time

Capricorn Lunar Cycle

This present cycle in Capricorn will be filled with lessons. Old lessons, new lessons, untangling of lessons and previews of lessons yet to come. Most importantly, our relationship with time will definitely take a front seat during this lunation. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is sometimes that teacher we need to learn from and we just can’t, quite stand the methods, but the highs and lows are good learning experiences for us. As we enter this cycle in the New Moon Phase rest, relax, and reflect. Be sure to think of things, people, or situations you may need to purge as you prepare for a definite renewal that will come from Father Time.

For those who have entered this new year full of expectations, I say to you instead of the same old resolutions, really search for the lessons there are for you this year and serenely and quietly accept them, knowing on the other side is so much beauty, freedom and knowledge. Take it from someone who knows a little about putting on my track shoes and bringing all of my isms with me. Make peace with time and realize understanding comes just when it is supposed to, not before, not after. Seek to connect to lessons from your past and the past of your ancestors, inherited pain, weaknesses and sorrow. They all can be transmuted into something amazing.

My concentration during this Lunar Cycle will be on my understanding and acceptance of time. Yes, I can intellectually and spiritually know all things in good time, but to put that in everyday practice is another story. So, if there are those of you out there, like me, yeah, Time is a concept that keeps on evolving, moment by moment.

Yes there will be the burgeoning call of Mercury in Retrograde during this cycle, just prepare for it. Know it will come, do not doubt its power, but also do not fear it. Take the time you are given to just BE.

Work in Saturn

Protects women in childbirth
See through tangles, find patterns and lessons
Time dissolves and resolves all things
Ancestral heritages and lands
Transmute inherited weaknesses
Resolution of old issues

Herb/Flower Essences for this Lunar Cycle


Capricorn Lunar Messages

North-Earth Element
Rising to my surface is great feminine wisdom full of intuition, love and magnificence
Appreciation of divinity which manifests in the Self
I am open to receive

South-Fire Element
Blessing, bestowing, and beckoning me into the NEW
Time of, for, and in Transformation

East-Air Element
Transformation is a solution to ALL

West-Water Element
Balance sociality and solitude
Decisions come from within
My intuition is sharper than I know, use it always
Transformation must be accepted