Sunday, June 22, 2008

The burgeoning waters

This full moon that will include the Summer Solstice is already in FULL EFFECT MODE. Things are coming from all corners of who we are. Stand firm, see the entities, situations, people even come towards you, but don’t flinch. Know the discomfort, awkwardness, un-”boxable” emotions, then settle into them. Understand that on the other side of breakdowns are breakthroughs. Spoken from a place of actually having experienced this one earlier this week. A wise woman I know recently told me to learn to look at discomfort differently. Do not view it as discomfort, just another way of being. Even at the time I didn’t quite understand, but now on the other side of my own emotional breaking point, I see what she meant, wholeheartedly.

This full moon period we can look to the planet Jupiter to push us to new heights in ourselves and in our relationships with everything around us. Think evolution and recognize that its not linear or even measurable sometimes according to our humanly standards, its moving forward closer to the us we should be. This full moon decide which direction will it be. Then courageously move that way, knowing all you need will come, if you believe.

Work during the full to new moon

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance and Prosperity

Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Flower/Herb Essences




Full Moon Messages

Ask the universe for assistance
I block the flow of power when I do not ask for help

Know my own rhythms
All things come around again
There is no old or new, just existence

In silence many messages are spoken
Fear not myself in quiet
Hearing and listening are not the same

Seek out my true intentions
Embrace the medicine I carry

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Not just one me, this time around

Gemini Lunar Cycle

Another dawning of a Lunar Cycle. This time we welcome the highly energetic Gemini Cycle. This sign represents those twins, that fabulous power of change, and all new endeavors that you can think of. With this cycle, let us focus our attention on journeys and our role as travelers. And not just physical travelers, more of the spiritual kind. Think of where are you in your journey, where you have come from, and where are you going?

Pay close attention to the duality that exists within, do not ignore either side, strive for balance, but understand the need to work towards that balance, and the lessons that are necessary from the sometimes IMBALANCE. Gentleness, acceptance, patience, and love. With others and more importantly with ourselves.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, that Great Messenger, who stands on our paths to give us information we would otherwise miss. Keep in mind Mercury often follows the Sun and Moon, being an entity with the utmost importance. Plus, Mercury is where, currently, IN RETROGRADE and will be until around June 19th. As always I suggest you do the research on it and see what it has for you. One thing I know is that a retrograde period pushes me to explore my communication (something that is the domain of Mercury) with myself.

In this Gemini New Moon my efforts will go towards incorporating the Duality that is me, knowing that only wonderful things will come of it and my path will become even more empowered than it already is.

Look to these domains below as a few of the things that Gemini can affect.

Work in Gemini

New Endeavors

Dual Nature/Duality

Mental Health

Gemini Herbs/Flower Essences



Lily of the Valley

New Moon Messages

Know my power will be challenged, allow that challenge
Move forward especially when its difficult

Respect my changes
Great blessings are being bestowed upon me NOW
Hinder not the future

Be aware of environments I enter
Avoid harshness of all kinds

Make my intentions clear
Understand that I manifest...