Monday, October 27, 2008

Pluto-ers more than meets the eye...Actualized in disguise

As we journey during this ever changing Autumn, let us pause to step inward. Are we ready to take that final step to the next level? Can it really be that time already to depart with who we are now? Do we understand the massiveness of all that is occurring around us? Those are for each of us to answer. Only thing I know is that we have are tippy toes pressed up against the edge of a Scorpio Lunar Cycle, which in the most surface of ways is an extra dash of passion. Subcutaneously, we are talking transforming that brings to mind the vehicles of the 1980’s cartoon Transformers. That’s right, taking what we have presently and making a whole brand new us. And what better planet to help us navigate then the illustrious Pluto. More than just a Disney character dog.

Pluto waits patiently and without judgment. We are calling the shots, the "Plutonian" energy is our tool. Decide. Step. Move. And any other active action verb you can think of. The best thing about Pluto is it brings about change, the worse thing about Pluto is it brings about change. So no half stepping or give backs. We have been gifted with an entire cycle to work through this energy so now at the beginning figure your focus and see it through to the end. Within this cycle is the family centered Thanksgiving, which I am sure will bring out some boxes for some of us to step out of (hopefully).

My focus this cycle is to stand clear and let transformation occur, not what my human centered mind can conceive, but what is actually supposed to be. My life is in a state of reconstruction, in all areas, I must see beyond what I can see now.

Below are a few of the Pluto domains to think about working on.

Work in Pluto

Clearing for a new cycle to begin

Forces of destiny

Reconstruction of life

Flower/Herb Essences




Scorpio Cycle Animal


New Moon Messages

North Messages
Wealth of all types are waiting for me
I must keep my hands open to put something in them

South Messages
Step out of all boxes made to fit me

East Messages
Lost love gleans many lessons
Know that all that was, still is...

West Messages
The universe is just
I can trust my Karma

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Students Teach, Teachers Learn

We have arrived once again to that magnificent, budding, spring of the lunar cycle. That’s right we are within the Waxing Phase. This time is full of windows and doors that both represent opportunities for us. As we do in early spring, step out into the somewhat misty dew and breath in full breaths, then proceed into this cycle, fully charged, fully aware and ready to receive.

As we are meander through this Libra led cycle let us stop to smell from the blossom of Capricorn and its ruler Saturn. Yes, the wise teacher has returned to bestow upon us another amazing lesson. Pay attention to the role we all play as teacher and student, knowing that each role is forever fused into us. As a teacher we can always learn from those we teach. And, as a student we have lessons for our teachers. This cyclical understanding makes for a more complete life experience.

My focus has been on understanding the meaning and totality of attraction, so during this cycle I want recognize and rectify any outstanding patterns whether they be of my own doing or something that may be a part of my ancestral blueprint. I challenge myself to pull unto me the true lessons that I need to move forward.

Below are a few of the domains that Saturn can influence

Work in Saturn

Knowing time will dissolve and resolve all things
Recognizing patterns and truly learning the lessons
Ancestral/familial strengths and weaknesses

Herb/Flower Essences

Messages of Time

Past Message
We can only know love when we embrace ALL

Present Message
Understand the truth

Future Message
Empower through agape and gratitude