Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dive into the place of power pinnacle

I welcome the power and possibility of the Piscean lunar cycle. We are on the brink of a great time in the lunar year. For Pisces represent the totality of all of the signs. So think about that. This cycle for us can be a barrage of experiences, moments of great lucidity, and a host of aha times. Yet, there is one catch, isn’t it always though. Since Pisces is ruled by the fare ruler Neptune, this is not child’s play. We will all have to have our evolved game faces on and ready for challenges as they come. Neptune’s energy is that type that will uncover the covered, illuminate the darkened, and suggest all types of spiritual leaps and bounds. As much of an obstacle jump as it may seem, it is a time of great blessings for those willing to go along for the ride. So...take a deep breath....then plunge into this cycle that will be full of so much....for the entire planet.

My Neptunian journey this cycle will focus on a place I have been before, but never with this much understanding, focus, and perspective. As a woman I am ever in search of a peaceful and loving relationship with my body, one that is true, honest, loving and beautiful. So, this cycle my focus is on increasing the psychic power I have in order to deepen that bond with my body. And of course this will fall right in the mist of Women’s Herstory Month, which in and of itself is a series of activities for me that will ultimately help me address my cycle foci. Below are areas in Neptune to work on, or any other portions of yourself that needs to take center stage. Keep in mind we are in New Moon time.

Work in Neptune

Inner Psyche Development

Altered states

Deep Waters

Flower/Herb Essences




Pisces Lunar Animal-Owl

Feminine, Moon, & Night Energy

Hear what’s not being said

See the darkness of others souls

Opportune place and time (timing)

True strength is gentle

Pisces Lunar Cycle Messages

Home is shifting itself for the better
Change has come to your domicile

Never question if I know...I DO
I must trust Me

The earth is an extension of ME
Take responsibility for my environment (all of them)
Mother Earth needs me

Know my walk is protected
Fear not others
My power of protection is extended to those around me


Monday, February 9, 2009

Going within to make an appearance

Full Moon lunar eclipse is a perfect time to just dialogue with the inner self. Unlike the solar eclipse, the power of the moon naturally beckons us to make changes to our inner world, our emotions and our self state. Not only can you check in during this lunar cycle, but really check in on yourself over the last half year, year, half decade or decades. Are you really the person you want to be? If not how can you make that a reality? Answers to these and any other thought provoking questions come from taking the time to ask. That is all it takes. That and a willingness to honestly see who you are.

This particular lunar eclipse falls under Leo and its ruler the Sun. That means that the power of light is at the tip of our fingertips, all we must do is access it. Our public personality can use this energy to get a boost or go through a PR spin. Use the Sun as the ruler of illumination to bring all the good things you deserve your way. Now, beware, illumination isn’t to be wielded as our own private mojo, it will light all things that are in its path, make sure you want to be seen.

My own journey with the Sun and illumination revolves around what I need to be illuminated in order to bring about the greatest understanding and use of my feminine powers. So, I am asking to bring light to any darker corners I may be avoiding or simply not seeing. I know, I know...am bracing myself. One thing I know the Universal Mother is always full of mercy for those who are attempting to better themselves and ultimately the universe. So below are only a few areas to think about working in during the Full Moon.

Work during the Full Moon

Love, Attraction, Passion
Abundance and Prosperity
Blessing of Space
Courage of Heart
Inner Awakenings

Flower/Herbal Essences for Full Moon in Leo




Full Moon Messages

North-Earth Element
There is divinity within me
I must share what I understand spiritually

South-Fire Element
Patience with myself will lead to great success
I am on a journey, see all of the stops along the way

East-Air Element
Continue to know my end result
Allow nothing and no one to stray me from my path

West-Water Element
Living naturally increases my awareness
Avoid the UN-beautiful