Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's love, It's love, It's love.......OH IT"S LIBRA

Autumn has settled into our days, our nights, our weather and our spirits, whether we know it or not. With Autumn comes many changes and right this moment the moon has moved into the sign of Libra, that great equalizer, that great lover, and that great bringer of justice. At this time when the moon is dark or new it is time to clear, reset, commitment and charge ourselves. See the universe is so benevolent that each cycle we get to do it all over again from scratch. New scoreboard, new opportunity for success, a new set of information.

In a time of year when the earth is harvesting and preparing for the coming hibernation I too am doing my works daily, sometimes hour to hour in order to gleen the fruits of my labor soon. For those who read my blog last week many lessons have come up but the main one has been discipline. I know of all things to say, right. Well, I need reminders of this and the commitment that I have to myself, others and this planet that I be my best self because my best self is available to me. So, as mediocre as I would like to be and as complacent as I would like to venture towards, I can not. I will not. I must not. Wanna know why? Because I know better. I've experienced better. Basically, I am better. And, SO ARE YOU! Roads leading to self induced evolution are never easy or simple, but they are the best paths in life for us and they just make journeying so much more interesting in our lifetimes.

So gave a lot of where I am, here is where I let you determine where you are and what you want to focus on over the next 28.5 days where the moon will be in the sign of Venus ruled, Libra. Try some of these domains, make your own domains. Here's a thought, revisit domains that need tweeking yet again. Every cycle we get on more chance.....

Work in Venus
(Ruler of Libra)

Break Unworthiness or Incapability

Cultivate Beauty and Pleasure in my Life

Unify my Oppositions


Libra Cycle Totem-Weasel

Hear what is Really being Said

I know the Hidden Meaning of Anything

My Powers are available to Assist others

Never Doubt my Feelings

Herbs/Essences for a Libra Cycle

Bergamot - Success & Abundance

Geranium - Protection

Lavender - Long Life

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Equinox can turn my life upside down

Blessings this foggy and mythic morning. This crisp mixed summer and fall day brings to mind the image of birth, life and new beginnings. As we proceed into another season of the year, Autumn, I say to us all that this equinox is setting up to be quite a powerful one. Now why birth you say? Well as if an equinox is not enough we are also joined at this point by the planet Cancer and his magical mother the Moon. Quite a couple to usher in any event in life, but at a turning point in the seasons and on this planet it means we, yes you and me, have such an opportunity to turn things the way we want them. Yes it will take work, but these types of points are laid out for us because the Creators want us to be successful.

So, back to birth. Yes we all were born, but we all can also be reborn and that takes only us and our commitment to personal evolution. And, I am going to suggest we look at this rebirth as a release or a ridding of things that are not productive to who we really are in this lifetime. I am also not even surprised that all of this lines itself up during a Waning Phase. At first I felt some kind of way about not posting during the Full Moon, but ya know what, what I am charged to say is for a time such as this. Let me put it in plain English. As this Waning Phase of the moon is here it is totally fortuitous for us to use the Eternal Mother energy of the Moon to rebirth or put to death portions of ourselves that are no longer necessary.

For me, well, as always I am looking to better myself, but recently I hit a true low with myself and out of that rock bottom place has come clarity, appreciation for the fires of pain, and an ultimate spring board to where I am to be, making decisions I need to make and the knowledge that I am going where I am supposed to be; My Evolved Self.

Below are areas to explore when doing work during a time when the Moon is prominent. Feel free to take these areas and expand or contract them to be exactly what it is that you need to focus on during this Waning Phase.

Work in the Moon

Inner Healing

Welfare of Children

Connection to cycles

Casting off illusions

Waning Phase Totem-Bat

To rebirth I must break down all notions of my former self

If I resist changing the results could be painful

I entered the world upside down, so transformation will send me for loops, expect it

Herb/Essences for the Waning Phase

Try incorporating these as incense, essential oils, aromas, images into daily life during the remainder of the Waning Phase

Eucalyptus - Healing

Lemon - Love

Sandalwood - Spirituality

Autumnal Affirmation

In order to enter the next phase of me I must submit,

Knowing that this submission will bring about a magical rebirth,

If I resist or embrace fear challenges will abound

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I want the Divine, I need the Divine, I am the Divine

This morning as I woke to reports of all that transpired on September 11, 2001 I had to pause, turn off the media sources and go within to create a moment of perspective, light, and lesson. This day albeit worthy of note and remembrance should not be co-opted by ratings hungry media or celebrity. If we are to learn from our past, recognize where we are in the present and soar into the glorious future we create, then getting swept away by near sensationalist reflections will not be enough.

I say to me and you there is healing to be done. There is growth to acknowledge and yes there is emotion to be felt, however let us exalt ourselves and our existences to strive to be better. In being better we will not allow fear to manipulate us into corners of perspectives that we can not emerge from. Each one of us has the power to love, the power to understand, and the power to evolve. I suggest we all focus inwards toward when many views will be thrust upon us by externality.

Please see below ideas or concepts that might be of merit to meditate on today as so many images and ideas will be thrown our way.

Today's Meditation Concept

Self as the Inner Divinity

Finding my Inner Divinity is a part of walk in this life

My beauty is a reflection of the love and power in my soul

Knowing my divinity will wash away any petty life dramas