Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer is burning to Bless US!

Summer is back in town

At about 7:09pm EST today we welcome back the wonder known as the Summer Solstice.  This phenomenon, celebrated throughout the world in many ways, is the official beginning of summertime.  Summer has been away for about one year and now he has returned with gifts for us all.  I refer to Summer as him because the solstice is the longest amount of sunlight we have during the entire year (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the Sun is definitely a masculine energy for all of us.

Female and Male right there 

This year the solstice will peak just as the Sun (a feminine energy) moves into Cancer, which is also Moon ruled. So what we have for ourselves is nice balance of the male and female principles.  Now, what are we going to do with all of this information? Well, I would like to think we are going to be out the gate making moves, spreading love, and doing the MOST, but I know, it does take us time to first reflect, then act, there are always better results when that happens, (SMILE).

Know the now for the then

Take stock of where you are? Also, think about what focus will glean you the most beneficial improvements of self and things you are working towards.  For me I always have to grasp myself up to not be too shortsighted or surface.  Although there is joy, laughter, and good times when the Sun is strong, remember the Sun is our ultimate illumination tool when trying to see things we have hidden from ourselves.  Don't know about you, but I am good at hiding things from myself that may lead to some uncomfortable-ness.

 Ready for an uproarious ride

For me this Summer is about opening to the transformation that is occurring before my very eyes.  It is difficult for me to see myself, my true, whole, holistic self, but my mothers (physical and ancestral) know just how to get the message to me that there is a difference between what I think and what really is.  So, I say to them, balance out my perception of my transformation and what my transformation is.  I am open to seeing this cycle of me differently knowing that they are taking my being, loving, living, seeing, growing, doing, and experiencing to a whole other level.  I thank them and I get ready for a roller coaster (which I love by the way) of a Summer.

 Pick your joy, only you can

How about you? What portions of you will you take a stab at this Summer? Also, maybe you can dig to that deep place you have been trying to avoid like the big pink elephant in the room, look at that part of the self, it's okay, it's YOU!  Below are areas that can really soar during Summer.  I also dropped a few symbols to keep a look out for or even make a part of our Summer days.


Work for the Summer Solstice

Personal Enlightenment


Communication with Nature

Handfastings & Weddings

Summer Solstice Elements



Community Gatherings

Flower Wreaths 

Summer Solstice Oils





--Andrea, DaughterofWaters

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Venus in Transit

Today and tomorrow (depending on where you live) Venus will transit, meaning it will come between the Earth and Sun.  The significance of this is huge.  Firstly it only happens once during this lifetime, which is saying something quite powerful.  Then to add to that Venus is such a planet of Love, Prosperity, Fertility, and Grounded-ness. 

For additional information on Venus's Transit, click here...

Venus, where does one begin? Well want to create or generate something? Call on Mother Venus, for she is the pinnacle of starting new things.  Whether that be by sheer movement forward or the unification of opposing qualities in us, she can make it happen.  Venus at the core is about attraction.  Not the attraction of persons or mates, but the true essence of drawing things unto ourselves.  So take a good look at your life.  What is around you? Is it what you want around you? Do you feel as if you can do all things with the life you have created? If your answers are kind of sketchy, well now would be the time to set all of that right.  Believe it or not we attract all things into our lives with our thoughts, actions, deeds, and intentions.  We are not victims, but agents of action and change.  Beauty, love, pleasure and luxury are available to us at all times, all we must do is seek that Venus energy and we can be great crafters of our lives.
Map of Venus Transit credit:

My path through this once in a lifetime event is about enjoying the beauty, love, and happiness that is around me. I am going to harness this Venus momentum to be here and now and lap up the goodness in it.  I, am grateful for the knowing of the transit and can show that by actively embracing all that Venus has for me.

I hope you all feel like, love it, use it, and soar with it.  We are blessed, we are tasked, we are makers of journeys.  Below is some basic information on Venus, use it and any other ideas you have of this great energy that we have access to for the next day or so

Venus Metal - Copper

Venus Colors - Green/Rose

Venus Element - Water

Venus Chakra - Heart/Base

Venus Herbs





Ylang Ylang


Monday, June 4, 2012

Make me know inside me is the answers

 Firstly, the fullness
Can you feel it? Did you see it? This morning at about 7:11am (EST) the moon reached it's fullness, in Sagittarius no less. This time of the lunar cycle is great for things to bubble over.  Now remember, that can be both positive or negative.  So, I say to us all, accept that extra energy we feel.  Don't shy away from the increased emotionality that is hovering over us. As I stated above this is a Sagittarius Full Moon, which means that the planet ruling this Full Moon is Jupiter, that benevolent, all knowing, and amazingly royal planet.  Look for positive surprises over the next few days or so.  Jupiter is known as a bestower of gifts, sometimes gifts that we thought were long forgotten about. 

Now focus that energy inward
To add spice to all of this right before that moon peaked this morning a lunar eclipse occurred. And remember eclipses are the ability to manifest our wants and desires more than other times of year.  This specific eclipse being Lunar means we must pay more attention to our inner, deeper self.  Full Moon lunar eclipse is a perfect time to just dialogue with the inner self. Unlike the solar eclipse, the power of the moon naturally beckons us to make changes to our inner world, our emotions and our self state.

Receiving gives me completion
My personal goal this Full Moon is to be open and receptive to all the things the universe has for me.  It's taken me this long in life, and believe me I don't always get it right, but I know that in order to fully embrace the universal principles I must receive.  So, I am challenging all that I think, all that I do, all that I say and basically all that I am to simply receive.  Seems easy, right? Well I know I am up to the task. During this Full Moon I am going to ask, give myself permission to be in need, and tell the mother spirits I am worthy of both portions of the universal equation of give and take.

What will you do with what you have been given
How about you? What will your focus be? How can you utilize this energy over the next few days, cause this Full Moon will not last long and wait til you see what else is coming in the next day or so.  Totally galactic in nature for sure.  Below are some domains that work best when worked on during a Full Moon.  Also keep in mind that often works done around this time of the cycle can be more ritualized--in whatever way works for you.

Full Moon Work

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance & Prosperity

Space Blessing

Courage of Heart

Spirituality & Inner Awakening

Candle Power

At the Full Moon there is an awesome amount of power available and a way to cement that power and your works is by burning candles.  Below is information on the color purple that is associated with Jupiter.  Find Purple candles that are safe and burn them as long and as much as you like.  Fire is a tool of creation that can ignite you towards your goals this Full Moon. 





Removal of Negativity