Sunday, November 17, 2013

A beaver, a bull, and the Lovely Lady

The dawn of a moon
At approximately 1:15pm EST today the moon went into Full and not sure if any of you feel it, but I certainly do.  I hope our conversation during this full moon is certainly insightful.

And it's name is
Well first what type of full moon is this? This month, November, the full moon is also called the Full Beaver Moon, according to the Farmer's Almanac, which for those of us familiar with animals and meaning that should make sense, if not then  check this link for more info  So with all of this in mind, now we have to piece together the rest of the puzzle for ourselves.

The bull lead by a lady
Now it's November and although we have visions of apples, tasty gourd based dishes and pies galore the astrological cosmology is definitely playing a part.  This full moon falls in the sign of Taurus, which is usually represented by the Bull.  And yes Taurus is a time of abundance seeking, love magic, and employment opportunities, all of that must be shaken down, stirred together and mixed in with the planet that rules Taurus. And that planet is none other than Venus, the most benevolent of planets.  If you are a Taurus or even a Libra your feeling of the full moon may be more intense.

Tasked by her energy
Venus, not just known as a planet of loveliness, for me represents such a ray of hope, new paths, and joyous living.  Mother Venus does not dwell in the mires of sorrow, squalor, and self pity so this full moon will be about business if you are trying to capture and harness her energy.  Accept the gifts she brings like a kiss on the forehead from an old auntie who has blessed you with sage advice. Take note though, often times we ask for things and then once we get them we are underwhelmed or unhappy, be sure you know the crafting and asking you are doing at this time for Venus does exactly as we ask.

Beware of my boundaries
My wish this full moon is to understand how I create and uphold my boundaries.  For me setting boundaries has been a journey and sometimes I have gotten it right and sometimes I have gotten it wrong.  Now, I'm working to see the nuts and bolts behind why my boundaries exist.  Also to see what motivates me over-giving or not giving enough.  For me it's a real assessment point for my relationship with boundaries.

Make plans to succeed
Please find your full moon power in some or any of the listed ideas below.  Again when the moon is full our works need to be in a more ritualized way, whatever that means to you.  There is never prescription,  just intention with ritual.

Work in the sign of Venus

Generative Forces

Fertility of Endeavors

Unity of Heart & Creativity

Finding Inner Beauty & Joy


Full Moon Goddess - Ishtar
Concept - Boundaries 

Question if I am setting proper boundaries

Know when I overgive and undergive and why

Make sure all of my assistance is built on helping others obtain

Full Moon Totem - Weasel
Concept - Stealth

Always trust my instincts even when I don't understand them

Maintain the protection of my family and home

Discretely give without fanfare or notice

Full Moon Candle - Green


Renew Physically and Spiritually

Homage to Mother Earth

Convalescence and Healing


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wade in my own waters

Two at once
The spiritual "Wade in the Water" could not be more appropriate.  The constellations have been moving and flowing for us this very morning.  At approximately 7:46am we were graced with the presence of a Solar Eclipse and then at 7:49am the New Moon cycle began and all of this occurred in the sign of Scorpio.

A rare event
So now let's do a bit of deciphering and figuring.  The Solar Eclipse that occurred was a hybrid one, meaning it started out as an eclipse that made a ring for us to see but then transitioned into a full eclipse, making it a very rare event and the energy that an occurrence such as this presents is even more rare and special.  So let's get out ducks in a row. 

An eclipse defined
Overall Eclipse energy is stronger because it is alignment of three celestial bodies that affect us: the Sun, the Moon and the Earth.  The Solar Eclipse means the Moon is lined in between the Earth and the Sun.  An important property of a Solar Eclipse is it really can transform our material circumstances, such things as abundance, self identity, housing, employment, etc.  In order words all things that are focused outside ourselves.  Please note Eclipses always travel in pairs so this Solar one is the second part to the Lunar that occurred just a few weeks ago.

Where things dawn
Now, having said that large mouthful, the Eclipse and the New Moon all have occurred when the sign of Scorpio reigns in the sky and the planetary ruler of this sign is none other than Pluto.  Far from an amorphous Disney character, Pluto is the ultimate symbol of transformation.  Words such as transmutation, life-death-rebirth and other phoenix like terms are all attributed to the powerful Pluto.

Set the intention
This New Moon is such a blessing for we have a bona fide vortex of power and deep diving into the self.  So when planning what, how or where you will focus your energy this cycle I highly suggest you do as I intend to, Wading Deep in my personal Waters.  Yes, somehow I did bring it back to that spiritual, LOL.  Finding your focus may take a few days, that's okay, just be sure you are open to hearing what it is supposed to be, not what you thought it was gonna be, I know I must constantly be vigilant with myself about that difference.

Healing and creativity
Personally I have to dive deep into my ability to self heal and pull out not only my physical health but also my creative health.  I have, for the second half of this calendar year, felt a bit dampened when it comes to creativity for me.  So back to the self I go.  I know there are answers for me and I am prepared to unearth some not so comfortable emotions to get to the heart of the understanding that is for me.  So be it!  I know that this is one of the best times of year to actually touch my truths so honestly and effortlessly and for that I am grateful, hope you are too!

Figure your success
Below are suggestions of perspectives to take when finding and exercising your intentions and actions during this Scorpio Cycle.  I have also listed some essences that are good tools to burn or have around during this cycle. And last but not least is my affirmation I will use this cycle to invoke and uncover those gifts that are being bestowed upon me.  Please use these markers and/or devise your own,

Work in Pluto



Societal Influence


Readying for Reconstruction

Lunar Cycle Concept - Purification through Water


Profound Healing is afoot

Release Emotional Baggage

Blessings emerge from Turmoil

Lunar Cycle Essences

Ambergris (Air Element) - Passion

Dragon's Blood (Fire Element) - Crown Chakra

Sandalwood (Water Element) - Wisdom

Scorpio Lunar Cycle Affirmation

I am open to the powerful energy that is upon me,

From my deep waters I will emerge a more evolved me 
that is one step closer to my destiny,

I'll wield this power to dictate my material surroundings, 
all I must do is believe