Monday, April 28, 2014

Dare to DO IT!

That's right. The twelve simple letters in the image beside this text is easy to understand, but much more difficult to absorb, emit and put into every action we take.  Appreciation, gratitude, thankfulness, awareness of what we have and grateful for it.  All of those and some more.  Do we have it? Do we show it? Have we checked it lately?

Why ask about it now, well why not.  We have before us over the next few hours some strong cosmic assistance to take our knowledge of and expression of appreciation to many next levels.  At approximately 2:04am EST the Annular Solar Eclipse occurs and then right after that at 2:14am EST the moon moves into the sign of Taurus, thus beginning another Lunar Cycle. 

When an eclipse occurs there is perfect alignment between the Sun, Moon, and Earth. In a solar eclipse the Moon falls in line between the Earth and the Sun and is a good time to focus on material circumstances such as location changes, self identity, or personal power.  Eclipses are gateways for great change and it's a time to use energy to discover the root causes of who we are.

Directly following the intense gateway of the Solar Eclipse is the New Moon in Taurus, one of the most benevolent of signs.  Taurus, often liked to the stubborn bull is anything but that.  In the time of Taurus much is being guided by its ruling planet Venus.  Venus, the planet of love, seeks to unite opposing portions of who we are.  Other domains ruled by Venus are love magic and manifesting the abstract into reality.  Definitely a planet that would look fondly upon our taking up the mantle of appreciation.

My personal focus during this blessed time is to boldly appreciate who and what I am, right now.  Not like I used to be years ago or what I may be in a few months.  I am focused on appreciating me and my blessings HERE AND NOW. And I have also begun to process exactly what appreciate means, to increase in value, and apply that to me.  I am only going to receive more good if I know and am grateful for the good I have before me.  Simple? Maybe, maybe not. I know I am so excited about embarking on this cycle of appreciation.

So I showed you my hand.  Now begin to build your hand.  Figure out how you will utilize the Solar Eclipse and this Taurus New Moon to your benefit and all the while be appreciative for what and who you have become.  Below are nudges in a direction, feel free to go another route or veer off, most importantly set your intention for this New Moon and watch it unfold before your very eyes.

Work in Sign of Taurus




Taurus Lunar Cycle Concept - Appreciation

Increase my Awareness of my Blessings

Love Completely and Fully

All things are Healed by Love of Self and Others

Taurus Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences


Amber - Attraction

Cherry Blossom - Balance

Violet - Reuniting

Taurus Lunar Cycle Stone - Emerald


Heart Opening




Taurus Lunar Cycle Affirmation

Today I boldly leap into my NOW knowing that all I need is already there,

As I open my eyes to the blessings that I have I will also be open to positive things about myself that were once hidden,

My value of myself, who I am and what I am worth will only appreciate this cycle, knowing the more I uplift these things the more goodness will come my way


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My "Inner Spring"

The budding begins
With all this talk of late winter weather I challenge us all to recognize the beginning, the beauty, and blossoming that is Spring.  Defined spring is the season that falls between winter and summer and the time of year when vegetation begins.  So, although our days are not sunny and glistening yet, allow the easing nature that is springtime begin to descend upon us.  This is a day by day process not a sudden maturation of the season.

What to do?
On the Earth based Wheel of the Year Spring represents a time when we are clearing, planning, planting, and brewing.  Now is the time of activity, sunshine and wind.  Although we know April showers will bring May flowers nature's elements are only here as a complement to the wonderful works that are going on in our souls.

Proper perspective
I suggest for Spring we focus on the interconnectedness we have with all things that coexist with us on this planet.  From our family to our friends, from the moon to the sun, from the laughter of children to the honking of horns, all is connected.  Below I offer just springboards of ideas of how to re-connect with all that is around us.  Behold, Spring is here and she has great lessons, memories, and premonitions for us, all at the same time.

Spring Concepts

Constant Communication
This season know that the loved ones we have, whether living or not, are always there to hear and give us guidance.  Rather than pick up the phone to talk or text, be silent and know that your thoughts are reaching them.  Now, true, for those of our loved ones that have passed on, it may take a bit more work, but sometimes its how we listen.  It can be a color we see or a favorite song we hear, believe me our ancestors speak to us constantly, it's really how well we listen. 

Fusion rather than Separation
The best way I can describe this concept is the phrase "it's not either or but both and".  When I learned and accepted that understanding it was like my whole world changed and seemingly overnight.  To  know that we have the power to bring together any and all things is a feat for us humans.  And more than knowing the doing is even more powerful.  During this Spring when things or people ask you to choose and you don't want to invoke the Fusion rather than the Separation.

Time and Space
We've all heard the concepts of time and space, well I say let us all know that Time and Space can only rule us if we let it.  We give them power.  When we acknowledge our role in allowing them to rule our lives we can then release the hold these huge ideas have over us. And Spring is the perfect time for that.  In our daily walk let's remember we don't have to be ruled by Time and Space just aware that they exist.

Spring Stone - Moonstone

credit: commons.wikimedia.og


Invocation of Power



Spring Affirmation

Keep me focused on the embedded connections I have all around me,

So I may access and exude the interconnectedness that is me, other people, animals, planets, the elements and celestial bodies,

I am the source of power that I seek, need, find and wield, no longer do I question, this Spring I listen and know