Saturday, November 22, 2014

The "Wait for It" factor

Dawning of a new moon
This morning at approx 7:32am EST the moon entered the sign of Sagittarius and we have begun yet another lunar cycle.  So we all know what that means; RESET! We get a chance to do even more.  The new moon represents a time in the cycle when we are reflecting, setting intentions and beginning new endeavors.  Take full advantage of this time.  Slow it down, do less and listen more.   All of your guides have messages that you can really use this cycle, but at this, the starting point, we have to be open, be quiet, and be receptive.

The gift of being still
This Sagittarius cycle is cloaked in energy that on the surface seems to emulate Higher Guidance, Intuition, Travel, and Generosity. And yes, those things do exist, but with just a bit of probing we notice that Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which opens us up to an entire universe of possibilities.  Jupiter, the Ultimate Regal Father, lays at our feet an entire cauldron of blessings that all can manifest, if first we hear. One of the most important things Jupiter requires from us is patience.  All we need can and will be actualized if we can just sit still, know things are as they should be, and trust. In a world where millions of bits of information are sent in mere seconds little respect is still given to anything that takes time, even our personal evolutions.  So, this lunar cycle be a revolutionary, expand your
horizon (another gift from Jupiter) and simply be. Ask for openness and peace with being still.  Allow Jupiter to bless and surprise you. I am sure the results will be unforgettable. For all of my Sag friends this just amplifies the strides you all can take at this time, so make it happen!

I will take my seat
My personal path this cycle will be a challenge for I have some lifestyle changes that have to be made, but instead of "kirking" out I am going to use the Jupiter energy to fortify myself and revel in the stillness I am entering.  When all else fails for me this cycle (and with holidays and cold coming that is probably inevitable) I am going to be patient, stop all of my movement and just listen. 

Choose your course
Alright now here is where you get to be a part of this exchange.  What are you going to set as an intention? What things do you need or want to work on this cycle? Listed below are a mash up of concepts to spark you to think and begin the work.  Feel free to pass any or all of these along and if you feel so inspired to make these your own and change them, go right ahead, that's the idea.

Work in Jupiter


Righting Injustice

Broaden Horizons

Living Well

Blessings Bestowed

Sagittarius Lunar Cycle Concept - The Search

Hear the real messages
Take my quest up a notch

Be an adventurous Self Explorer

Am I allowing myself to be blessed

Patience is my best tool

Sagittarius Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences


Anise - Air Element - Purification

Hyssop - Earth Element - Creativity

Sage - Air Element - Wisdom

Sagittarius Lunar Cycle Affirmation

I step on my quest of self knowing that all is destined,

Every step has already been blessed and there is no place
for fear on this expedition,

In my times of doubt I will gravitate towards my patience and faith which are my greatest tools


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hearing the unspoken

The moon has moved
As the moon has moved out of fullness and is starting to contract, even if just slightly, the Waning Phase is upon us.  Now many of us loose our steam during this last phase. I guess we think it's not enough time or even that any work done now is not effective: WRONG. This time, waning, can have some of the most powerful results in all of a lunar phase.

Sign and planet
As we wane it is in Gemini.  When Gemini rules the skies, although we fashion it to be a "sprite" like time, the true ruler is the planet Mercury.  Yes, that's right Mercury, but not in retrograde, that's another kind of goodness.  Mercury the owner of communication, cross roads and transitions can be intense to wield sometimes, but it always keeps us on our toes, grants miracles unimagined and forces us to keep humor in our lives. So let's humorously talk about what this waning phase has for us.

Did you not hear that?
This phase I want us to think about intuitive communication.  What is it? How do we use it? Are we even using it correctly? And lastly, how can we wield it during this waning phase.  First off, I propose intuitive communication to be the hearing of things that are unspoken.  It is a knowing of sorts.  So how can that be used? Use intuitive communication to receive answers, messages, and information that will help you and subsequently others.  Whether or not it is being used correctly is for you to decide.  Ask yourself, am I receiving the messages and if so what am I doing with them? All answers to these are within you, trust you will know the answers to your own questions.  Wielding intuitive communication while in the waning phase is hinged around knowing how to truly be silent at this time in order to know what it is you need to release.  And sometimes how to release it.  This quick prescriptive like formula for using your intuitive communication is a test sample.  I am tasking you with figuring out what intuitive communication is for you and how you plan to use it to release anything that is unwanted.

Daily silence
My personal release will be around daily taking time to hear the messages for me, preferably early in the morning.  Then as I acquire  messages I have to trust in them and allow them to shift my life, right before my very eyes.  And most of this will be done in silence.  A tall order? Maybe, maybe not.  I look forward to the challenge to make this a daily ritual for this waning time and possibly beyond.

 What will you release?
Now how about you? What things will you use during this waning phase? Below are the ideas to use as a springboard from here to wherever you are going.  Take them, use them, change them.

Waning Moon Concept - Intuitive Communication 

Hear whispers and "Un"Verbal

Be open to day dreams and night dreams

Hear what is not spoken

Silence's messages

Waning Moon Affirmation

I joyously accept all of the messages that are for me,

I understand in releasing many gifts will come my way,

However I am rooted in knowing that being in silence 
is the key to receiving these gifts