Saturday, August 29, 2015

Can Super-ness be framed?

Head to the sky
Up in the sky you among the clouds and the blueness, even in daytime you will see a moon that is full, strong, and super. At approximately 2:35pm EST today our lunar inspiration will become full in the sign of Pisces.

Super is not full
A Super Full Moon or "Super Moon" as it is usually called is larger in form, seems closer to us and ultimately lays more lunar power at our feet. So when spending time with the full moon, just know your thoughts and power can catapult things.  Don't take lightly the energy you can utilize. If in doubt think about it this way, Super is not Average. Take the time this cycle and go beyond.

Framing fullness
With this Full Moon being in Pisces, let's continue framing this opportunity.  Pisces does speak to our understanding of journeys (physical and metaphysical), enlightenment, and psychic development, but underneath all of that is the core of what Pisces' time gives to us: a closer relationship with the planetary powers of Neptune.  A portal of great depth and intuition, Neptune time assists us in accessing things we seldom feel strong enough to touch. Reach out your had to touch the greatness that is within and without. When Neptune is around things beyond what we can fathom have a way of showing up and taking place. Be brave, be bold, be yourself!

Truly ask yourself
Prepared below are the questions that can be a springboard during this Super Moon time. Allow the questions and answers to guide you to information that is vital, self affirming, and guiding.

Full Moon in Pisces Questions

  1. Have I asked for what I want?
  2. Can I visualize receiving what I want?  
  3. Do I know what I want?
  4. Do I need to give myself permission to receive?
  5. Am I overcoming my fears and trying anyway?


Thursday, August 13, 2015

I am certain that I am

Newness Upon Us
Time is shifting quickly and we are about to enter into another lunar cycle. The new moon comes into our lives tomorrow at approximately 10:53 am EST. So get your houses in order. Use this one day to collect your thoughts around what will be your focus and to also allow spirit to give you the necessary messages to move forward and enter this Leo Season.

Put on Your Public Face
Leo is definitely a time of showmanship, display and beauty, but there are other things that Leo time brings to us.  If you are looking for recognition or public accolades, well this is a time for it. And if you have a social cause that you wish to bring more attention to now would be an excellent time to begin that campaign.  And lest we forget that Leo time is perfect for performance as well.  Over these next 28.5 days really stretch what you think of Leo and it's ruling planet, the Sun.

 Nothing To Loose
The Sun, a celestial body quite like the moon (the ruler of our ending Cancer cycle), holds so much energy and power that just knowing a small bit about it will catapult your endeavors this lunar cycle.  Illumination of all kinds is the greatest gift the Sun bestows upon us all.  And beware what you ask for because sometimes light shedding can be a double edged sword if we are not really ready for the truth.  The Sun also amplifies our courage and confidence levels, so let's take that risk this cycle, what have we got to loose.

Changing It Up
As I think about what I want my focus to be the word that has come to mind this week is chameleon, that's right just a small lizard like creature that changes color, but upon further understanding of its totem power I know that this message for me is about knowing my ability to see and utilize both my past and my future. Now mix that knowledge into a Leo Cycle and I have got an equation for great things for me and others. So, putting my nose to the grindstone and making *sh happen this cycle, how about you?

Finding Focus
What will your focus be about? Will you take on a large meta task or will your intention be more micro and internal. Whatever you chose, be about it. The Sun is a strong tool that lightens everything it touches.  Below are concepts and ideas to help you focus this cycle. This is the starting point, not ending point.  Be creative, be open, be receptive and your messages will come through, if you are listening.

Work in The Sun


Illuminate the Darkened

Belly Chakra Work

Finding Courage


Leo Lunar Cycle Concept - Certainty


Know I am transformed

Let my past stay behind

I am grateful for my progress

The world is at my feet

Leo Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences


Acacia - Fire - Anointing

Honey - Earth - Prosperity

Rosewood - Water  Protection

Leo Cycle Affirmation

This cycle I embrace all that I have been able to transform,

I know within that my courage feeds my soul, but not my ego,

I share the joy of achievement with all and know that 
courage, success, and confidence is contagious


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lammas - Midpoint of the Summer

Good Morning! I hope you smell the sweet scent of the air. On today August 1st we have the opportunity to celebrate, again. This time the day is called Lammas and it is the true mid point of the summer season. It is nice to take a moment in the midst of new moons, blue moons, planets, and signs to just say thank you. And thank you in a way perhaps you hadn't said it before.

Often times we build up what our gratitude should look like rather than just simply having it. So today, when earth based religions will celebrate the harvests of the season thus far as well as the collaboration between the Earth and the Sun, stop and say thank you for that which you have manifested already this summer.

I also suggest we take a look at our lens of how we view what our abundance looks like. Many of us (myself included) will overlook or sometimes even ignore that which is a gift because it doesn't quite look like what we thought. Let's not make that mistake today.  See everything in our lives that give it meaning, purpose, challenge, form, and depth. Keep in mind all of these may not always seem like a walk in the park, but ultimately that give our lives dimension and uniqueness.  On today, our summer check in day, revisit what you may have wanted to work on this summer and evaluate.

To make this time more focused I propose we select a focus for today; Manifestation and Abundance.  Both really simple concepts right? Well, as always, the most basic things are really quite layered when we really dig deeper.  Listed below are questions I am venturing to ask myself today and I am committed to giving myself honest answers back, not what I think should be the answer, but what really IS the answer. Feel free to ask yourself these as well or make up your own questions surrounding manifesting, mid point, or abundance.

Manifestation and Abundance Questions:

  1. What have I manifested thus far in the summer season?
  2. Am I truly aware of the abundance that surrounds me?
  3. What are things I still want to focus on for the remainder of the summer?
  4. In all that I do is there an aspect of gratitude that I keep at my core?
  5. What are the ways I show my gratitude?
  6. How do I share my abundance and gratitude with others? 


Lammas Symbols


Grain/Harvest Deities




Lammas Colors

Green (all shades)

Golden Yellows

Deep Oranges

Lammas Herbs/Essences

credit: orchidflowers.wordpress