Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ascend in Autumn

Seasons change
As with the coming and going of the tide we have made it to and through another cross quarter day this year, namely, the Autumn Equinox. Our day light will grow shorter in the Northern Hemisphere and those of us will a fall season will see the leaves turn color then drop. This season, between Summer and Winter, is to me the quintessential symbol for change.

The Change you need
Change will come physically to our world, be it weather, clothing, or food.  Spiritually Autumn is such a great space to do the work that is necessary before the slumbering months of Winter descend upon us all. Many of us want to enervate new things or work on issues and Autumn is the right time of year. Often thought of as just transitory on the way to Winter, Autumn serves up its own dose of power, magic, and conjuring.  Just step outside, see the changing colors and inhale the morning dew. Set an intention this season, make it small and obtainable, then stick to it. All things are possible if we break them up into smaller pieces. Decide your piece this Autumn and succeed!

I too must change
My Autumn is going to be anchored on dreaming my biggest dreams. Once these dreams have been conceived I am taking the necessary steps to ensure that they manifest into reality. This season I am confident of who and whose I am. I am taking large doses of my own medicine. My steps towards the next version of myself are steady and daily. No big pronouncements just everyday work. I am going out into nature each morning, giving thanks and being open to the healing power that outdoors has for me. Inner demons will be slayed this season and when the sun sets on this Autumn it will have been a good one.

Change, make it real
Lay it out for yourself and this season make your own personal rituals around fulfilling your Autumn intention/s. Now ritual is any and all things you set that you continue to do like a walk, a meditation, a journal entry, a meal or a mantra. The how, with whom, and when is completely up to you. I want us all to think about creating ritual to mark and reinforce our spiritual endeavors. Below are just a couple of tools to point you in the direction that you will choose this season.

Autumn Concept - Liberation through Healing


Be ready to Receive

Discard struggle and embrace Love/Compassion

See the Resolution

Knowing when to need Others is Key

Autumn Animal Totem - Fox
Meaning - Camouflage

credit: pinterest

Being Present and Unseen

Camouflage launches me into unknown Spaces

Adapt of Die

Control my Energy and Aura

Autumn Mantra

This is my golden opportunity to step into the next 
iteration of myself,

I accept help from all and know that I am blessed, I am sacred, I am divine.


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Quivers of quickening

Building blocks
The moon is currently waxing and has reached its First Quarter phase as it grows to fullness. The true beauty of this time is there is so much growth available to us and in a relatively short time too. Known as the Spring Time of the lunar cycle, a waxing moon is the perfect time to plant seeds for short term situations.  And these seeds will glean rather immediately. So be joyous, be courageous, go for what you want during this waxing phase.

What is waxing
Now although the moon is waxing I think it best to share that this entire lunar cycle is in the Sun Sign of Virgo. Known as the Virgin, but more zodiacal as the archetypical teenager, this sign is ruled by the dear planet Mercury. Meaning to get to what would be a good luck for us this entire cycle should be thought of in more Mercurial terms.

Murky Mercury
To know Mercury is to know how to harness and utilize some of the most powerful energy there is in the zodiac. Although currently in a retrograde state, there are gifts at our feet that if we can learn to wield will have lasting benefits.  Think of Mercury as a teacher full of pranks and tough love learning. At the end of the day Mercury does want us to win he will just teach us in convoluted sometimes painstaking ways. It's all good, just be on the look out and know you are up to the challenges, for they will appear, no doubt.

Sans questions
This Virgo cycle for me is about seeing the next phase, not knowing much about where it leads and walking into it anyway. I naturally question the unknown so to take it on knowingly and purposefully is a tall order for me. For surface things like work or civic endeavors I easily charge into the unknown, but things closer to me like love, family, and inner work, well I will go, but with lots of hesitance and questioning. For the remainder of the waxing, full and waning time in Virgo I am focusing my energy on embracing the unknown, seeing it for what it truly is (without judgement) and allowing the future to unfold.

Chart your course
One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to imagine our reality. When we do this we unknowingly set in motion energy that will eventually lead to manifestation. So, take the first step today (whether you have before or not, that does not matter). Decide now what issue or situation, then use the tips below to guide the development and progress of that issue or situation. Take the reigns and walk into your future.

Work in Virgo Lunar Cycle




Get Your House in Order

Virgo Lunar Cycle Concept - The Quickening

credit: riversong.wordpress
See my next phase and be unafraid

See fears, do nothing, let them pass

Stay Grounded in new understanding

Compassion and Detachment 

Virgo Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences


Anise - Air Element - Connect to other planes

Lily of the Valley - Air Element - Anointing

Valerian - Earth Element - Psychic Protection

Virgo Lunar Cycle Stone - Topaz


Mental Acuity



Virgo Lunar Cycle Affirmation

As I stand on my threshold I ask the Divine Mothers to place in my heart and soul the knowing that fear is a thing of the past,

I realize that obstacles will arise and all I must do is see them as such and move forward understanding they will NOT journey with me,

Lastly, I will give myself ample time and space to become grounded in this new reality, this is not a time for loss of patience or focus. I am quickening.