Saturday, June 24, 2017

Surf's Up!

At a beginning
This morning marks the middle of the dawning of a new lunar cycle. In essence, we are reaching the zenith of new moon time. This time of each lunar cycle is precious in that is affords us the opportunity to regroup, reset, and redirect what we want from this particular lunar cycle. Basically every 28.5 days we get a do over, if you will.

Not to crabby
This lunar cycle is in the sign Cancer, often represented by the the crab. What is most interesting is that this symbol (crab) is just the tip of the iceberg of what comes from that sea. You see the sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon, a celestial body with many gifts, hidden and unhidden.

A Mother's love
The Moon is the cosmic mother that provides much nurturing, much love, and many lessons. I'd like us all to reflect on our own mothers or mother figures and remember when we felt the most loved by her. Now transport ourselves to that time and see if we can identify the emotion that goes along with that. A task for some of us, but surely there is either joy, fear, pride, resolve, or even indifference, all emotional responses. The power of the Moon is that is propels us into emotional spaces that allow for growth, revelation, and breakthroughs. Boldly walk into this tidal wave of emotions and know we will surf through it to the top of all the peaks.

The value of Nothing
My path this moon cycle is about laying low, remaining quiet, and allowing what is for me to be revealed. Sounds a little mystical, it is...and it isn't. I, just like all of us, work daily to be the best me I can be and my biggest growth comes from when I am still, I am listening, and I am introverted. I welcome this emotional deluge and I honor all that I come to understand. In fact my word for this cycle will be equanimity (no good nor bad just know that all IS).

Tell your Story
This cycle I offer the tools below to assist us as we navigate the highs and lows. Other tools that can also assist are altars, deities that can guide you, and pictures of people or places that generate power for you. If you do only one thing this cycle, be sure to write, write, and then write some more. We are the greatest storyteller of our lives and the only way we will remember it is if it's written down. Be it journal, post it notes, or recording into a device. Commit in a consistent way to track your story this lunar cycle.

Work in Cancer Lunar Cycle


Long Term Goals

Supportive Love Interest

Welfare of Children

Ordering Life

Cancer Lunar Cycle Concept - Ride The Wave


Highs and Lows are both necessary

Adversity is not negative

The Higher I am the Higher I can go

Pitstops are essential

Cancer Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences


Coconut - Water Element = Love

Lotus - Water Element = Higher Awareness

Water Lily - Water Element = Renewal

Cancer Lunar Cycle Affirmation


Great Mother of the Moon place on my path this cycle

experiences that will reveal my true position to me,

Also quiet my spirit so that I may truly find my place and 

seek out the space I will inhabit next,

All the while practicing equanimity as I travel this path


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