Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mercury's Retrogrades 2008

well a few folks have brought up if retrograde is here, no, but its coming. guess folks are developing that retrograde sense.

the planet mercury will go into a retrograde period usually three times a year, when this happens, all forms of communication are off kilter. to say the least. snail mail, email, cell fone, home fone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well. we can not put life off during the retrogrades, but forewarning will help ya navigate through it.

and to make it more interesting the first retrograde falls as the one lunar year ends and another begins. oh joy! i have learned to get these times by understanding what it means and not becoming frustrated or irate when communication of any kind is, well, just plain WRONG!!!

take a look at the dates below, check out the net for more info, didn't want to overload, just spark a fire of your interest. these are the dates that the retrograde starts and stop and the sun sign it is in.

Mercury turns retrograde January 28th at 24° Aquarius
Mercury turns direct February 19th at 8° Aquarius

Mercury turns retrograde May 26th at 21° Gemini

Mercury turns direct June 19th at 12° Gemini

Mercury turns retrograde September 24th at 22° Libra

Mercury turns direct October 15th at 7° Libra

Friday, December 28, 2007

Shining like the SUN....corner illuminations

Bringing back the light. That’s what this waning phase is really about. During the waning moon emphasis should be on preparing for the coming new moon and removing things from your life that YOU ARE WILLING TO LET GO. That’s right folks, we are going to have to give up some or all of that emotional baggage we are carrying around for free. For all the times you have felt it was too dark to move, for all the days when you wished things were a little lighter, for each chance you realized you didn’t have enough light, here he is...LIGHT and in the brazen sign of Leo. It has been properly placed at the end of this calendar you. Are you seeing a setup, I think so.

I know for me, this waning time is going to focus on my ritual process and me as a ritual process. I am going to use this light to shine into every part of ritual I create, intuit, and recall from my ancestral memory. Also, I want to take into the new calendar year a person, far different than the one who entered 2007, but one who is fully aware of all that she has learned and the necessity for all the events in my life this past year. Whew! That was reflective. In a nutshell I will release any negativity and keep all the positivity and growth.

The Sun, Ruler of Leo, is one who likes to shine, but be aware that shining also exposes things, make sure you have your things in proper order for LIGHT does not play favorites. Shadows may see light for the first time in ages, allow those shadows to develop into actual blessings. No matter what you find in the light see each entity as a gift.

Work in Leo
Recognition and Fame
Control and Defense

Herb/Flower Essences for this Waning Phase

Waning Moon Messages

North-Earth Element
Stand in the light, seeing all that I need to see
Symbols/signs will be provided ask for openness to recognize them
Don’t expect in stillness, accept
Step into yourself each and every moment

South-Fire Element
Sacredness of the Self
Within myself the sacred space grows with each moment
Self sacredness is often found in the practice of refuge/retreat

East-Air Element
Walk over life’s coals, only to emerge with new feet that take me on unimaginable journeys
Access the rhythms in life to grasp the rhythm of life
Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in again

West-Water Element
Be willing to go through the process to grow anew
With old there is new
Relax into this new birth, true birth, me birth

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Celestial Solstice...Mother Moon...nurture...all of ME

During this most powerful time of year when light is returning to us, know that this is the exact moment when transformative decisions can be made. Work at this time of moon fullness should be about attaining the goals set out two weeks ago at the onset of this lunar cycle. I know I am pushing myself forward to expand even when I can not see how it will happen, but hold to that deeper, unquestionable knowledge that it is supposed to happen.

This full moon comes at the Winter Solstice’s emergence, so know that things may be felt as if they have been amplified, its okay, continue expanding. At this time of renewal of light, allow your personal light to shine brightly from the inside out.

Ahhh, and yes this full moon is ruled by the ever emoting sign of Cancer, which is ruled by Mother Moon. Rhythmic cycles, nurturing and guidance, and as roles as mothers and/or teachers. The Moon represents our inner self, the one the world seldom sees. Use this time to conference with that inner self and delve more into who that person is and how to bring about the transformation from that place.

Work in Cancer

Enterprises with tenacity and long term rewards
Love Magic, partner seeking
Children’s welfare
Life orde

Also, appreciate the beauty of nature and all that she has to offer. Some herbal essences, flowers, or oils to seek this moon time are;


Below are messages received from divining, meditating, and writing.

Full Moon Messages

North-Earth Element

Know, what I know, that I know, because I know

Lotus brings many gifts to my doorstep and during this full love moon its many colors light my way to a deeper understanding of self, love, others, and the connection I have with all

My body, a true temple, can only be purified if it is also cared for on a daily consistent basis

My inner work is showing up on the outside with not just an astral glow, but a true transformation, the right way, from the inside out

South-Fire Element

All that I do, all that I am, all that I engage in must include water

Water awareness draws more understanding of one’s powers

East-Air Element

Push towards acknowledging my lack of always honoring the inner goddess

I must move more, dance; physically, spiritually, and celestially

Allow for the divine to balance my male-female energies

West-Water Element

Know that I am a spiritual teacher, do not question what has already been forged

What I teach is not what i only know from this lifetime, its an amalgamation of many lifetimes and many lessons

Take a step forward to humbly submit to the role of teacher, then allow all of the information to come forward through me

Do not stay in the shadows, I am a leader. Lead, leader!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

E to the fourth power...A waning moon's tale

E to the fourth power...the moon is waxing

That’s right the moon is now waxing, meaning, it is building its light on the way to the full moon. And this time its in the fabulously friendly sign of Aquarius. A sign known for its strides in getting, being, and keeping friends.

Personally I am using this Aquarian energy to Empower my Expansions with each experience. Yes, its alliterative, but more importantly its merging of this waxing moon with my overall goals for this entire lunar this cycle.

I must say the planetary lineup really has my energy at a place of wonderment these days, but rather than running, hiding, or making drastic decisions, I am choosing to breathe, take things to the altar, and be open to accept whatever lies ahead.

Take a look at your relationships, make sure you truly understand the responsibility you hold in their existences. I am sure this is enough for you to digest, so foreward...

Work in AquariusBringing dreams into reality
Remembering Dreams
Idealism & Artistic Endeavors

Below are messages received from divining, meditating, and writing.

Waxing Moon Messages
North-Earth Element
Celebrating creativity will give way to amazing occurrences

South-Fire Element
Be fired up about our physical/spiritual environments
Ask for true awareness of your environments

East-Air Element
Home is improving, gradually

West-Water Element
Leaps are what create major transformations
Step on out.......and allow the universe her divine pleasure to do the rest

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Welcoming the Sun again...

Sagittarius Lunar Cycle

As we enter another lunation (new moon), this upcoming holiday season is even more sacred because of a powerful planetary lineup. Know that Royal Jupiter is at the center of it, leaving purple drops of greatness everywhere. Our job is to pick up these pieces and apply them to our lives, especially this time of year.

Jupiter offers many gifts to us. I have chosen to seek out expansions, of all kinds. I am going to take this power all the way to the top, I suggest you do the same.

Below are just a few of the portals that Jupiter can open for you, if you allow it. Go forth, be merry, and spread sacred power, everywhere.

Work in Jupiter

Removing negative effects,
Courage of Heart,
Broader Vision,
Achievement of Highest Potential,
I gift to you the following messages from divining, meditating, and writing.

Sagittarius Cycle Messages

North-Earth Element
Embrace sacred space and its power
Sacred is everywhere

South-Fire Element
Home is not one physical place
Take home with you and use its power to bless, touch, and heal others as you have done with yourself

East-Air Element
Know your feminine strength, the source of your power
When you see strength first, you can access your deepest wants/needs/desires

West-Water Element
Time is mine
Peaceful Transitions

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Waning Moon

during the waning moon phase it is time for true RELEASE. and not the kind where you give it and take it back, but rather a real process of dropping. for me, my release is of not forgiving myself, for many things. things I think i view as mistakes, but know deep down that they were necessary lessons, i know there is someone out there that who can relate.

in particular this releasing time in virgo is good if you are working on any of these two things (and i must say for me, the precision and organization is what inspired me to convert my moon cycle messages into this blogspot, a step i am sure i wouldn't have taken this soon without being led to it)

work in virgo
precision and organziation of my purpose
solidify friendships

take time to really think about what is the next step in your transformation? use this pre- new moon cycle time to reflect and figure out what is next, know that you already have the answers, you only have to decode it.

below are the messages i received with divining, particularly with the loving power of the orisha oshun.

waning moon messages

north-earth element
my home is where i am
the home environment can be the spark or the waterhose on my life's flame

south-fire element
dance this life
replace questions/fear with acceptance/joy

east-air element
answer the question "what do i desire?"
work towards achieving the answer to my desires

west-water element
i must understand my past (even past lives) to understand where i am