Sunday, February 24, 2008

To close, let us look at Love one more time.

Waning, ending, leaving. Yes, our time in this Aquarius Lunar Cycle is drawing to a close, yet the power and opportunity that stands in front of us is just as ground breaking as the dawning of this cycle was a few short weeks ago. At this time we have the most beautiful gift, a chance. A chance to let go of what we have been holding on to for far too long. A chance to put our lessons from this cycle to use. A chance to make space for all that is coming for us up ahead. A chance, is a gift, each and every time we receive it, no matter what we do with it. So, use this gift from the universe as a springboard. Focus on what you need to do, not what you failed to do. Also, one last thing that comes to mind during this phase, is look back and have gratitude, gratitude for where you have come from, where you are, and where you are going.

This space making Waning cycle is in Libra who is ruled by the ever loving planet Venus. Yes, loving all things, kind of just ties right in with what we spoke of during the Full Moon. See, all things are connected and ever morphing. So, seek out what Venus has for you and really be open to experience it all, without reservation and doubt. When you know the power and are open to it, wonderful things ALWAYS happen.

Being that this is a waning time, I am choosing to seek the love and self-love that exists in my rituals. The everyday, every hour, and sometimes every minute rituals. Through understanding of these great moments and realities I hope to further the power I have access to and can wield for the betterment of self, others, and ultimately the universe. Below take a look at the work in Venus that can be done. Know that this is an abbreviated list, charge yourself to find more aspects of anything I give to you.

Work in Venus

Break Unworthiness and Incapability

Cultivate Beauty and Pleasure in your life

Unify our oppositional qualities

Fertility and Bounty

Herb/Flower Essences for this Waning Phase




Waning Moon Messages

North-Earth Element

Connect with my soul that is past, present, and future
Understand my memories
Love is a Ritual

South-Fire Element

My thoughts and words should be pure
Love of all things is the only way
Walk away from that which is negative

East-Air Element

Enjoy the supply that is mines
Bounty abounds me

West-Water Element

Recognize my acceptance of my inner wisdom
Step forward and put my knowing into action

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mother Moon, Mercury, and moving forward

Full Moon lunar eclipse is a perfect time to just dialogue with the inner self. Unlike the solar eclipse, the power of the moon naturally beckons us to make changes to our inner world, our emotions and our self state. Not only can you check in during this lunar cycle, but really check in on yourself over the last half year, year, half decade or decades. Are you really the person you want to be? If not how can you make that a reality? Answers to these and any other thought provoking questions come from taking the time to ask. That is all it takes. That and a willingness to honestly see who you are.

This particular lunar eclipse falls under Virgo and its ruler Mercury. So yes, Mercury just strutted on out of retrograde, but know that things might still be a wee bit quirky given the eclipse is upon us. I know my sleeping has been haywire and guess what, I haven’t tried to stop it. I figured in some small way I am trying to soak up as much of the moon time as I can.

During this full moon, take a look at a few of the areas below that are good to tap during this time of fullness. My own journey has me reassessing my ideas of love, what it is, what it isn’t, and how it stays no matter what has occurred. In essence learning to honor love for the sake of it being love, not a person or feeling. Oh! And yeah, at the heart of any kind of love is what? SELF-LOVE something I personally think the world could use a lot more of these days.

Work during the Full Moon

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance and Prosperity

Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Flower/Herbal Essences for Full Moon in Virgo




Full Moon Messages

North-Earth Element
Steadfast boldness with set my desires into motion
Gratitude leads to more of the same

South-Fire Element
Be not afraid to LEAP
Indecision can blow out my light
Love is always a leap and always a gain

East-Air Element
Progress comes only after purification
My words are powerful, use them wisely
Love is pure, clear, and unchanging

West-Water Element
My strength is awareness and recognition of my happiness
Observe the transformation that is occurring
See, know, and fell the abundance I will bring to myself

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Aquarius New Lunar Year Cycle

Welcome into this new Lunar Year of the Mouse/Rat. I am going to provide a small lens for which you can process all that is going on, but please don’t let it stop there, continue to learn, read and understand, then share. So most of us have a fear of mice or rats, why? Where did it come from? Okay, forget the fact that we think they are dirty or that they are illegal trespassers in our homes, so are many other beings. I suspect Mouse/Rat’s medicine represent maybe things we humans have trouble with. Below are some lessons Mouse teaches us.

Mouse’s Medicine

Its energy has a five-six week life cycle

Focus and pay attention to details

It’s prey to every other animal

Now, think about how any of these abovementioned things affect, describe, elude, or infuriate you, then you have a lesson somewhere in all of that from mouse. When a mouse once plagued my home instead of ranting and raving about him being there, I stopped and thought, what do I need to give more attention to? Once I did that, he found his way out. Presence of animals in our lives are always signs, find out what mouse has in store this new lunar year for you.

So, yes, that solar eclipse that has come to us has opened for changes to our outer world, the physical things we handle everyday. Note that all eclipses are appropriate times to do past life work, meaning past in this lifetime or some other, what ever past life means to you, is what it is supposed to mean. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from yourself.

Finally, our newest lunar cycle has undoubtedly found its way into Aquarius and subsequently the ruling planet of Uranus. Aquarius is that dreamer we all are inside, unleash her/him. Allow your most imaginative ideas to flow right on into reality this time. Your inner meter for fairness and justice will probably kick into overdrive, note it and go with that small inner voice, not the loudest cackle in the room. Focus your goals this cycle for something you want to birth into reality, know that this point is just conception and just like physical birth it may take a long time to gestate, but that is a good thing because as you grow so will your idea. The trick sometimes with Aquarian ways is that the ideas gush forth like a waterfall, but the time it takes to turn that thought into reality might feel like a drip of water from a leaky faucet, know that idealism has its place and keep there.

Work in Aquarius

Remembering Visions and Dreams

Dreams into reality

Artistic endeavors







New Moon Messages

All of my environments affect me
My inner journeys will demand changes to my outer world

Newness is waiting, grab hold of it
Open my sight to see beyond now and connect past, present, and future

Often right behind the wrong idea is the right idea
Allow myself the pleasure of dreaming BIG
Do not resist my own honesty

I must clearly know myself and be unafraid of who that is
In fear walk the plank, knowing the divine will catch me as I step off
Light in the dark is powerfully illuminating

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Eclipses, eclipse this Lunar New Year now, ....(ellipse)

Eclipses are when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in alignment. The energy will definitely shift from the regular lunar cycles we are used to and you may even be aware of which direction the energy is taking you.

There are two types of Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse


The Lunar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse is,

When the Moon is between the the Earth and the Sun
Moon and Sun
Change of any kind can occur
Work for material changes

The Lunar Eclipse is,

When the Earth is between the Sun and the Full Moon
Its an intense pull of energy
Work for inner changes

It is said that the eclipses are excellent times to tackle those past life events or understandings that still affect you to this day. I suggest you subscribe to many meanings of the word “past”, know its purpose for you at this exact moment, staying open to that reality changing.

For me eclipses have always been of interest, as a child in school we were encouraged to know they were coming and sometimes even seek them out.

With each eclipse, know the universe is opening a portal to us all that we either use or don't use. Happy eclipses!!!