Monday, September 29, 2008

Receive through Reflection and not Retraction...

Blessings are all around us. I saw it just this morning in the prism on the tip of a blade of grass. And that beautiful light was what? A reflection. The beauty and loveliness that is life is a reflection of where we are currently. So in this New Moon time, during Libra, understand the role we play in acquiring that which we attract. Take stock of things in all facets of your life, then identify things that are not as you wish them to be and then just begin to attract something different. As the title tells you, its Reflection Time not Retraction Time. Use your divine energies to be what you are looking for, whether it be a lover, a new job, physical fitness, or a beacon of light. We have the power in every quark of our being. So, just the tap that power.

Yes!!! I know. Sounds like big orders, but guess who is right there with us? The sweetness of Venus, the ruler of Libra. Grace, peace, and gentleness can be with us all the while as we transform all situations into amazingly beautiful experiences. We are just at the beginning of a new cycle so I challenge each of us to focus our superbly capable powers towards being the reflection. No longer are we to wait to see what someone will give to us, how they will react to us, or even what their replies are. We are to step forward and shine our gorgeous light upon the world, even if its one small thing at a time.

My focus this entire lunar cycle will be on exploring the many dimensions of Attraction. What is it? What is it not? What do I need to be (uh, that reflection piece)? And more importantly, once I have embraced that ability what does the aftermath of attracting into my life look like. So, take five deep breaths, really ask for a task this cycle, then await miracles.

Below are domains that Venus has, take a look or design your own domain for this cycle.

Work in Venus

Break Unworthiness and Incapability

Cultivate Beauty and Pleasure in your life

Unify our oppositional qualities


Flower/Herb Essences




New Moon Messages

North Messages
I am the strength I seek
Build upon the foundation of self

South Messages
Those close to me are improving

East Messages
Embrace the ground I walk upon
Loving the Earth means I am loving me

West Messages
I will continue to seek help
When I ask others to assist I show them my love

Within (Spirit) Messages
Understand I am one with Time
I accept things as they are

Monday, September 22, 2008

Step on into the Intersection

Well Mercury in Waning is nice we are doing it twice. That’s right this waning lunar phase is once again ruled by that most auspicious Planet Mercury, through the sign of Gemini. If you are feeling like things are spinning at the speed of light, yet getting anything done happens in slow motion, welcome to the crossroads my dear ones. That’s right the burgeoning retrograde, Autumnal Equinox and the waning phase all intersect at the able feet of dear Mercury.

So what does all of this mean, well, for starters, take small steps. Do not fear if things are slowed down in the next few weeks or so, that is a blessing in disguise. Use the time you have been gifted to empower yourself and subsequently this planet. The planet Mercury will enter retrograde in the next few day so, be aware of its energy. Take your cues from the inside and observe the art of communication, knowing full well at any minute that is can get all topsy-turvy and you know what, just deal with it. Laugh it off, learn from it, or rise above it. It’s not the end, by no means, its the beginning of a new you who can soar even when communication with everything has the potential to be skewed.

Now, the Autumnal Equinox, quite possibly one of my favorite times of the year is such an opportunity to do so many things. For starters it represents the balance between the day and night, that’s right the balance of masculine and feminine energy on the planet. Revel in that folks, this happens only twice a year. What a time to put down the struggle and embrace the peace that is ultimately available to us all. Finally, think balance on this day and it shall be yours, in all aspects of your life.

Of course both of these events or should I say doorways rest in the middle of the moon’s waning phase, a time that is more than the dawning of the phase, but also another chance to put forth all the things you have since learned this cycle. My own focus this waning will be to continue transforming my roots in order to truly heal, learn, and progress. Sounds simple right, HA!!!! It is right in my face, so I know its obtainable, but I say to you all, what you need is staring you right in your face, so much so you may be missing it. Focus on the obviously forgotten.

In this Mercurial time we are approaching, take a look at any of the areas listed below or anything else you feel moved to work through this phase.

Work in Mercury

New ways of thinking

Opening to Self-knowledge

Messages and Messengers

Mercury Essences for this Waning Phase


Clary Sage-Knowledge


Waning Moon Messages

North Messages
Know I have been called
The environment is an extension of me

South Messages
The waters have and will continue to purify me
Change is NOW

East Messages
Look to my past for my future

West Messages
I have peace when I accept
All is as it is supposed to be

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Hidden...The Hider...The Hiding

The depths of the hidden which we are willing to uncover correlate directly to the treasures we will unearth this cycle. Welcome to the realm of the Dancer, that’s right, this Full Moon in the Virgo Cycle will be a reflection of all of our energy manifested in our flexibility, coordination, endurance, rhythm, and grace. This Piscean Full Moon is blessed by the planet Neptune, one that many of us run from, but eventually we face its lessons sooner or later. Neptune offers the greatest reward, knowledge. Knowledge that may have been hidden from us, but at this exact point, we can access. Be the astute dancer, push through these deep waters, face the call of the universe for yourself at this time.

My focus during this time is to prepare myself for the messages I know the waters of Neptune have for me as well as prepare myself for the coming Autumnal Equinox, which is a flux in the energy on the planet. I am hoping to face my fears, internal and external, knowing full well that they are surmountable and only own me when I deny them and then allow myself to be held captive by them.

With such power at our feet ask yourself what is the hidden? Is it hidden by me? Or, does the world have a hidden I should know about?

Check out areas of our lives that benefit from focus during the full to new moons:

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance and Prosperity

Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Flower/Herb Essences




Full Moon Messages

What are my own truths
Stay fired up

Access the information available to me
I can grow anything

Lack is not a part of my past, present, or future

Accept the protection I have
Be unafraid or fearful