Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So Nice we get it Twice....

Capricorn Lunar Cycle

How interesting this calendar year comes to a close with the same sign, Capricorn. As I looked back over these last 12 lunar cycles, I realized that it was Capricorn that was our initial lunar cycle back in January. We are sooooo special that the universe provided us with a chance to see things in a Saturnian way twice, in this year!! all I can say. So yes, we can take this opportunity to traditionally look at this closing of the 2008 calendar or we can choose this as a midpoint, a station break, an assessment point. Capricorn in all of its glory is a Saturn ruled planet, so somewhere at the base of all of this is simply, LESSONS. Yes, as if we need more of those. But, here is a take on that.

We are so astute, so revered, so gifted that our learning curve, spiritually, has jumped up a notch on us. As we flow with the growing new moon, see each detour, each rewrite, each do-over as the infinite love of the universe pouring itself into our lives. Now yes, that might seem all touchy feely, but Capricorn being an earth sign, where is the practicality off all of this? Do the removals, cleansings, breaks, and magic that is necessary to really, truly benefit at our maximum levels. Again, I say, our maximum levels, which undoubtedly will be different than someone else’s.

My focus this cycle will be on transmutation of many things I have inherited, but no longer have to carry. I seek to recognize these traits, understand the etiology of them, but no longer feel obligated to uphold them. As a part of this intention I know that this will break patterns that have been a strong part of my life, up until now. As one who carries serpent energy, transmutation is just a matter of concentration for me.

Below are some likely areas to focus on this cycle with regard to the the gifts Saturn may have for you.

Work in Saturn

Learning by Time

Time dissolves and resolves all things

Transmutation through Generations

Clarity needed to break Patterns

Herb/Flower Essences for this Waning Phase




Capricorn Lunar Messages

North-Earth Element
Things are right on time
Do not miss what is here while thinking of time

South-Fire Element
Water will rejuvenate me
Open my mind to the power of water

East-Air Element
My deepest desires are known to the universe and are being granted

West-Water Element
The love I receive is the love I expect to receive
There is no fear in LOVE

Friday, December 19, 2008

Making Magic out of Mist...

We are in this the waning of the moon. Do you feel it? I hope you do. The power of the waning moon rests in its ability to remove things from our lives we are willing to let go. I know, I have said this before, but I am here to tell you, I must constantly reiterate these things to myself. And while we are letting go of things we don't want, we're making room for things we do want.

Our waning phase this time is in Virgo, which is ruled by that ever playful, ever talking, ever bringing the balance: Mercury. While Virgo gifts us with organization, purpose and friendship, Mercury sprinkles onto our paths things like self knowledge in the trickiest of ways, an increase in our mental acuity, and a heightened Solar Plexus (our intuition). So know that tasks are coming our way, but be alert it will come in the funniest of ways. Just go with the flow and join in the laughter, its okay because at the end of it all there is evolution.

My own journeying this waning cycle is pyschic protection and not a paranoid, "they puttin' roots on me" kind of protection. But rather, really preparing myself to experience life with others without absorbing their energy, their path, their tasks. And ultimately develop more completely my safe inner space.

Work during the Waning Phase

Psychic Protection

An Inner Journey

A Ritual Process

Waning Moon Essences



Clary Sage

Waning Moon Messages

Past Message
I have set boundaries, honor them

Present Messages
Embrace justice on a spiritual level
It is not my place to judge, but to observe

Future Message
My home is where I am sacredly

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Darkest hour before the Dawn of the Light

This entry is overdue on one calendar and right on time for another. As I walked yesterday and looked up at the crisp branches, without a leaf on them, I was reminded once again that bareness brings about amazing new growth. Let me say that again, bareness brings about amazing new growth. Alright, let’s put some perspective on that. In this the last few weeks of Autumn and as we approach the Winter Solstice, how appropriate that we ourselves have become those trees, stripped of many things that we just knew were true about ourselves. And, how this rawness makes us ready for a completely new self. In essence, as the Winter season brings back the light to the world, which is what the solstice represents, then we too should also focus on standing tall in what seems like darkness, accept all that we know of ourselves, then prepare for real changes in the coming weeks. And this is brought to us by the planetary giant, Jupiter, which rules fair Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a a time of determination, clarification and revelation. What better partners for us at the close of this cycle.

My personal focus is on being determined to be that new creation, calming into the darkness and knowing there are great gifts waiting for me and not the tangible gifts I can touch or see. I am committed to do what I need to do for me, boldly, singularly, and all the while understanding that I, just like the cycle of a tree, am in a process and I will not disturb that mechanism. In other words, getting in my way is not an option.

Find the work for you during Jupiter’s reign (or what’s left of it, and these times do overlap, just be clear of that)

Work in Jupiter


Removing negative effects

Courage of Heart

Flower/Herb Essences




New Moon Messages

North Messages
Walking alone is okay
There is many things for me when I seek it myself

South Messages
Acknowledge I am in a process
Accept my place in that process

East Messages
Remember the sacredness of my body
Divinity comes from my place of power

West Messages
I am sensitive to all things