Friday, April 24, 2009

Taking the Bull by her Horns....

This entering Lunar Cycle is setting its self up to be just about as powerful as they come. Let me set out the players and show you the endless possibilities. This Taurean (Taurus, the Bull) Lunar Cycle is of course ruled by the always love filled planet Venus, but to add to that let us remember that this Chinese Astro Year is the Year of the Bull (my year, YAH!!!), which is also twice as potent during this cycle. This year of the Bull is marked by leadership, strong ability to get things done, protection, reliability and never losing sight of a goal and the ability to be introspective even in crowds. So pay attention to all of those things, even if that isn’t you or at least you right now. The appearance of any of those or other Bull like qualities are all right on time.

Now, you are armed with those things and then we have VENUS. She is a loving, gracious giver who is really all about love. Love of self, love of others, love of nature, love of the entirety of who we are. Be open to fostering a love you have forgot. Love something or someone you thought you never would. Love that part of your self that makes you cringe when you think of it. And we are in that new moon portion of this cycle so be attentive to the beginnings of things. Allow yourself to create what your loving reality will be for this cycle, keeping in mind the tides of Taurus that will be twice as nice. Bull energy is here, you might as well benefit from it rather than be trampled by it.

For me, I am elated, because although this is my year, this is also my month, TO SHINE!!!! I am grounding myself in the love that I am, the love that I have, and the love that I am totally worthy of. With this extra dash of Bull this cycle I will not lose sight of this goal, something I gladly accept as a gift from the Chinese Zodiac reality. Hold me to this, because now that I have put this out there, yall know its gonna come right, left and center and challenge me, I am up to it because I have all of you.

Below are all the possibilities for this Taurus Lunar Cycle

Bull Energy

Born leader and possessing an innate ability to achieve great things

Never lose sight of their goal

Become introverted in a crowd

Protective and always reliable

Work in Venus

Unifying heart and Creativity

Fertility/Bounty of Projects

Creator Energy

Overturning unworthiness and inability

New Moon Concentrations




Radical Severance

Flower/Herb Essences for the Taurus Cycle



Ylang Ylang

New Moon Messages

Miracles occur when I expect them

Know my intentions
Setting intentions is my magic

My power place is me
Adorn my altars and power places

Only allow natural surroundings
Keep beautiful people and experiences around me

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My closing everything!!!!

Ahhhh!!! As we are bringing our first spring lunar cycle to a close, I propose we begin to look at the waning portion of a lunar phase as great saged time. We have put out our intentions, we have seen its growth, now, we must ruminate on what has been hidden. Alright light-bringers, we have to bring it. And mostly to ourselves. As we enter the last phase of the Waning in this Aries Lunar Cycle, let us be thankful and open to all the wisdom we have collected over the past few weeks or millennia, whichever you prefer to tap.

This Waning Phase is in Pisces which is ruled by none other than Neptune, that vast, watery knowledge of all things. I say to us all, seek out that which is hidden. Ask ourselves why we have choosen to hide or avoid certain truths about ourselves, others and the universe. See that which is always there.

Personally for me this waning time is marked with quietness, introspective journeying, and listening. There are many lessons for me in this time of the cycle. I look forward to the epiphanies big and small, learned and re-learned, and obvious and unexpected. I say to all, be the seer of things unseen.

Below are domains ruled by Neptune.

Work in Neptune

Inner Psyche Development

Altered states

Deep Waters

Herbs/Flowers in Neptune

Dandelion Leaves (Psychic Powers)

Lemon Peel (Clarity)

Rosemary (Uplifting)

Waning Moon Messages

These messages manifest on a past, present, and future continuum, but definitely intersect at all turns.

Past Messages


Present Messages

Supply only exists when I know it is there
What I have today is what I need for tomorrow

Future Messages

Stillness brings gifts
Jewels are made in silence

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Abundance aspiring to be reality

This beautiful spring morning has been gifted to me as I sit mere meters from the lake that drenched and cleansed the city of New Orleans. Even now as I type I have tears in my eyes, mainly because I can feel the fullness of the moon and the blessings she has in store for me. The work is well worth it. It is all I can say, in brief form. This full moon is full of Love (which may explain the welling tears that almost just fell), since Libra (the sign of this full moon) is vivaciously ruled by Venus the Queen of Love, Beauty and Pleasure. So take this time to be open to all things that bring you pleasure. Venus is such a portal for us to re-connect with that wonderfully beautiful portion of our soul that is always there, no matter how much she may be shaded by our day to day existences.

Personally, I am looking to expand my capacity for abundance and the prosperity that follows it. I do possess the medicine to accept abundance, but when things begin to look bleak, I flinch, I will admit it. So now, I challenge myself to be steadfast, rooted, and an internal holder of the abundance that the universe has for me. I know I have the means to achieve this, I must put it out there and watch success unfold.

Full Moons are time that represent a mid point in the cycle. It is your time to take time to reflect on what has occurred and what will be the next moves you make. Below are some full moon domains, but as always explore where you are, what you want and what it will take, as a focus, to achieve that goal.

Work during the Full Moon

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance and Prosperity

Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Flower/Herbal Essences for Full Moon in Libra

Ylang Ylang



Libra Full Moon Messages

North-Earth Element
Force nothing...allow time to unfold

South-Fire Element
Faith in action is trust
Pause for the answers

East-Air Element
Believe your feelings...they are reality

West-Water Element
The Earth is me and I am SHE
See the planet as kinfolk