Friday, September 18, 2009

The bounty of beauty beseiges us

As we move along into another cycle, this New Lunar cycle in Libra and ruled by sweet Venus is bountiful in every way possible. First off, we are at another beginning, the new moon. We get to set intentions, work on our goal setting and get a DO OVER. So, what better time for DO OVER's than during a period ruled by Venus, a planet known for her sweetness, her pleasure, her sheer joy. So be sure to gently harness this positively forward thinking energy and move forward, whether it be by baby steps or giant leaps.

Another reason to see the beauty in bounty is we are almost at the time of autumn and harvest, a time on the planet that is marked by many festivals, celebrations, and customs that say thank you for the things that have sustained us this far in the year. So, yet again another truly powerful demarcated opportunity to lay it on the line for yourself. What will be reaped; what should stay in the ground for one more lunar cycle; what may need to be focused on by another incarnation of yourself? Decide, delve, and delineate.

My new moon intention is asking myself to look for only things that will help elevate my recognition and upliftment of beauty's bounty in my life. What are the things that make my journey beautiful, from the inside out? Also, what are things that are unrelated to that bounty I am tapping? In essence...take stock of bounty supporters and bouny detractors and rectify anything that is out of balance. It's just that plain and simpe.

During this new moon, take a look at the following domains that may help you develop areas to focus on during this Libran Lunar Cycle.

New Moon Foci




Radical Severance

Flower/Essences for the Libra Lunar Cyle




Libra Lunar Cycle Animal Totem-Lady Bug

Success and begin Anew

See things in the correct light

Symbol of metamorphosis and my place on that continuum

Libra Lunar Cycle Messages

North Messages

Love is naked, raw, and pure

Give energy to the unconditionality of love

South Message

Wholeheartedly have beliefs and support them

East Messages

Move forward in moments when I least expect I can

I have a distant archer's precision when I am locked on a goal

West Messages

My strength is a conjuring talisman

Know that strength is a source of happiness

Monday, September 14, 2009

...How does your garden grow???

A garden, a beautiful concept, but one that could not be any more complex and simple all at the same time. This Waning Moon is in Cancer which is ruled by sweet ole Mother Moon. And these two together with the waning focus has brought to me the message of check out my garden. What things do I need to remove from my own spiritual garden, my physical garden, my financial garden, etc? This time also brings to light my personal relationship with the sow/reap cycle that is in my life and in the life of every entity on this planet. On the heels of the coming equinox, it would only make sense to assess and decide what needs sowing and reaping. Keep in mind many of these things may be at different phases of that cycle.

So a tall order, maybe? But with Mother Moon alongside us, a planet that is all about children's welfare (us and others) and connection to cycles (sow/reap relationship), we can surely do some wonderful magic at this brief ending to the Virgo Cycle.

My garden has been blossoming quite beautifully over the summer, I have made many flowers and plants spring up that have not been receiving sunshine in years. Now, what I must stay diligent about is seeing the entire garden, not just specific plants. Yes this is all metaphoric language, but never truer words have I uttered. So my focus for the remainder of this Waning Moon is to see the entire garden and trim, water, weed, breathe, and plant. And if this is all done in peace because even knowing that I have a garden and I can tend to it is nothing but a blessing.

Waning Moon Foci


Making space in the Garden

As for the Waning Moon I have decided once again to pull based on Past, Present, Future messages that are needed. See them as a continuum all converging at once.

Past, Present, Future Messages

Past Messages-Peace

I must access peace, especialy when stressors are rampant

Allow no one, even me to disconnect me from peace

Present Messages-Infinite Supply

Everyday of my life there is supply

See on the supply

Future Messages-The Arts

My art is an extension of the creative Mother and Father

As I move, do, and create I am being a conduit

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Drawing nearer to myself by choice or force...

Well time does fly, when we are fully engaged and over the past ten weeks Engaged has been my middle name. I have to say it is mid point, I do believe, in this the Lunar year of the Bull. How does it feel? What goals have been met? What goals have been scraped? And yes, what other goals have come up? This checking in point should be one of reflection, appreciation and joy. We are farther along than we were when we started.

I hope this summertime sunshine has been good to us all. I bring news of a new lunar cycle, Virgo. A bolstering full moon, in Pisces. And, a planetary retrograde, dear old Mercury. Let's see if I can spell out some of this in a way we all can use. I say hello, finally, to the vivaciously vibrant Virgo Lunar Cycle. Ruled by Mercury, this cycle has been and will be about friendships, putting things in order, and quite frankly, invoking that teenager like energy that just gets stuff done. Now remember, this energy is all relative, so no going overboard, but remind yourself you can do anything, like stay up all night and then go to class in the morning. LOL...Use the young, take no prisoner vibrations that we all can pull on to make the impossible possible.

Being a Mercurial daughter let me spell out what I know the retrograde to mean. Well all forms of communication (what Mercury rules) are going to be off kilter. To say the least! Snail mail, email, cell fone, home fone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well. We can not put life off during the retrogrades, but forewarning will help us navigate through it. My wish for us all is that we are aware of the retrograde and slide through it like we are successfully playing the retro video game TRON.

During full moon time we find ourselves also at a turning point, but only in this cycle. And this full moon will mean some deep seated thoughts and deeds for us because Pisces is ruled by the deep diving Neptune. Yes, not the fuzzy, lovely kind of energy, but energy that will definitely make us sit up and take notice as well as make sure the lessons we will learn during this time will be the last time we learn those lessons. In particular the following domains are excellent endeavors during this Pisces Full Moon.

Work in the Pisces Full Moon

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance and Prosperity

Blessing of Space

Inner Awakenings
Courage of Heart

Virgo Lunar Cycle Animal Totem-Bee

Fertility and Sexuality

Energies of the Sun

Are you making time to savor the honey of life?

Accomplishing the impossible

Full Moon in Pisces Messages

North Message
Love shared long ago brings lessons even now

South Message
Healing children will heal me

East Message
All I need is love and compassion, everything I need is love and compassion

West Message
Move my body and my soul will follow