Sunday, December 29, 2013

To die on a Winter's Day

Worth the wait
A little over a week ago we officially entered into Winter.  Although I had been trying to post before now I am glad I waited. I hope the thoughts I am about to lay out resonate and heals us all.  Winter - a time like no other during the year, here is why.

 Dying is life
Are you ready for your death? Not being the morbid or macabre one, just asking you, me and all of us: are we open to one of the greatest gifts Winter has for us, REBIRTH?  But in order for that to truly transpire during this often cold and cooler season we must be ready to DIE.  Die the part or parts of ourselves that are no longer useful.  Die those parts that we have outgrown but still hold on to regrettably.  Die the final pieces of that other iteration of ourselves that is just no longer serving us.  And why in Winter you ask?

What will you choose
Well, Winter is that amazing time of the year when many parts of the Earth are freezing, cooling, and chilling and it is during these almost tundra conditions we are given the opportunity to die off the unwanted without infection or contamination to the rest of who we are.  It's as if the universe has said, here is your time to GET RIGHT.  Now what would we look like we if refused.  So first we must take stock of what needs to go.  Then we must have patience and understanding to endure the death of our unwanted self.  And let me caution us all, this may not be easy, comfortable, or understood by others, but that is okay.  The Winter's Death could be painless and seamless, especially if we are open and looking forward to it.  So as the limbs on trees, patches of ground, and fits of cold in the air all show signs of retracting into themselves for a later debut, so shall we.  I am accepting my Winter's Death, are you?


The cycle continues
Please walk with me into this most beautiful death.  Below are aspects of Winter that will be small reminders to stay committed to whatever it is we each decide we need to die.  Death of course is just a step on a larger wheel of life we live, over and over again.  There is no final resting place only changes, transformation and evolution.  Here we go folks, our higher selves are calling!!!!

Winter Concept - Loss

Embrace Resurrection

Losses are always Returned

Transformation = Change

Winter Goddess - Pele


Listen, Hear, and Act Upon my Dreams

Dance to my own Rhythms

Ignite my own Excitement

Fear not my Heart's Desires

Winter Stone - Gold Stone




Invocation of Power

Winter Affirmation

I am openly and knowingly walking into my Winter's Death,
understanding that a beautiful transformation will occur,

I accept the death/rebirth process & release all fear of lack, of the unknown, and of not being who I truly want to be,

When I have moments of doubt I will gravitate towards my spirit tools & my fellow journeymen/women who are also dying just as beautifully as I am


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Making my way into the silence

Gemini Fullness
Although we are close to the Winter Solstice, the moon has a few more blessings to bestow upon us. Today we reach the fullness of the moon in the sign of Gemini.  YAH!!! We all made it, thank goddess, but how shall we use this energy?  The full moon is a proper check in time. Consider it a self assessment of sorts.  And this full moon is dubbed the "Cold" Full Moon according to the Farmer's Almanac and right now cooling down on things is a good thing.

Mercurial messaging to us all
When Gemini rules the skies, although we fashion it to be a "sprite" like time, the true ruler is the planet Mercury.  Yes, that's right Mercury, but not in retrograde, that's another kind of goodness.  Mercury the owner of communication, cross roads and transitions can be intense to wield sometimes, but it always keeps us on our toes, grants miracles unimagined and forces us to keep humor in our lives.  Be sure in these long cold nights and sometimes days of this full moon, open to Mercury's magic, you may be totally astounded. 

Actively silent
With many shifts occurring in my physical and spiritual life I am mandating that I absorb the silence.  Even as I slide on into the holiday season I must say I am looking forward to calm, quiet, and rest.  A challenge it will be (in my best yoda-speak), but one I know will benefit me.  Not talking or processing, just simply listening.

Formalize your way
A big tip I learned a while ago was that full moon work should be more structured and deliberate.  Whatever you feel is needed, be it candles, paper, talisman, or incense, make it so.  The more formal you make your work during the full moon the more likely the spirit realm is to hear your requests.  That and the more likely we are to move our own spirits towards our goals.

Work in the Full Moon
Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance & Prosperity

Space Charging

Courage of Heart

Gemini Full Moon Concept
Intuition and Self-Communication


My intuition will Expand

Constant Communication with Self & Others

Trust my Instincts & Hunches

Inner World Focus

Candle Power

During this Full Moon time it can be awesomely powerful to burn candles to cement that which you are working towards. Below is information on candle color that can be associated with the properties of Mercury, the ruler of Gemini. Find safe candles, burn them as long and as much as you like. Fire is a creation tool use it to ignite yourself towards your goals this Full Moon.


Manifests Change


A New & Fresh World

Friday, December 6, 2013

Magic makers wanted!

Here goes the sun
With the sun drawing smaller and the moon spending more time in the sky it is one of the best times to take it outside the normal that we know.  We have now properly entered the Sagittarius Lunar Cycle earlier this week and this cycle can be about a heightened sense of determination, an increase of profit making endeavors, and last but not least earth shattering revelations.   I propose to all of us, let's not stop there.  Yes, all of those concepts are great focal points, but right now we are being offered boons like never before.

Open is the way
Although it has taken me time to post this blog I am glad I listen to spirit and do as I am told some time without questioning.  Just this morning as I walked I noticed the onset of winter and I was happy, giddy and grateful in the most surprising ways.  For me I attribute this to the All Knowing Father planet Jupiter, who rules over Sagittarius' time.  Instead of being down about the slight chill and misty rain that came down as I walked I gleefully (yes, I did say gleefully) took each step and my heart beamed as small and large leaves whisked passed me.  So be open today and all the days left of this Sagittarius cycle for the results will be astounding, if we let them.  And that leads me on to my next point.

Revelations of magic
So what I have been realizing over the first few days of this cycle is that I am the sorceress that directs, guides, and crafts all that is in my life.  Yes on a surface level I have known that for sometime, but really with all that has occurred in my life over this last season I know it now like I never have before and I tell ya it's pretty amazing.  I want to yell from the tallest mountain "We are our own magicians and we craft the lives we want".  I am clear my eagle eye vision of this would not have occurred during any other time than when Jupiter was bestowing and bowing to us all.

Take the plunge
Be brave, take your own magic by the reins and do the work or works that you need to now.  It's all GOOD cause the generosity and surprisingly positive energy of Jupiter is here for us.  And for all of my Sagittarius Sisters and Brothers know you will be seriously on a high if you take the power and wield it for your highest and best selves.  Below are suggested perspectives to help us frame our works this cycle.  This is just for "springboarding" sake, be open, stretch out and create the world you want!

Work in Jupiter



Removal of Self Imposed Limits

High Achievement

Lunar Cycle Concept - Become the Sorceress/Sorcerer

Step outside my Normal

Recall times when I have made Magic

When I Win, others Win too

Focus on Dreams not Fear

My inner Sorceress/Sorceress inspires my Art

Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences

Cedar - Success

Citronella - Eloquence

Nutmeg - Strength

Lunar Cycle Affirmation

Keep me open to & fearless of the magic I will make this cycle,

With that power I will move myself, others & the planet,

I am standing outside of my normal & loving every moment of it for this is where I truly belong