Monday, June 29, 2015

Set your strength to strong

Fullness ahead
Within a couple of days (July 1st) we will enter into full moon time. This time is right for checking in on intentions set during the new moon, but also it stands as a time to reflect on things to keep and discard before the rest of the lunar cycle continues.  Also know the most powerful time to do more ritualistic work is the three day period during the full moon (day before - day of - day after).

The first layer
This full moon peaks when the sign of Capricorn is reigning supreme in the skies and well, although this sign can be challenging it can also be a gateway to some of the largest leaps we will take.  Capricorn is a time to cleanse and purge things that no longer serve us. As well, we have the power at our beck and call to limit and even break habits that are counter productive in our lives.  Not to mention if you have some things to set straight with Karma, a Capricorn time is the best for results.

Delve further
Now with all of this talk of Capricorn and its boons let's not forget that all of this is brought to you by the planet Saturn. More than just its rings, Saturn is energy and motion that is always about pushing us forward in this lifetime.  At its core Saturn seems to task us to know exactly who we are and when we do not it can seem to cause us to falter.  I disagree with this to a degree. I believe that the crux of what Saturn offers us is the ability to TRULY know where we come from (ancestral and familial), to TRULY know where we are at this very moment (the good and the bad), and to empower us to soar to heights that are both out of this world and the deepest within ourselves.  So this full moon time may make us cringe, but we will be better for it if we know how to take it and use it.

The strong me
With all of this talk about knowing my focus this full moon is on my strengths, both physical and spiritual. Yes, I know some of what I am able to do, but I want to expand my understanding of just how much I am. In other words I am doing capacity recognition work on myself this full moon and absorbing all that I learn about myself in order to move from this point forth, tasked and stronger for having experienced this full moon

Be about your path
So what's it gonna be? You ready to accept the gifts waiting for you?  Below is guidance and a starting point. Also know that dreams, thoughts, and knowings of all kinds can guide you as well.  Be about the business of accepting what Saturn has for you this full moon and it will come to you. From this moment forth all things can change, if we want and accept it.

Full Moon in Capricorn Goddess - Sekhmet


See my Strength

When I see my success I guarantee my success

Tap into my power source

Accept my emotions then soar into my greatest

Candle Power

During this Full Moon time it is powerful to burn candles to cement that which you are working towards.  Below is information on the candle color that can be associated with the properties of Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn.  Find safe candles, burn them as long and as much as you like.  Fire is a creation tool, use it to ignite yourself towards your goals this Full Moon. 

Intention Setting

Breaking down barriers

The Teacher & Student role

Open to Higher Consciousness



Monday, June 22, 2015

Excited to incite my WILD!!!!

Summer kissed
This morning I wake with joy in my heart for Father Summer has made his entrance in the Northern Hemisphere. It's official, the Sun has returned once again. And yes, the days may be warmer and we will perspire, but the trade off of sun, warmth, and blue skies is all worth the bit of sweat that may come my way.  Most importantly, we have entered yet another season during this year and that means another opportunity to set longer more structured spiritual goals for ourselves.

Let light lead
The Summer Solstice represents the time of year when all things are growing, blooming, and stretching out in its own way.  With the extra light we will have access to, stretch and grow yourself.  I believe summer comes to illuminate (with all of that extra light) the unseen, help us focus on the harder aspects of ourselves, and celebrate the milestones we have reached unknowingly. The fires of summer awaits us all.

Running with the wild
With all of this added uumph I suggest we harness that sun kissed energy and boldly burst through our own barriers by accepting our WILD.  Wild in the sense of being closer to who we are within, wild in the sense of expanding our talents and interests further than before, and lastly wild in the sense of bringing to the surface that rarely seen or heard part of ourselves that also needs to see the light of the summer.  This task during summer will be easier for some than others, but it's not a competition, it's a chance for true change. Take the time, find your WILD!

Me, me, and oh me
Personally, there are things I have been saying I will focus on for months and well I just haven't made the time. For me, this Wild will be about being so evolutionary that the ONLY focus I will have this summer is on me. My health, my art, my spirit, my path, my love, my finances, my healing, and yes, my WILD.  Rarely in my life have I even thought of giving myself this much unabridged time, but this is what my spirits have said are necessary and who am I to disagree!

Jump from here
Below are a few tools that can help in accessing and processing your Wild this summer.  Take this totem, this concept and this affirmation and use them as a jumping off point for your works.  Often times we wonder how do we start, well this is one.  Take time over the next few days meditate, write, dream and ponder. As always answers are there we just have to recognize them.

Summer Animal Totem - Snake

Concept - Healing through Wisdom

credit: pinterest


Experience all without Resistance

Transitions are afoot

Wisdom, Understanding, Wholeness

Summer Concept - Capturing my Wild

credit: michelleshealthrevolutionblog

Know there is Wild in Me

Value Solitude

Know your Wild, Unprotected Spaces

Healing even through Fear

Summer Mantra

credit: healthandyoga

I am open to my wildness knowing, it leads straight to my healing


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Do you know you?

Another new one
We've recently entered into the Gemini Lunar Cycle. I wonder if you can already feel it. There should be something bubbling or just starting to show its head. The new moon or dark moon as it is referred to, is the beginning of an entirely new lunar cycle. So our time has come to goal set and if not that at least lean in the direction of introspection. These days should be quieter and when in doubt listen to that small, barely audible inner voice that probably has wisdom for you.

Make nice with Mercury
This particular Gemini cycle is Mercury ruled, a planet we just met in that harrowing retrograde that is finally gone.  Have no fear our current dance with Mercury is all good, but just know that ways are being opened for us and our inner balance, growth, and learning can increase during the Gemini cycle.

Seeing both sides
And speaking of Gemini, yes I am sure we all know folks in our lives ruled by the twins, right? Well the gift that Gemini does bring to all (not just those born under that sign) is duality. We all have good and bad, light and shadow, positive and negative versions of ourselves.  During this time explore those within you and don't be quick to judge, just observe.  I believe that our inner duality when balanced produces our purest forms of genius, compassion, and divinity.  Unleash yourself unto yourself.

Knowing it
My own walk this cycle is knowing what I know. Not a maybe, not almost, but a serious, definitive, I do understand.  In fact I overstand.  Although there are things that I wear like a courage badge from Girl Scouts, I too have to remind myself, there are things that I do know and processing that knowing is a part of being obedient to spirit.  And self acknowledgement of knowing or even noticing what I know is such a big part of taking other steps forward.  So this cycle I take time to give a little nod to what they have given to me.

Your answers are there
See what Gemini has for you. Really seek that answer that is probably right in front of your face. Finding an intention to set is not arduous or stressful, it is what naturally comes to mind when you think of a goal.  Still yourself between now and the next few days, see what surfaces. You may be surprised.

Work in the Sign of Gemini


Diversity & Change

New Ventures


Mental Health

Gemini Lunar Cycle Concept - Gaia/Earth


Spiritual Understanding

Gently Share Wisdom

Love is Always the best Addition

All is as it should Be

Gemini Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences

Clary Sage - Earth Element - Harmony & Balance

Marjoram - Air Element - Uplifting

Peppermint - Air Element - Release

Gemini Lunar Cycle Stone - Honey Calcite


Amplifies Energy

Change a Scarcity Mentality

Physical Strengthening

Gemini Lunar Cycle Affirmation

Spirits, open me to the truths that lie within that I am to see, hear, and know,

Root me in my link to the source and that link will heal me, those around me, and this planet,

All of these are possible, but my spirit must be humble, my ears must listen, and my heart must be full of love and compassion


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Stay open in order to be full

We have arrived
Even with the cloudy skies today I am very aware of the full moon that blessed us not even twenty four hours ago, and ya know what, her power is still here with us. Thank you Mother Moon for reaching fullness, for sharing your energy and for setting the stage for us to accept our greatest selves, once again.

The swag of Sag
This full moon in Sagittarius, although it may at first seem a portal to determination, project success, and clarity, at second look is rooted in the true essence of its planetary ruler Jupiter.

Blessings and expansion
Father Jupiter's benevolence is unparalleled and seems to come at the exact moment when perhaps we may be giving up.  This period for us all is about justice, equality, earned blessings, plenty and the removal of negativity.  Expand that celestial horizon and see that entire oceans will move.  In the center of this full moon lays the answer to our questions, the ease of our nervousness, and the gifts we need even before we know it.  All I am going to say is be prepared to say thank you a lot over the next few says while the full moon power lays at our feet.  Thank you! I just said my first one.

All things are equal
My own focus this full moon is about the balance that exists between positive and negative. When I can look at an event or a knowing just as it is, then I will benefit far greater from its place in my life.  Although I intermittently practice this balance, for me the full moon gives me leagues of space to exercise my balance muscle.  Full moon time makes me grateful, sometimes emotional and always in a state of learning.

Pick your pathway
Below is information on a Goddess that can guide you through this full moon time and below that is a colored candle with its attributes. Use these tools to deepen, learn, and push your works during the full moon. And, as always, be open to even more tools and guidance from within.

Full Moon in Sagittarius Goddess - Psyche

credit: greyladyshearth.blogspot

Integrate my challenges for growth

Light = Dark

Listen for the small, important instructions in life

Candle Power

During this Full Moon time it is powerful to burn candles to cement that which you are working towards.  Below is information on the candle color that can be associated with the properties of Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius.  Find safe candles, burn them as long and as much as you like.  Fire is a creation tool, use it to ignite yourself towards your goals this Full Moon. 



Higher Awareness