Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What is being born for you this Spring?

With onset of flowers more sunlight, and fresh air comes the bursting goodness of Spring. This springtime instead of seeking everything from an external source (i.e. Weather, events, etc) use this magical time of year to really grow yourself, not just your daffodils. The new budding garden is you and you are full of new and unseen blossoms.

What are the gifts in Spring for us and how do we use them?

Below are messages from the four elemental rulers we all have



Air-Mental Clarity

Water-Flowing Change

The true beauty that Spring promises is we all have a newness if we are willing to embrace and digest it.

North Messages
Spring is full of moments of gain
Tap my strengths of the past
Trust my knowing

South Messages
Always elevate and uphold the sacred feminine (men and women)
Holding back sacredness is not an option
Appreciate the beauty of everything around and within me

East Messages
See my home as a place, but also as a field of energy I have created
Be open to change in my space

West Messages
Life, energy, and feelings all exist in cycles
Push me to accept, celebrate, and appreciate life’s evolutions
Knowing rhythms prepares me to grow from each cycle
I must know my own cycles

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back up to the surface we go...Watery Neptune, soon will depart

Well we have made it, to the end of what I know is going to be a cycle that will have ripples for a while to come. As the moon wanes, just reflect, think, how deep did you go? What were the things you learned? Did you celebrate any of the new lessons you have experienced? Looking back to move on forward, that’s what this Waning cycle should be about. We made it through, we are the better for it and we faced it, we saw those deep waters and kept on moving anyway. Even if you don’t feel super excited yet, just hold on...its coming.

This particular Waning cycle is in Sagittarius which is ruled by good ole Jupiter, the regal, royal one. Jupiter is there to usher in tall orders, things we wished for, but thought they are for someone else, not me. Jupiter will assist me with some achievement this cycle. I look forward to kicking my output into HIGH GEAR and really excelling in all areas of my life, not just one or two. Get ready, Jupiter brings the speed and fast. Below are a few of the domains Jupiter can influence.

Work in Jupiter

Abundance and Prosperity


Remove Negativity

Achieving Highest Potential

Jupiter Essences for this Waning Phase




Waning Moon Messages

North-Earth Element
Opportunity is knocking, let her in
Things I have requested are being granted, show gratitude
Allow the tides to take negativity away
I have every right to be as I am

South-Fire Element
Recognize fertility(creation) is all around me
I am in a new condition

East-Air Element
Sacred space is important to my life
I walk with sacredness
Question my concept of space

West-Water Element
True love is often not found because of where it is
The universe has only love waiting for us all

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pssssssst......Read what spring has whispered in my ear

This full moon has already showed it’s head to be a time when emphasis should be on those hidden things you just... can’t... quite grasp. The dawning of the moon’s fullness and the season change intersecting, is not an accident or a game. Use the natural earth energy that exists in this time of change to really just let go and do the things you always wanted to, but were afraid to. Throw yourself back fearlessly, knowing that spirit is the ultimate catcher. Yes, its spring, everything looks new, fresh, go on out, intake all that is there with every one of your senses. You there with me, in the beauty of lighter colors and warmer nights, well, remember we are still in that depth pushing cycle of Pisces, so, know that with all of this new-ness and sunshine, watch out for things that you may be trying to suppress, they might have a way of popping up on ya, because Pisces is just like that.

This full moon my focus will be attraction and not the connotative version, but rather that more intentional portion of attraction, you know where we bring (attract) what it is we may see as ourselves or further yet what it is we may need at the time. How do I consciously or unconsciously attract things, people, and events into my life and why? I know big questions, but there are answers, why else the question? A message I got from meditation that might be helpful is that we can heal more when we first sure up ourselves (making sure we ourselves are healed) then ask for more in order to give more. Hope that makes sense. My asking the bigger, more challenging questions, puts me on a different path than before, one that will allow me more healing, more understanding and eventually more assisting. This full moon is in Libra (Venus ruled), a very balanced and fair sign, full of order and harmony. Call upon that harmony when those murky waters run to close for comfort, but trudge forward anyway, knowing whatever is on the other side is a benefit in some shape or form.

I hope all of you are well this wonderfully divine Spring full moon, below are some work that is best done during the Full Moon, feel free to work on what it is you are being told is paramount this time, these healing and empowering journeys we are on, have been intersecting, but each one of us is responsible for our own path.

Work during the Full Moon

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance and Prosperity

Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Flower/Herbal Essences for Full Moon in Libra

Ylang Ylang



Full Moon Messages

North-Earth Element
Remember water’s place in my life
Water recharges
Give to water my intentions, prayers, and gratitude

South-Fire Element
Listen to myself
When I am happy—truly happy-all that I think and say will reflect that

East-Air Element
Know, ingest, and absorb my abilities to heal
Honor what I know
Know my power and command it

West-Water Element
I am open to receive
Grace and gratitude are apart of receiving
Receiving requires being still and listening

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Take the plunge, Real waters run Deep

Pisces Lunar Cycle, Planet-Neptune
Well I must admit, that I have been resistant. Plain and simple, resistance. But I have also been complicit, knowing that my time for this entry would come and when it did I would open myself to share. The real deal has been I have been in my head a little too much these days, call it waking from my winter’s slumber, call it anstyness, but I was actually thinking of looking that gift horse right in her mouth. But, thankfully, the universe speaks my language loud and clear. When a reader of the blog tried to extort me for the information, I figured, okay, acquiesce, be the connector you are. In short, I began to feel like maybe this blog was not the best venue for sharing this information, trust, I too question.

So, what we have is a Pisces cycle we are steeped in, ruled by the great planet Neptune and he is no joke. I have felt it, don’t know about you, probably why I my time has been altered. I recently referred to this Neptunian time as an intense calmness. Even though things may or may not be in the place you want them, allow yourself to disconnect from the emotion and see what the lessons are for ya. To me, Neptune is like the floor of the ocean, a great secret that is full of gifts, but also such an mystery, that just contemplating going there can bring up great fear and apprehension. I suggest you take the voyage to the deep waters, be sure to have the proper diving gear and just watch, action is not called for right now, but openness is required. Below are some domains to tackle during Neptune's ruling.

Work in Neptune

Inner Psyche Development

Altered states

Deep Waters



Pisces Lunar Cycle Messages

Shift my perception of resonance
Seek out things I may be ignoring
Hold close to my dreams, waking and sleeping

Changes can create unknown
Leave room for the unexpected
Give homage to the birth, death, rebirth cycle

Focus is paramount
Let go of any doubt
Trust my power

My relationship with space is symbiotic
Look inside for rejuvenation