Saturday, August 23, 2008

As the sun sets on this cycle...send away with it, what is not wanted

Time does fly...for sure. Its seems as if only a day or so ago I sat to hear the messages and lessons for this Leo Lunar Cycle. But, in reality, we are at the close of this cycle, the waning phase. Waning can be viewed as the time to think over what has been gained during this cycle and whatever can be discarded, let it go, RIGHT NOW!!! One note though, the only way something will depart us is if we want it to. Know what you want to let go of and then, do just that, LET IT GO. This waning cycle is in Gemini, and how appropriate that is or even precursor like because Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and the awaiting Virgo Lunar cycle that is a week away. So the energy you feel currently, get used to it because some strain of that will also be available in the next cycle.

Mercury urges so much from us, and often in ways we rarely see. As a person who was born under the sign of Mercury, all I can say is, don’t take yourself or your journey too seriously, if you do your feelings will be all hurt up. Mercury is a great time to focus on real personal balance. Are you where you should be? Are there things this waning time that you want to let go of? Have you balanced the physical, spiritual, financial, etc? One thing to remember about Mercury is that its energy can represent the “trickster”, so, ask knowing full well that the answer you get might not be what you anticipate. Also, incorporate that trickery into your everyday life, recognize it, utilize it and make friends with it, rather than being on the other end of it, mad as SH*T that things didn’t go exactly as you planned them. Mercurial times can be rip roaring and full of true humor or personal traumas in need of therapy. Its all how you look at them. As they say in sports, YOU MAKE THE CALL.

While I am waning I will really strive to forge this new relationship I am developing with my body. One that on days seem like its full of an eon of experiences and then other days I feel like a babe taking her first steps. One thing I know for sure is that this is a newness that I have called into being to enlighten me and the rest of us. So, here goes everything and while I am in waning land, gonna drop old, cumbersome, unfriendly realities, they just weigh too much for me to carry around.

Below are a few of the domains Mercury can influence.

Work in Mercury

Balancing an Imbalance

Journeying (physical/spiritual)


Mercury Essences for this Waning Phase




Waning Moon Messages

North Messages
My hand must be open to receive
Abundance will pour in

South Messages
Protection is all around me

East Messages
Know my intentions clearly
I walk with medicine daily

West Messages
Recalling heightens awareness and understanding
Explore your past life(lives)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The ending is the beginning transformed

Gratitude!!! Have it. We have made it!! And where you may ask? Through the first half of this Lunar Year. That’s right this Full Moon we are on the cusp of what represents more than the mid point in this cycle, its the midpoint in our year and interestingly enough it is a direct reflection of where we started, in the neighborhood of Aquarius. And just to throw some pizzazz into it for us, we have this Full Moon as a partial Lunar Eclipse (*). Meaning that this Full Moon is a portal to initiate great transformative power.

Chock full of energy. Right? Now, ask yourself, what does mid year mean for me? What things have I accomplished? What things do I have to continue to work towards? What derailments or splitting of paths have occurred? Evaluation is a necessary tool that can only improve who we are. Thankfully so, Aquarius possesses that day dreaming, idealistic, anything is possible, eccentric kind of ashe. So take advantage of being in this midyear point with such a ubiquitous lineup of realities. Say yes to the mid year point. Say yes to the Aquarius and Uranus energy. Say yes to the full moon energy. Say yes to yourself and all that you can and will manifest during this period between the full and new moons.

My own work this Full Moon will center around not seeing my upcoming Earth Day as an ending of sorts, but a new beginning. A beginning that will allow me to keep ascending, growing, loving, and experiencing. And a beginning that accepts no lack, resists negativity, and revels in the power that is available to me because I make it so.

*Lunar Eclipse is when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon, this creates an enormously intense pull (of which some of us have already felt, I know I did) that we are all charged with to use in many creative ways.

Check out areas of our lives that benefit from focus during the full to new moons:

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance and Prosperity

Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Flower/Herb Essences




Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse Messages

Know, accept, and utilize my connection to the divine

I will work alone to find great things for me
In rest I will receive messages

Agape means loving all
I must love every aspect of myself

Take hold of courage and proceed
Opportunity is knocking, I must answer

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Watered Garden Grows...

And that garden is our walk this lunar cycle. We have reached another point on our path, the Waxing Moon time. Hopefully we have been feeling some positive affects of what a little moonlight can do. I know I have found myself many nights, just looking at her in amazement from DC to NJ to Brooklyn, she is growing each and every night and we should too. The waxing time represents the tending time in a lunar cycle. Do the grunt work, weed things out, water and give light to the crop you are growing. The blossom at the end of all of this is you, so toil, toil, toil.

This point in the waxing moon is brought to us by the sign Scorpio, who is ruled by the all too forgotten about, Planet Pluto, believe me, its more than a Disney character. Pluto is a powerhouse that represents real, total, consuming change. So these days, have things felt maybe larger than they need to be, that's because they are. Any thoughts, intentions, feelings, or even whiffs of ideas, could truly come hurling right at you, do not fear, but know there is power to wield out here at this time. Look out for things below that are definitely elevated during the time of Pluto.

Work in Pluto

Life/Death Cycle
Society rather than Individual
Facing My Destiny

My focus has been on the balancing of the spiritual and physical self, so during this cycle I want to make sure my destiny is aligned with this, pulling from my past, my present, and my future to create a vortex of true, permanent, forward progression.

The messages below represent a past, present, future pull, bringing messages to us that all intersect together, decipher their meaning for you as separate times or all at once.

Past Messages

Accept that messages come through me
See meself as a piece of a larger whole

Present Messages

I am protection
I am safe

Future Messages

Soul and body need cleansing
Gifts of joy are waiting
Purification is adding, not taking away

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The heat is ON....

Not sure what that strong energy is that has burst onto the scene in the last 24-36 hours, well, yes its a New Moon, but there was also a total Solar Eclipse as the New Moon peaked. Eclipses are when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in alignment. The energy will definitely shift from the regular new moons we are used to and you may even be aware of which direction the energy is taking you.

It is said that the eclipses are excellent times to tackle those past life events or understandings that still affect you to this day. I suggest you subscribe to many meanings of the word “past”, know its purpose for you at this exact moment, staying open to that reality changing.

This is a powerhouse when working for change, in any direction. At this time you can wield energy more easily than non-eclipse times. This month will blast in with a Solar Eclipsing New Moon, so get ready, you will feel it, if you are not already feeling it.

Solar Eclipse

When moon is between the the Earth and the Sun

Two simultaneous influences, Moon and Sun

Change of any kind can occur

Past-Life work

Even with the delay of this information going into this New Lunar Cycle in Leo (ruled by the Sun), a sign for public recognition and control/defense, knowing this will help you navigate through what looks to be like a positively progressive cycle, if we are willing to do the work. And that work has found itself rooted in the Sun, yes that beautiful source of illumination, energy, and heat. It’s summertime and the mercury in our thermometers reach up over ninety degrees on a daily, however that pales in comparison to the power that is openly available to us at this time. Don’t sunscreen/sunblock this time, walk out and bath in its loveliness, ask for its anointing, then see its imprint on your spiritual walk, as if its a permanent tan. Choose a task this cycle to focus on that will begin, continue or complete your transformative process. You’ve got a whole cycle to receive all the glory from the Sun. Check through these following for work during a cycle ruled by the Sun.


Drive away Inner Darkness

Face issues of Inner Uncertainty

Attraction, Renewal, Success

Flower/Herb Essences




My task I am setting forth this cycle deals with the balance between my spiritual and physical self. Although I have made great strides in my spiritual life, I must also honor and feed the physical human form that cares for me each and every day. It is my intention to ground and center my body and my spirit equally. Not a shabby task, huh, well throw in at the end of this cycle I near my earth day, yeah, I am sure this will be a cycle full of learning, letting go, and living.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Messages


Know your sensitivity
Embrace only that which is good for you


Teach yourself while teaching others
Walk every moment divinely
Your knowing is ancient


Rise to support what you believe


Conduits transmit love and peace
Heal with your connection to the source