Sunday, May 24, 2009

Two becomes one, and one becomes equal?

We have made it full circle, back to the beginning of a new lunar cycle. This New Moon is pregnant with possibility. New Moon time is ripe for setting things into motion. Gather your thoughts and give them to the universe, but be sure to let go and experience, it ALL. This lunar cycle finds us in the dichotomously divine Gemini. Now, while a many frown upon the thought of two personalities, sharing the same energy, I say to all of us, let us have gratitude for energy such as Gemini. Without it we would not have that talkative, witty, social portion of ourselves that the public loves. Gemini is a good time to invoke new employment as well as new endeavors. Ruled by the always surprising Mercury, Gemini is definitely a time for expecting the unexpected.

So...set your intentions. Do the work that needs to be done, but then allow Gemini to work its magic of, BAM, here is what you have been waiting for all your life. It really is just that easy.

My walk over the next cycle will be around the concept equanimity as it pertains to detachment. Can I truly appreciate all that is yin and yang, positive and negative, masculine and feminine and detach? I charge myself to experience life, see it in vibrantly bright colors and not be swayed one way or another, but rather digest the lessons and move forward. Sounds like a piece of cake right? I will be checking in. Luckily, Mercury is due to go direct next weekend, so my self communication should be up and running at its optimum real soon.

Work in Gemini

New Endeavors

Dual Nature/Duality

Mental Health

Flower/Herb Essences

Sweet Orange (Sensuality)

Mandrake (Control of Spiritual Energies)

Peppermint (Clarity)

Gemini Lunar Animal-Beaver

Breath control for optimal health

Opportunity, action and construction of my dreams

Does my home need repair (of any kind)

Gemini Cycle Messages

North Messages
Inner divinity must be appreciated
Wake up my care of myself

South Messages
I am open to receive ALL

East Messages
Know what my soul wants
I must be ignited about my desires

West Messages
My body is an ever changing cycle
All cycles are to be honored

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm coming the finish line....Oh snap...bout to enter another race!!!

Welcome to the culmination of what has been an amazing surge of energy, power, and lessons learned. And what better closer of this cycle than the ever instructive sign of Capricorn, ruled by that surreal Saturn, the teacher of all teachers. The waning moon phase can be marked by many perspectives, but I choose to look at the waning moon as the last gift the universe is granting us. Didn’t get it the first three segments, well here....take this...and be pleasantly surprised, mystified, and overjoyed. Closings of cycles are the best time to show gratitude, because guess what, I made it, you made it, we all made it. And...guess what else....we are beginning the journey again. Aren’t we just the most charged individuals on the planet, at this moment? Mother Moon contracts, think if this as the laboring period of this cycle and what lays ahead is the birth of a new us. Laboring in a Capricorn state allows some extra gifts, like a time to work on righting things in our lives through karma, cleansing, and perhaps breaking negative chains, but this sign is motivated by the great planet Saturn, who is a world all unto its self. Go on ahead with our bad selves. We are doing it because of the challenges, obstacles, and difficulties we have. Be okay with not getting it right, but rather getting it.

My focus this final phase will be to break old habits. Gone is the young girl unsure of what she knows. Here to say in the Goddess Woman-type who is bent on being exactly who she is to be in this lifetime, which means I can not, will not, and should not hold onto things that are of no use to me. Will I succeed at this? Yes! Will there be deviations of the path that I think now? Yes, most certainly! Am I infectious enough to spread this around? I sure believe so!!!

Below are a few of the areas to think about that Capricorn can truly exalt for you during this waning phase of the moon.

Work in Capricorn


Negative Habit Breaking

Karmic Magic


Waning Moon Messages

Love is a constant
See the gift that love offers

Metamorphosize my way
Respect all phases

Be more aware of everything around me

Know the beauty in single perseverance
I must know I can make, first and foremost

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Bull, A retrograde, and the potential for many things...

As we pass on to another point in this ever gifting Taurus Lunar journey, we make a stop at a Full Moon. A Full Moon is a peak time to work power, and not power in an external sense, but power internally, a place we shy away from for various reasons. Full Moons can be seen as Ripeness. During Full Moons there is increase in all sorts of energies and things occurring. We have often heard folklore tell of the “wildness” of Full Moons, well I propose it is the climaxing of the cycle, so get ready....

This full moon has the pleasure of falling at the beginning of the retrograde for mercury, the first in this lunar year.
All forms of communication are going to be off kilter. To say the least! Snail mail, email, cell fone, home fone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well. W can not put life off during the retrogrades, but forewarning will help ya navigate through it.

This Full Moon is ruled by Scorpio, a sign that can present itself in very diverse ways. There may be an urge to go to a place of passion, whether that be anger, love, lust or confusion. Another urge could be subtlety, maybe we need to be more sedate and behind the scenes. Or even still, we may want to really consider severance work. Who or what is in our life that we need a clean break from, hell, it might be a part of yourself you have no more need for. Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet, is one of Transmutation, Transformation and Reconstruction. So get ready for energy to move you in one direction or another. And please, do not think you can sit this one out. If you do not actively move in a direction you choose, believe me, you will be moved and maybe to a place you weren’t quite ready to visit.

A few things that might glean themselves when approached during the full moon are the following:

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance and Prosperity

Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Flower/Herb Essences for Scorpio Full Moon

Frankincense (Protection)

Myrrh (Transformation)

Sandalwood (Spirituality)

Messages for the Full Moon

North Messages
A shift at home is a necessary positive, accept it

South Messages
Know my power that I channel

East Messages
Know my desires
Access divine flight

West Messages
Have a mark
I need to be unwavering

Monday, May 4, 2009

Roaring into the light!

This Waxing phase is marked by the sign Leo, which is the satiated servant of the Sun. This roaring Leo time of recognition, glory, and performance also has another side, control and defense. In this building portion of this entire Taurus Lunar cycle, use this Sun and all his powerful gifts he offers to continue towards your intended goal.

The Sun is a sheer representation of light and truth. Request either or both for yourself and your world. Knowing, that light and truth is not always going to be equal to our expectation. The beauty of the Sun is that he shows things as they are, not as we think or want them to be. I would say brace yourself, however those of us thus far on the journey already know that blessings come in all shapes and sizes. Lastly, this waxing time is a time of short term objectives, do not begin to rearrange the whole show, just illuminate and tweek what is necessary.

Try some of these domains for your SUN work in this bubbling phase of waxing

Work in the Sun

Discard doubt, sickness, or negativity


Attraction, Renewal, Success

Belly (Second) Chakra Energy

For this portion of the cycle I am focused on my patience with knowing my clear understanding of purification and its role in my life. I not only want to purify, but really how do I use this process to bring me to another level of understanding and action. Because you know knowledge without movement is what?? Useless...

The messages below represent a past, present, future pull, bringing messages to us from all corners of the continuum, decipher their meaning for you as separate points or the entire spectrum.

Waxing Phase in Leo Messages

Past Messages

I am my answers

Believe my intution

Present Messages

Allow my evolution to unfold

Future Messages

Take time to rest, regularly

Renewal brings great rewards