Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Deep within Me!

credit: youtube.com
Day's details
At approximately 5:44am EST in the Northern Hemisphere on Wed. Dec. 21st we will experience the Solstice and enter Winter.  The Solstice is the longest night and shortest day and is a good time to do work related to retrospection, ancestors, family rituals, joy, and understanding nature's rhythms.

Decoration designed
Many of our standard Christmas season symbols are really that of the solstice and should also be lauded on this day. So hang your wreaths, put up your evergreen trees, light your candles, hang your lights for all to see, ring your bells, place your holly around the house and when you sit to light that warming and soothing fire, know that all of these are Solstice motifs and you're invoking the power of Sister Winter for your greatest and best good.

Delving to depths
This Solstice I am acknowledging the connection I have and searching inside to find new depths and boons for me and the universe. Just when I think I know where I am or what I think, I will pause, take a breath, and take one more last look. For in that brief moment I know I will find exactly what was waiting for me all the time. Patience, compassion, ease and confidence will be words I recite to myself over and over again. Yes, holidays, families, and lots of free time can often be a concoction for disaster, but this year, I will settle in and know that many gifts will be bestowed upon me and most of them will not be purchased.

Decide your destiny
Below are symbols, concepts, and words for you to use as a starting point on your own wintery journey.  Take all the time you need over the next few days, see what resonates with you. Whatever you try not to see, probably will be the very thing you MUST give light to during the Solstice. Happy Solstice, see all of you on the other side of all of this goodness!

Winter Totem - Moose
Meaning - Find New Life from my Depths

credit: Pinterest

Divine Feminine Connection

Water & Rhythms


Seek Herbal Alternatives

Maneuverability & Intuition

Winter Concept - Open to Sacred Energy

credit: quotesgram

Know my Contradictions

Make use of my Spiritual Territory

Embrace my Depth Perception

Trust my Knowing

Release my Past

Winter Affirmation
credit: saltspringmalas.com

On Winter's dawn I'm grateful to be all that I can be,

In a quiet time I know messages, magic, and love are overflowing,

Most importantly Sister Winter I am open to the sacred that is manifesting.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Relishing the Retrogrades

Dates defined
The planet mercury will go into a retrograde period December 19th and stay with us until January 8, 2017.  These dates are just an approximation and some of us have begun to feel the effects as early as December 12th. So to help us all be a bit more proactive this post includes retrograde dates for 2017 as well.

Some guidance
The retrogrades in the coming year are three times the opportunity to show ourselves, ya know what, we can do this.  Even as that God of Communication does his usual trickery, we can move forward, albeit at a totally different speed.  Remember retrogrades can be felt up to seven days before its onset and sometimes seven days after it goes direct.

Slowing it down
A retrograde is when the planet is supposed to move and what we see moving are different actions.  When this happens, all forms of communication are off kilter.  To say the least. snail mail, email, cell phone, home phone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well...So if things seemed to be going oh so right, sit back, relax and let things ride over the next few weeks. Don't take things or people personally (especially yourself).  Most importantly remain open to the communication you have with yourself.  This relationship has the potential to grow at leaps and bounds during the retrograde.

Heed these things
Word to the wise, do not negotiate or sign anything, be it contract, big deals or heck even a napkin deal.  Why you ask, well because more than likely there will be miscommunication or misunderstanding.  And for all of us thinking about buying a new, "supadupa" tech gadget, please don't or if you must to get a holiday sale price, keep all receipts.  The return process or malfunction is basically inevitable.  

A possible gift
I personally see Mercury as that ever creative trickster that is out to have fun at my expense, but is never intentionally mean spirited. I also wonder sometimes if mercury wasn't in retrograde would I take the time I need for myself. So a retrograde so close to a holiday could be a challenge for us, but you know in advance so just prepare, sit back enjoy your folks, and LAUGH at all costs. Let me know how it goes.

Below some tips on how to survive this period. Forewarned is forearmed!

Mercury Retrograde Tips

Have more patience

Take more time to work internally on myself 

Revisit old, solid relationships 

Focus on things that will not waver 


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Real release

Last, not too late
The moon has moved into her full state. Today, the last day of the full moon period, let us reflect on what we can gain from this period. We are half way through this lunar cycle and we must chart where we are and where we are headed.

Moon hype
Myths and lore exist about the full moon but few indicate the power and climatic energy available at this time. In general a full moon is that time during the cycle when we check in or it can also be that time when we can reflect on intentions that were set during the new moon.

True focus
For me full moon time is a great place to get a snapshot of where I am, not where I think I am. At this time we can look for success in matters related to love, attraction, abundance, courage, and inner awakenings. These are not the only places to work during the full moon, but it is a starting point.

Issue be gone
During this time I suggest we embrace the concept of releasing that which has been the biggest challenge for us. Whether it be a personal flaw, a difficult relationship (of any kind), financial trouble, or blocked creativity, at this very moment we can drop that mic and walk away. And this time a walk away is not giving up, but rather giving in to the higher divine powers that can handle any and everything. Just think no more heartache, sleepless nights or stress. All of this talk of releasing that which plagues us is the complete opposite of how most of us are socialized, but I know with effort we all can embrace it. Let go in order to move on.

Full Moon Concept - Mantras

Credit: yogalime.com

I say yes to Healing

I have the Power to surpass Struggle

Cleansing is Healing

The Divine Mother wishes me healing

Candle Power

At the Full Moon there is an awesome amount of power available an a way to cement that power and your works is by burning candles.  Find yellow candles that are safe and burn them as long and as much as you like. Fire is a tool of creation and stands in the direction of the South.  Ignite your soul towards its power this Full Moon.


credit: girlsaskguys.com

Joy of Spirit

Mental Clarity

Personal Agility

Smooth Transitions


Sunday, December 4, 2016

A shot of Fire

A marked difference
Feeling a bit different these days? You should cause we have sauntered into the Sagittarius lunar cycle and the energy shift has been noticeable.  And at this exact moment the moon has begun to grow (wax) towards its full self.  Waxing moon time is ripe for endeavors related to short term projects or immediate changes to circumstances. I suggest we all have our game plans ready to activate during this time with small, measurable accomplishments.

See beyond sight
A key part of this plan must be Sagittarius, the Sun Sign that dominates this lunar cycle. Often misunderstood or misused, Sagittarius (Centaur/The Archer) wields great power and judgement. But do not forget the fire like energy, dynamism, fun, and optimism that can arise at this time. This sign, related to the holiday season in the western world is here, at this time, for a reason. Be the archer, devise your goal, then go shoot for it.

The Gift Bringer
All of this information needs to be put together like a personal puzzle that helps us navigate to the next level of evolution. Next piece (and maybe most important piece) is to recognize the ruling planet of Sagittarius, Jupiter. Known as the Father or King this benevolent planet amplifies and challenges at the same time. This WILL NOT be that time of the year when you can just slide by on doing the least. No, no, no. Jupiter will require us to be our highest selves. In return we can expect financial prosperity, the ability to clear negativity from our paths, and expansions of our courage levels.

My first step
My journey this lunar cycle is about understanding and proceeding with the knowledge that all gifts from my ancestors await me, but I must take the step. I must release any fear, ego, or doubt brought on by society, family, or old wounds. My time is NOW and it will not be this time forever. By embracing the laser focus Sagittarius/Jupiter provide my archer shots will be spot on and much more than I can ever imagine, but I must take that first step towards everything.

Plan, then plan
Utilize your inner archer and figure what needs to be done.  Set up for yourself short term and long term goals.  Below are mere ideas or sparks what comes from this is totally up to you. Decide now what issue or situation, then use the tips below to guide the development and progress of that issue or situation. See your target, aim, and shoot for it.

Work in a Sagittarius Lunar Cycle


Profit Bringer



Sagittarius Lunar Cycle Concept - Cross My Threshold

credit: flickr.com

A threshold awaits me

Actively move to my next phase

I must accept the gifts that await me

I must Know, I must See, I must Be, I must Do

Sagittarius Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences

credit: eldermountain.wordpress.com

Cedarwood - Fire Element - Financial Prosperity

Nutmeg - Fire Element - Strength

Obeah - Fire Element - Break Negativity

Sagittarius Lunar Cycle Stone - Sapphire

credit: hectovisto.blogspot



Dispelling Negativity


Sagittarius Lunar Cycle Affirmation

In a shifting world I bravely answer yes to Sagittarius' gifts,

These gifts await me just beyond this threshold,

I accept all and step into my new, true power, 

knowing I and the world will be better for it.


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Elementary My Dear

credit: wikipediacommons
And so we move
Although a bountiful moon captivates us in the sky, with a closer look at the moon you will realize that she is slowly but surely waning. We have presently made it to the waning moon time. And although there is much written and ritualized around the dark/full moons waning moon time does not have a much fanfare. So let's explore it together.

Why we wane
The full moon was about increased energy for intention achievement. Waning moon time is about moving even further in our intention which is centered on discarding and space making. Discarding isn't simply just throwing all things out, but more about figuring out what worked, what didn't work, and then permanently removing things from our lives we no longer need. Once all of these tasks have been done only then can we truly make space for all the goodness, gifts, and understandings that come along with any set intention.  This stage of the moon is the most important (as far as I am concerned) and I believe its the most forgotten. This waning time let's put that last piece of our puzzle together and see our intention set out during the new moon come to fruition.

Just let it go
My personal dictate is about daily recognizing the power I have access to when I discard and space
credit: earthrelease.com
make in my life. Letting go is not easy for any of us including me, but what I know is that the more I embrace my power to release the more I receive and evolve. And you know what? Now I don't even worry about letting go I simply remember passed releases and see how that one action catapulted me onto the next. Sure I have trepidation, but I do it anyway.

Relax and release
As we settle more into this waning moon we must be reflective in order to release. Haste and pressure are not concepts that will assist. What will help is to draw on the strength, wisdom, and divinity of nature through the elements. Below is more information on elemental powers and how you can utilize them to create your release.

Waning Moon Concept - The Five Elements

Air - East Direction = Mental Clarity

Fire - South Direction = Passion

Water - West Direction = Change

Earth - North Direction = Wisdom

Spirit - Within Yourself  = Inner Self

credit: Pinterest

Symbols of The Elements

Air - Incense, Feather

Fire - Candles, Matches

Water - Water, Seashells

Earth - Stones, Flowers

Spirit - Paper, Journal

Elemental Meditation

Find time this waning moon to be still, build a sacred space, have near you things that represent the five elements and explore any, some, or all of the thoughts below.  The elements are here for all of us!

What is my element?

Find a one word a day to describe each element

How can I connect to the elements?

How do the elements increase my self-awareness


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ascend in Autumn

credit: stmt.com.au
Seasons change
As with the coming and going of the tide we have made it to and through another cross quarter day this year, namely, the Autumn Equinox. Our day light will grow shorter in the Northern Hemisphere and those of us will a fall season will see the leaves turn color then drop. This season, between Summer and Winter, is to me the quintessential symbol for change.

The Change you need
Change will come physically to our world, be it weather, clothing, or food.  Spiritually Autumn is such a great space to do the work that is necessary before the slumbering months of Winter descend upon us all. Many of us want to enervate new things or work on issues and Autumn is the right time of year. Often thought of as just transitory on the way to Winter, Autumn serves up its own dose of power, magic, and conjuring.  Just step outside, see the changing colors and inhale the morning dew. Set an intention this season, make it small and obtainable, then stick to it. All things are possible if we break them up into smaller pieces. Decide your piece this Autumn and succeed!

I too must change
My Autumn is going to be anchored on dreaming my biggest dreams. Once these dreams have been conceived I am taking the necessary steps to ensure that they manifest into reality. This season I am confident of who and whose I am. I am taking large doses of my own medicine. My steps towards the next version of myself are steady and daily. No big pronouncements just everyday work. I am going out into nature each morning, giving thanks and being open to the healing power that outdoors has for me. Inner demons will be slayed this season and when the sun sets on this Autumn it will have been a good one.

Change, make it real
Lay it out for yourself and this season make your own personal rituals around fulfilling your Autumn intention/s. Now ritual is any and all things you set that you continue to do like a walk, a meditation, a journal entry, a meal or a mantra. The how, with whom, and when is completely up to you. I want us all to think about creating ritual to mark and reinforce our spiritual endeavors. Below are just a couple of tools to point you in the direction that you will choose this season.

Autumn Concept - Liberation through Healing

credit: sott.net

Be ready to Receive

Discard struggle and embrace Love/Compassion

See the Resolution

Knowing when to need Others is Key

Autumn Animal Totem - Fox
Meaning - Camouflage

credit: pinterest

Being Present and Unseen

Camouflage launches me into unknown Spaces

Adapt of Die

Control my Energy and Aura

Autumn Mantra

This is my golden opportunity to step into the next 
iteration of myself,

I accept help from all and know that I am blessed, I am sacred, I am divine.


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Quivers of quickening

credit fullmoonphases.com
Building blocks
The moon is currently waxing and has reached its First Quarter phase as it grows to fullness. The true beauty of this time is there is so much growth available to us and in a relatively short time too. Known as the Spring Time of the lunar cycle, a waxing moon is the perfect time to plant seeds for short term situations.  And these seeds will glean rather immediately. So be joyous, be courageous, go for what you want during this waxing phase.

What is waxing
Now although the moon is waxing I think it best to share that this entire lunar cycle is in the Sun Sign of Virgo. Known as the Virgin, but more zodiacal as the archetypical teenager, this sign is ruled by the dear planet Mercury. Meaning to get to what would be a good luck for us this entire cycle should be thought of in more Mercurial terms.

Murky Mercury
To know Mercury is to know how to harness and utilize some of the most powerful energy there is in the zodiac. Although currently in a retrograde state, there are gifts at our feet that if we can learn to wield will have lasting benefits.  Think of Mercury as a teacher full of pranks and tough love learning. At the end of the day Mercury does want us to win he will just teach us in convoluted sometimes painstaking ways. It's all good, just be on the look out and know you are up to the challenges, for they will appear, no doubt.

Sans questions
This Virgo cycle for me is about seeing the next phase, not knowing much about where it leads and walking into it anyway. I naturally question the unknown so to take it on knowingly and purposefully is a tall order for me. For surface things like work or civic endeavors I easily charge into the unknown, but things closer to me like love, family, and inner work, well I will go, but with lots of hesitance and questioning. For the remainder of the waxing, full and waning time in Virgo I am focusing my energy on embracing the unknown, seeing it for what it truly is (without judgement) and allowing the future to unfold.

Chart your course
One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to imagine our reality. When we do this we unknowingly set in motion energy that will eventually lead to manifestation. So, take the first step today (whether you have before or not, that does not matter). Decide now what issue or situation, then use the tips below to guide the development and progress of that issue or situation. Take the reigns and walk into your future.

Work in Virgo Lunar Cycle




Get Your House in Order

Virgo Lunar Cycle Concept - The Quickening

credit: riversong.wordpress
See my next phase and be unafraid

See fears, do nothing, let them pass

Stay Grounded in new understanding

Compassion and Detachment 

Virgo Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences

credit: wallpapercave.com

Anise - Air Element - Connect to other planes

Lily of the Valley - Air Element - Anointing

Valerian - Earth Element - Psychic Protection

Virgo Lunar Cycle Stone - Topaz

credit: gemsbynomads.com

Mental Acuity



Virgo Lunar Cycle Affirmation

As I stand on my threshold I ask the Divine Mothers to place in my heart and soul the knowing that fear is a thing of the past,

I realize that obstacles will arise and all I must do is see them as such and move forward understanding they will NOT journey with me,

Lastly, I will give myself ample time and space to become grounded in this new reality, this is not a time for loss of patience or focus. I am quickening.


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Step back to move forward

credit: ncwhomeinspections.com
The figuring of focus
In this time of warmer days and more sunlight (in the Northern Hemisphere) we have come to another lunar cycle.  This cycle is under the auspicious sign of Cancer and is now in its waxing phase. After figuring out your focus for this phase, get right to work.

Where we enter
This Cancer cycle may feel like a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs. Or, it may feel like a soft, nurturing space, full of comfort and confidence. It truly will be about us staking claim to where we want to enter and exist during this time.  With all of the challenges we see in our world this cycle can represent a moment where we take back our peace, our sanity, our humanity for the ruler of Cancer is the Moon.

She, the Moon
The Moon, although we see it almost every evening, we definitely DO NOT take advantage of its power as much as we should. The Moon, often times seen as a manifestation of the feminine, is one of our greatest resources. She teaches us about cycles, she shows us that emotions will come and go, but truly the Moon is the manifestation of the inner self that we rarely show the world. This cycle, see that inner self, make friends with that inner self, and appreciate that inner self. My only suggestion would be to just simply observe the inner self, do not judge or try to change. I think it wise to do all of these things as baby steps.

I know, I know
My journey this cycle is around heeding my intuition when things are not as I had planned. Whether it be an appointment, a new direction in life, or how my day was laid out I must flow, no matter what. This flowing will bring to me gifts and blessings that are unimagined. Now, of course there will be loose structure to what needs to be accomplished, but I have to trust like at no other time. So even when I post or don't post to this blog, I must trust my inner knowing.

Manifest it
Please utilize this wonderful gift the moon is giving us this cycle by being in Cancer. And most importantly, choose for yourself. How will you focus this cycle? Do you have something that needs inner reflection? Is there some aspect of yourself that needs a bit more time? These and many more can be explored during this lunar cycle. Below are basic blue prints for where or how to begin. Take them, use them, augment them!

Work in Cancer Lunar Cycle



Long Term Plans

Love Endeavors

Cancer Lunar Cycle Concept - Walk Away

credit: footage.framepool.com

Step away from my Ideas

Trust time away will propel me forward

Release endeavors to my Guides & watch them flourish 

Cancer Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences

credit: flowermeaning.com

Hibiscus - Water Element - Divination

Lotus - Water Element - Spirituality

Sandalwood - Water Element - Wisdom

Cancer Lunar Cycle Stone - Moonstone

credit: astudio1980.com

Vision and Dream Work

Psychic Understanding

Opens the Inner Journey

Cancer Lunar Cycle Affirmation

Ground me Mother Moon in knowing when it's time to step back, step aside or step away,

For these steps lead me closer to fruition of my goals and ultimate success,

I have no fear and I embrace my inner guidance confident that all roads lead to my greatest and best good


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The more you Be

In the Moon of May
At approximately 3:29pm EST on May 6th the moon will begin yet another lunar cycle. This time we are all blessed with the beauty and stability of the zodiac sign Taurus. Known sometimes as the Bull in the China shop, work during this time can be on material wealth, new employment, generosity, and love, but all of these endeavors are only exalted when homage is paid to the planet Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus.

Venetian Love
Venus, often misunderstood and underestimated, is an energy that exudes love, compassion, creativity, and gain. Yet most see only the surface of the power that is available when Venus rules the skies.  Just like many things these days Venus is taken out of context all too often to fit a certain purpose and you know what that leads to? Diminished capacity!!!!

Love Potion
So let's do our work this lunar cycle, listen for the true meaning of this cycle, and rise to the highest heights. Plus with a Venus driven lunar cycle, it's basically all love anyway.  A quick reminder, love is not boastful, or pushy, or aggressive, it is a soft, sweet tap to say HEY, this way. And that may be all it is, so listen carefully and no matter how small, heed all signs this lunar cycle.

Let it shine, let it shine
This cycle is my show and prove cycle to myself. There have been many strides I have made and I sometimes don't stop enough to honor those achievements, the guides who have helped along the way, and the progress that I, MYSELF, have made.  This Taurus cycle will be about recognition, appreciation, and confidence. After these 42 years of life I know each lunar cycle holds another step on my Red Road (spiritual path) and for that I am eternally grateful.

Size of intentions don't matter
What's your focus this cycle? Take time, whether it be a lot or just a quick meditation, but intention goes a long way in a lunar cycle. Know that you have all it takes to figure out what is a good goal. And please, don't bite off more than you can chew, remember smaller is bigger!

Work in Taurus Lunar Cycle


Heart's Creativity

Dream Your Future

Taurus Lunar Cycle Concept - The Power of Being

credit: principal-hayley.com

Know my Dreams are manifesting

Practice the being of my success

Being"ness" = Attracting my Dreams

Taurus Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences

credit: sloatgardens.com

Amber - Water Element - Attraction

Lilac - Water Element - Clarity

Wisteria - Air Element - Wishes

Taurus Lunar Cycle Stone - Watermelon Tourmaline

Credit: thestoneset.com

Connect to the Heart Chakra

Road to the Higher Self

Joy in Relationships

Taurus Lunar Cycle Affirmation

I focus on the power I possess in BEing,

I no longer seek or search, but rather accept, surrender, and allow,

My new path of attracting and manifesting gleans all I desire and all that is divinely designed for me.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The light of the Shadow

credit: thewhitegoddess.co.uk
The release is here
Waning moon time is here once again. The true benefits of this portion of the lunar cycle hinges on knowing your focus. Although there are several parts to the waning moon time all of them amalgamated issue a time of release, last chances, and finalizing intentions for the entire lunar cycle.

Make plans NOW
Today I ask us all to knowingly create our map of what and how we will make use of this energy. Yes, there are all sorts of things occurring in our worlds, in the stars, and in the universe, but we master our lives when we know how to concentrate and make the most of power that is within and around us.

Actively wane
During the waning moon our energy is contracting and drawing back into the darkness. This marks the perfect time to remove negativity from our life or home. Words like removal, binding, protecting are often associated with this time of the lunar cycle.  Although these are excellent actions to take now, so is the action of transforming.  If we are on a cusp between stages and want to take that last step towards the NEXT us, now is truly the time. Waning time presents us with the opportunity to set the stage for what is to come. Are you ready? If not, get ready!

Make it your own
Below are tools to help you begin your waning phase journey.  Take the message/s that resonate with you and build from there. Also try to create daily meditations or practices to reinforce what it is that you want to focus on during this phase.

Waning Moon Concept - Embrace my Shadow Self

Seek rarely seen parts of myself

Accept the opposite side of who I know me to be

Know where my soul needs to be nourished

Take my shadow/s into the Light

Waning Moon Affirmation

At Waning Moon time I remove the veils so I can see with true sight,

I capture the natural release that is occurring and let go of who I know myself to be,

I see myself as I am, knowing that Shadow seeking helps me be more complete.



Sunday, March 20, 2016

With just a small seed...

credit: Amanda Clark
Just the beginning
...Spring will begin. As this day begins in the Northern Hemisphere we have passed another milestone in this year. The Spring Equinox has come and so has many new opportunities.  Be sure to mark this day, not only for the seasonal shift that is occurring in nature around us, but more importantly the spiritual spring board that is here for us to keep evolving.

Oh so new
Spring, a season associated with color, the return of the Sun and many beginnings must always be acknowledged as a time for growth. For us personally this growth has to be from the inside out or else we miss the things that are truly for us.  During this time of the year purposely be outside more, notice the growth of flora and fauna and tap into that action of renewal. The regenerative force that is Spring does NOT happen by osmosis, we must be willing to accept the gifts this season has for us. Are you ready? Am I?

Working it out
This Spring for me is about actively building what I am to have in my life. In the past few months I have had many transitions and that has taken time to settle into it, but now that period is over. Before me lies all the tools, resources and others that I need, the missing part is me. The call has been given, I have heard it and answered. Work this Spring will be where I will dwell. No advertising, no selfies, no brainstorming. Plain and simple, work. And ya know what? I am so looking forward to it. Keep me focused y'all. And when you see me getting scared (as that has been known to happen) remind me this isn't that season!

Making it so
Take the time to think about what you want this season. Marking the beginning of a shift in energy is to your benefit. By saying to the spirit world I recognize the changes that are around me you open so much to you and others. Below are spiritual/guiding tools to use this Spring. They are sketches of a blueprint, please feel free to use them, not use them or spring board from them. Most importantly, be intentional about what you want this Spring. That intent will take you farther than you know.

Spring Animal Totem - Hippopotamus
Meaning - Power


Initiations & Apprenticeships

Let water heal and bless me

Begin a new life cycle

Immerse myself in art and healing

Spring Concept - Change

credit: ibtimes.com


 Change begins with a small, small seed

Have fear of Change and do it anyway

Change can be discomfort

The unknown is a part of Change

Change is the only constant

Spring Mantra

credit: mamabluebird.com

Place on my path this Spring the power to see the change that is for me,

And with this Change I will challenge myself to evolve especiallly at times with it is NOT comfortable,

All the while knowing that the Change that I am forging at this time will bless me, those around me, and this planet


PS-Check out the next post as well "The Change Journal"

"Happy Spring"