Sunday, December 29, 2013

To die on a Winter's Day

Worth the wait
A little over a week ago we officially entered into Winter.  Although I had been trying to post before now I am glad I waited. I hope the thoughts I am about to lay out resonate and heals us all.  Winter - a time like no other during the year, here is why.

 Dying is life
Are you ready for your death? Not being the morbid or macabre one, just asking you, me and all of us: are we open to one of the greatest gifts Winter has for us, REBIRTH?  But in order for that to truly transpire during this often cold and cooler season we must be ready to DIE.  Die the part or parts of ourselves that are no longer useful.  Die those parts that we have outgrown but still hold on to regrettably.  Die the final pieces of that other iteration of ourselves that is just no longer serving us.  And why in Winter you ask?

What will you choose
Well, Winter is that amazing time of the year when many parts of the Earth are freezing, cooling, and chilling and it is during these almost tundra conditions we are given the opportunity to die off the unwanted without infection or contamination to the rest of who we are.  It's as if the universe has said, here is your time to GET RIGHT.  Now what would we look like we if refused.  So first we must take stock of what needs to go.  Then we must have patience and understanding to endure the death of our unwanted self.  And let me caution us all, this may not be easy, comfortable, or understood by others, but that is okay.  The Winter's Death could be painless and seamless, especially if we are open and looking forward to it.  So as the limbs on trees, patches of ground, and fits of cold in the air all show signs of retracting into themselves for a later debut, so shall we.  I am accepting my Winter's Death, are you?


The cycle continues
Please walk with me into this most beautiful death.  Below are aspects of Winter that will be small reminders to stay committed to whatever it is we each decide we need to die.  Death of course is just a step on a larger wheel of life we live, over and over again.  There is no final resting place only changes, transformation and evolution.  Here we go folks, our higher selves are calling!!!!

Winter Concept - Loss

Embrace Resurrection

Losses are always Returned

Transformation = Change

Winter Goddess - Pele


Listen, Hear, and Act Upon my Dreams

Dance to my own Rhythms

Ignite my own Excitement

Fear not my Heart's Desires

Winter Stone - Gold Stone




Invocation of Power

Winter Affirmation

I am openly and knowingly walking into my Winter's Death,
understanding that a beautiful transformation will occur,

I accept the death/rebirth process & release all fear of lack, of the unknown, and of not being who I truly want to be,

When I have moments of doubt I will gravitate towards my spirit tools & my fellow journeymen/women who are also dying just as beautifully as I am


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Making my way into the silence

Gemini Fullness
Although we are close to the Winter Solstice, the moon has a few more blessings to bestow upon us. Today we reach the fullness of the moon in the sign of Gemini.  YAH!!! We all made it, thank goddess, but how shall we use this energy?  The full moon is a proper check in time. Consider it a self assessment of sorts.  And this full moon is dubbed the "Cold" Full Moon according to the Farmer's Almanac and right now cooling down on things is a good thing.

Mercurial messaging to us all
When Gemini rules the skies, although we fashion it to be a "sprite" like time, the true ruler is the planet Mercury.  Yes, that's right Mercury, but not in retrograde, that's another kind of goodness.  Mercury the owner of communication, cross roads and transitions can be intense to wield sometimes, but it always keeps us on our toes, grants miracles unimagined and forces us to keep humor in our lives.  Be sure in these long cold nights and sometimes days of this full moon, open to Mercury's magic, you may be totally astounded. 

Actively silent
With many shifts occurring in my physical and spiritual life I am mandating that I absorb the silence.  Even as I slide on into the holiday season I must say I am looking forward to calm, quiet, and rest.  A challenge it will be (in my best yoda-speak), but one I know will benefit me.  Not talking or processing, just simply listening.

Formalize your way
A big tip I learned a while ago was that full moon work should be more structured and deliberate.  Whatever you feel is needed, be it candles, paper, talisman, or incense, make it so.  The more formal you make your work during the full moon the more likely the spirit realm is to hear your requests.  That and the more likely we are to move our own spirits towards our goals.

Work in the Full Moon
Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance & Prosperity

Space Charging

Courage of Heart

Gemini Full Moon Concept
Intuition and Self-Communication


My intuition will Expand

Constant Communication with Self & Others

Trust my Instincts & Hunches

Inner World Focus

Candle Power

During this Full Moon time it can be awesomely powerful to burn candles to cement that which you are working towards. Below is information on candle color that can be associated with the properties of Mercury, the ruler of Gemini. Find safe candles, burn them as long and as much as you like. Fire is a creation tool use it to ignite yourself towards your goals this Full Moon.


Manifests Change


A New & Fresh World

Friday, December 6, 2013

Magic makers wanted!

Here goes the sun
With the sun drawing smaller and the moon spending more time in the sky it is one of the best times to take it outside the normal that we know.  We have now properly entered the Sagittarius Lunar Cycle earlier this week and this cycle can be about a heightened sense of determination, an increase of profit making endeavors, and last but not least earth shattering revelations.   I propose to all of us, let's not stop there.  Yes, all of those concepts are great focal points, but right now we are being offered boons like never before.

Open is the way
Although it has taken me time to post this blog I am glad I listen to spirit and do as I am told some time without questioning.  Just this morning as I walked I noticed the onset of winter and I was happy, giddy and grateful in the most surprising ways.  For me I attribute this to the All Knowing Father planet Jupiter, who rules over Sagittarius' time.  Instead of being down about the slight chill and misty rain that came down as I walked I gleefully (yes, I did say gleefully) took each step and my heart beamed as small and large leaves whisked passed me.  So be open today and all the days left of this Sagittarius cycle for the results will be astounding, if we let them.  And that leads me on to my next point.

Revelations of magic
So what I have been realizing over the first few days of this cycle is that I am the sorceress that directs, guides, and crafts all that is in my life.  Yes on a surface level I have known that for sometime, but really with all that has occurred in my life over this last season I know it now like I never have before and I tell ya it's pretty amazing.  I want to yell from the tallest mountain "We are our own magicians and we craft the lives we want".  I am clear my eagle eye vision of this would not have occurred during any other time than when Jupiter was bestowing and bowing to us all.

Take the plunge
Be brave, take your own magic by the reins and do the work or works that you need to now.  It's all GOOD cause the generosity and surprisingly positive energy of Jupiter is here for us.  And for all of my Sagittarius Sisters and Brothers know you will be seriously on a high if you take the power and wield it for your highest and best selves.  Below are suggested perspectives to help us frame our works this cycle.  This is just for "springboarding" sake, be open, stretch out and create the world you want!

Work in Jupiter



Removal of Self Imposed Limits

High Achievement

Lunar Cycle Concept - Become the Sorceress/Sorcerer

Step outside my Normal

Recall times when I have made Magic

When I Win, others Win too

Focus on Dreams not Fear

My inner Sorceress/Sorceress inspires my Art

Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences

Cedar - Success

Citronella - Eloquence

Nutmeg - Strength

Lunar Cycle Affirmation

Keep me open to & fearless of the magic I will make this cycle,

With that power I will move myself, others & the planet,

I am standing outside of my normal & loving every moment of it for this is where I truly belong


Sunday, November 17, 2013

A beaver, a bull, and the Lovely Lady

The dawn of a moon
At approximately 1:15pm EST today the moon went into Full and not sure if any of you feel it, but I certainly do.  I hope our conversation during this full moon is certainly insightful.

And it's name is
Well first what type of full moon is this? This month, November, the full moon is also called the Full Beaver Moon, according to the Farmer's Almanac, which for those of us familiar with animals and meaning that should make sense, if not then  check this link for more info  So with all of this in mind, now we have to piece together the rest of the puzzle for ourselves.

The bull lead by a lady
Now it's November and although we have visions of apples, tasty gourd based dishes and pies galore the astrological cosmology is definitely playing a part.  This full moon falls in the sign of Taurus, which is usually represented by the Bull.  And yes Taurus is a time of abundance seeking, love magic, and employment opportunities, all of that must be shaken down, stirred together and mixed in with the planet that rules Taurus. And that planet is none other than Venus, the most benevolent of planets.  If you are a Taurus or even a Libra your feeling of the full moon may be more intense.

Tasked by her energy
Venus, not just known as a planet of loveliness, for me represents such a ray of hope, new paths, and joyous living.  Mother Venus does not dwell in the mires of sorrow, squalor, and self pity so this full moon will be about business if you are trying to capture and harness her energy.  Accept the gifts she brings like a kiss on the forehead from an old auntie who has blessed you with sage advice. Take note though, often times we ask for things and then once we get them we are underwhelmed or unhappy, be sure you know the crafting and asking you are doing at this time for Venus does exactly as we ask.

Beware of my boundaries
My wish this full moon is to understand how I create and uphold my boundaries.  For me setting boundaries has been a journey and sometimes I have gotten it right and sometimes I have gotten it wrong.  Now, I'm working to see the nuts and bolts behind why my boundaries exist.  Also to see what motivates me over-giving or not giving enough.  For me it's a real assessment point for my relationship with boundaries.

Make plans to succeed
Please find your full moon power in some or any of the listed ideas below.  Again when the moon is full our works need to be in a more ritualized way, whatever that means to you.  There is never prescription,  just intention with ritual.

Work in the sign of Venus

Generative Forces

Fertility of Endeavors

Unity of Heart & Creativity

Finding Inner Beauty & Joy


Full Moon Goddess - Ishtar
Concept - Boundaries 

Question if I am setting proper boundaries

Know when I overgive and undergive and why

Make sure all of my assistance is built on helping others obtain

Full Moon Totem - Weasel
Concept - Stealth

Always trust my instincts even when I don't understand them

Maintain the protection of my family and home

Discretely give without fanfare or notice

Full Moon Candle - Green


Renew Physically and Spiritually

Homage to Mother Earth

Convalescence and Healing


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wade in my own waters

Two at once
The spiritual "Wade in the Water" could not be more appropriate.  The constellations have been moving and flowing for us this very morning.  At approximately 7:46am we were graced with the presence of a Solar Eclipse and then at 7:49am the New Moon cycle began and all of this occurred in the sign of Scorpio.

A rare event
So now let's do a bit of deciphering and figuring.  The Solar Eclipse that occurred was a hybrid one, meaning it started out as an eclipse that made a ring for us to see but then transitioned into a full eclipse, making it a very rare event and the energy that an occurrence such as this presents is even more rare and special.  So let's get out ducks in a row. 

An eclipse defined
Overall Eclipse energy is stronger because it is alignment of three celestial bodies that affect us: the Sun, the Moon and the Earth.  The Solar Eclipse means the Moon is lined in between the Earth and the Sun.  An important property of a Solar Eclipse is it really can transform our material circumstances, such things as abundance, self identity, housing, employment, etc.  In order words all things that are focused outside ourselves.  Please note Eclipses always travel in pairs so this Solar one is the second part to the Lunar that occurred just a few weeks ago.

Where things dawn
Now, having said that large mouthful, the Eclipse and the New Moon all have occurred when the sign of Scorpio reigns in the sky and the planetary ruler of this sign is none other than Pluto.  Far from an amorphous Disney character, Pluto is the ultimate symbol of transformation.  Words such as transmutation, life-death-rebirth and other phoenix like terms are all attributed to the powerful Pluto.

Set the intention
This New Moon is such a blessing for we have a bona fide vortex of power and deep diving into the self.  So when planning what, how or where you will focus your energy this cycle I highly suggest you do as I intend to, Wading Deep in my personal Waters.  Yes, somehow I did bring it back to that spiritual, LOL.  Finding your focus may take a few days, that's okay, just be sure you are open to hearing what it is supposed to be, not what you thought it was gonna be, I know I must constantly be vigilant with myself about that difference.

Healing and creativity
Personally I have to dive deep into my ability to self heal and pull out not only my physical health but also my creative health.  I have, for the second half of this calendar year, felt a bit dampened when it comes to creativity for me.  So back to the self I go.  I know there are answers for me and I am prepared to unearth some not so comfortable emotions to get to the heart of the understanding that is for me.  So be it!  I know that this is one of the best times of year to actually touch my truths so honestly and effortlessly and for that I am grateful, hope you are too!

Figure your success
Below are suggestions of perspectives to take when finding and exercising your intentions and actions during this Scorpio Cycle.  I have also listed some essences that are good tools to burn or have around during this cycle. And last but not least is my affirmation I will use this cycle to invoke and uncover those gifts that are being bestowed upon me.  Please use these markers and/or devise your own,

Work in Pluto



Societal Influence


Readying for Reconstruction

Lunar Cycle Concept - Purification through Water


Profound Healing is afoot

Release Emotional Baggage

Blessings emerge from Turmoil

Lunar Cycle Essences

Ambergris (Air Element) - Passion

Dragon's Blood (Fire Element) - Crown Chakra

Sandalwood (Water Element) - Wisdom

Scorpio Lunar Cycle Affirmation

I am open to the powerful energy that is upon me,

From my deep waters I will emerge a more evolved me 
that is one step closer to my destiny,

I'll wield this power to dictate my material surroundings, 
all I must do is believe



Sunday, October 20, 2013

Caution: Retrograde Approaching!

The posted sign to the left is how most of us feel during Mercurial Retrogrades right?  My wish is that understanding when these periods onset will hopefully empower all of us to utilize the blessings that this often times tricky planet can bring us.

The planet mercury will go into a retrograde period at approximately 6:29am EST in the morning, its called retrograde because the way the planet is supposed to move and what we see moving are different actions.   When this happens, all forms of communication are off kilter.  To say the least. snail mail, email, cell phone, home phone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well.  See the map below for a better idea of how all this takes place.  


For me, a person who's ruling planet is Mercury, I can only hope that my connection to the planet links me in ways that allow me to embrace it's energy, albeit contrary sometimes.  I will mark these dates and heed it's presence in my calendar year.  Hoping that you doing the same will glean some positively beautiful experiences. 

Word to the wise, do not negotiate or sign anything, be it contract, big deals or heck even a napkin deal.  Why you ask, well because more than likely there will be miscommunication or misunderstanding.  And for all of us thinking about buying a new, "supadupa" tech gadget, please don't.  The return process or malfunction will just make you ridiculously angry.  

Below is grid of when it begins, which zodiac sign it is in, Scorpio, and when it goes direct.  Forewarned is forearmed!

Turns Retrograde    ← Mercury travels between
→    Turns Direct
October 21, 2013
10:29 GMT
6:29 AM EDT
3:29 AM PDT

Scorpio November 10, 2013
21:12 GMT
  4:12 PM EST
  1:12 PM PST 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The warrior who saves self

The real Full Moon
Yes that wonderful Full Moon has peaked, now what.  I am not sure about you, but for me this week leading up to the Full Moon has forced me to focus.  You see Full Moon time is not about werewolves and folklore.  What I believe it represents is a short time vortex where their is peak energy open to all of us and if we are deliberate, honest, and intentional we can truly craft our world into whatever we want.

The power that it is
What makes each of these Full Moons even more beneficial for us is when we know what planet rules while the moon enters into its fullest state.  Well, this cycle, although it is a Libra Moon Cycle, the sign that reigned when it entered fullness was Aries.  A quick side note - the full moon sign is always the zodiacal opposite of the lunar cycle sign, for instance Libra is opposite Aries.  So Aries, that strong, masculine, protective sign is ruled by the planet Mars.  Now when we think of Mars, yes the warrior image comes to mind, but how many of us know of the many ways a warrior can be viewed.  We are empowered when we know what kind of work to do and when to do it.  So let's make sure our individual trajectories are set to success.

Unexpected gifts
For the last three weeks I have been dealing with a muscular injury that at points has rendered me immobile and everyone who knows me knows immobility is not a part of my vocabulary.  But as with all things time, patience and care is healing my body, but the real blessing has been the spiritual health and awareness that has descended upon me like golden flecks of magical pixie dust.  After I stopped asking the how and why and started being still, many gifts were and are being revealed.  So for me this Full Moon is about seeing the unlimited possibilities that life has for me and relaxing into the loveliness that is my life, RIGHT NOW, with injury and all.  For if I can harness the magic in this moment and allow myself to be enveloped by a bit of mystery, well my eventual greatness is just a matter of time. Okay, I admit it, a bit more loquacious than usual about myself, but if my telling you more about me can inspire or even make you think, then it's all worth it.

Choose your greatness
Below are different ways to focus your energy over the next day and a half in order to make use of this enormously huge surge that we have right now.  I am listing the zodiac sign - Aries, its planetary ruler - Mars, and types of works that are successful during a Full Moon.  Choose one, choose all, make one up, but we must decide right now to take up our arms and save ourselves cause that is the essence of what a warriorr/ess is all about.

Work in Aries

Fire Magic

Barrier Shattering

Warrior by my Side

Work in Mars


Clearing Obstacles

Create & Protect

Work in the Full Moon

Transformative Time

Pursue Change

Archetype Alignment

Path Setting



Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blessed by the balancing act
Dawn of a new day
For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we probably have felt shifts for the last few days.  At approximately 4:44pm EDT today we step gracefully into the Autumn Equinox.  This equinox occurrence happens just twice yearly, once in March and once in September.  There is lore galore about balancing eggs and many folk traditions, but the essence of what can happen is that there is balance unknown available to all of us on this planet.

The meaning of the season
Although we conceptualize Autumn as color palette changes, our clothing rotation, or even climate fluctuations, the beauty of this season is it gives us time.  Time in the sense that as we leave Summer we definitely have learned some lessons and do want to make changes, but the specifics of how all of that will happen is a bit fuzzy.  Well, in walks Autumn and her gracious gifts.  With this time during this season, we are meditating, listening and receiving the answers to many questions we may have.  I have just now, as a 40 year old woman spirit realized that the reason I love Autumn as much as I do is because each year it gives me that which I never seem to have enough of - TIME.

A seasonal gift
This Autumn, give to yourself the time you need. Time to process the lessons, time to hear your inner voice, time to heal from hurt and pain, time to forgive self of mistakes and lastly time to see your eventual life successes.  For if we don't take the time to imagine our greatness how else will we manifest it.  I am a bit excited and scared at once, but you know what, that shows me I am alive and making progress.

Making use of tips
Below are mere blueprints for how you can set out your time this season to craft your own reality.  Listed are starting points, feel free to journal, blog, photograph, fellowship, and ponder on how any of these below will benefit you this Autumn.  Pick one from each list, more than one or even make your own list.  I hope this is a spring board for you and all of us to make magic beyond our dreams.  The more fulfilled and successful each one of us are measures how collectively we can move forward.

Autumn Concept - Evolution

Change is the ONLY constant

Am I the architect of my future, if so act like it

Kindly embrace nature 

Transformation takes me to higher lights and heights


Autumn Stone - Serpentine




Thinking transformation

Autumn Affirmation

Bless my every breath this season so
I exhale unwanted aspects of myself and 
I inhale beautiful breaths full of 
provocative and stimulating ideas,

I am open to whole wisdom and I surrender
my attachment to specific outcomes of any kind
in all realms of my life, I rather visualize peace
however it comes,

To change is to be alive and I 
joyfully, lovingly and excitedly embrace
the changes in me and the world around me




Sunday, August 18, 2013

Time to cut back in order to grow up!

Happy to be waxing
Been away taking time for myself, but I think it's befitting that this post, which speaks to the waxing moon time, follows a post that spoke about the waning moon time.  Waxing is one of my favorite concepts.  It's that upwardly mobile reaching of our goals.  We are not quite there, but we are so far from where we started, not to mention that the feeling can be exhilarating.

The lessons for us
This waxing phase is during the Capricorn time.  Capricorn, a sign often associated with leadership and grounded earthiness is also ruled by the archetypical teacher, Saturn.  Saturn pushes us to get work done, invest in our own legacies, and evaluate the lessons we need to learn or unlearn.  Not the most touchy, feely time, but a good time for doing personal work.  For that, we can all be thankful.

It's Spring again, well almost
Now, back to why I am ga-ga over this waxing moon time.  Well first when the moon is waxing is represents basically the Springtime of the entire cycle and we all know how gloriously invigorating and motivating Spring can be, true?  So combine that with the generally expansive and nurturing energy we can all harvest right now and what we have is an equation for success in the lives of all of us.  Waxing moon time affords us all a shot of goodness that we can use to manifest almost immediate results.  Those of us from that instant gratification era will appreciate this.

Open to more and more
My personal energies will be on increasing my acceptance of the abundance that is for me.  Abundance in the physical, spiritual, financial, creative, and psychic realms.  There is so much more for me and I now know that any blockages have been of my own making.  Although I am upon the full moon taking this time to be fixated on expanding my capacity to receive the abundance that is available to me is such a great step.  For all of you who may know me, new things are on my horizon and for that I am grateful.

Select your path
Below are waxing moon concepts with a bit of description and a couple of questions below that.  Please look to these concepts, make your own concepts that speak to your needs, whatever you do, take advantage of this time.

Mental Clarity

A clear mind is something most of us assume we have, but to truly obtain and maintain that clarity it has to be tested and retested often.

How clear is my mind at this very moment?

What are the ways that I can clear my mind?


Mojo Power

The word mojo is often misunderstood or just plain villified when in actuality it is the personal power we all can wield if we are aware.  

Am I aware of what my mojo is?

Do I know how to properly call upon and and use it responsibly?


Restorative Work

There are points in our lives when we must slow down, take time, and just rest.  Our culture may not support it, but for us to remain powerful we must acknowledge that simple fact.

Am I truly restored?

If I am depleted when/how will I take time to restore myself?


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Substitutes just won't do!

So much at once
In recent days so much has been thrust upon us, the summer season, a mercury retrograde, not to mention fantastical weather world wide.  So, here we sit at the last quarter of this lunar cycle trying to figure it all out, right?  Well, maybe, but maybe not.

Time to just let it go
The remainder of the lunar cycle is wrought with energy that is contracting, releasing and full of opportunities for all of us to truly LET GO, but will we?  I say let's try, what else have we got to lose.  Often over looked as insignificant because it is not the "out the gate" new moon or the "big and beautiful" full moon, Waning Moon time is truly a blessing.  In this post I will lay out some tools and information, be mindful and see what will help you discard.

Assertively knowing me
As of yesterday the half moon has waned it's way into Aries, a sign ruled by the planet Mars.  So first off everyone is thinking strength, fight, and aggression, yet few of us remember, Mars is also associated with cleansing towards self knowledge or that Mars' warrior path is rooted in courage.  And did you know that Mars can be about turning dreams into reality or self-direction?  Yes all of what Mars' potently strong energy brings can help us in these last days of this cycle.

Do we have what we want or what we don't want?
Now, on to these last few days.  I want to explore just a bit more how lucky we are to have this time.  As I stated above yes, this time allows us to let go, but of what? And why? Well, think of it like this; when we hold on to things too long we are substituting that which we want with that which we don't want.  I know, I didn't want to believe it myself, but it's true.  We are actively limiting our power, happiness, and life path.  So when looked at from this perspective, heck YEAH, we need to let go and with a real quickness.

Knowing it and doin' it
My personal energies this waning time is rooted in knowing my success is destined, it's just the valiant walk of my path that is ahead of me.  I have taken stock, know what I need to do and now is the time to just DO IT.  And this may not be a walk in the park, but I will be protected.  And along the way there could be tears, epiphanies and the like and it's okay, I must calm myself into this blessed journey.  I know I got this, just like you will too, once you have focused in on the path you are to take.

Below are possible works to take on during the waning moon.  Try these, think of others, but please make use of this wondrous power we have before us.

Create a Sacred Space

Clean and clear a special place in your home or work environment that will help you clear your mind. Decorate it with things that help you center and are near and dear to you.  Once this space is curated, be sure to keep any or all of the following there in order to always clear the energy of this space before you meditate, pray or do any work.

White Sage - Cleans and Resets Energy

Sweetgrass - Cleans and Brings Balance & Calm

Copal - Strengthens the Heart Center

Often times you can find all or a combination of these herbs in a smudge stick, which can be seen below.

Aura and Energy Cleansing

There area times when a quick reset of energy and your aura are needed.  In these times a spray or mist can be quite effective.  A spritz bottle (preferably not plastic) is all that is needed and using a few of the essential oils listed below are one way to cleanse our auras and energies. Or for the those that are so inclined boiling the herbs below and then diluting it to your specifications work.  Be sure to add a bit of rubbing alcohol to prevent rotting or mold.

Rosemary (Fire Element) - Release

Thyme (Air Element) - Purification

Sage ( Air Element) - Cleansing


Review your Ritual Process

In this last portion of this lunar cycle take the time to really know the process by which you find that still, quiet knowing.  To facilitate the process it can be beneficial to clean and clear space, begin or continue with a ritual journal (which I personally do and I can not tell you all how profound it is now to go back and read years ago what my thoughts and understandings where), and lastly and most importantly, be prepared to sit and ACCEPT.



Sunday, June 9, 2013

In the time of Geminis

A hearty hello
Welcome wonderful Gemini Lunar Cycle.  As I sit here I am automatically happier, more energized and overall amped about this coming cycle and it's just started.  Yesterday, almost 24 hours ago to the minute, the moon made her way into the next lunar cycle and what a cycle it is.

Two sides of Gemini
Gemini time is filled with the duality and air based leanings that the sign possesses, but more importantly it is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is a master that is unparalleled.  Mercury, who we know of because of its retrogrades and it's namesakes, is often misconstrued, to say the least.  A planet that is the heart of all types of communication, Mercury is also the epicenter of trickery and mischievousness, which leads to much frustration at times.  Being born a Virgo and having Mercury as my ruling planet also I have had to make amends with Mercury and try to see things from his point of view, if at all possible.  So we can harness mercurial energy it just forces us to find, hold to, and be about our Personal Center.

The act of being still
For me this cycle is going to be quite a departure for me cause the only action I will be using is to recognize and then accept.  Seemingly easy, well NOT.  My personality always pushes for more movement and progression and now in order to progress I must be on a more still-based track.  I am excited and a bit anxious at the same time, but I have ultimate faith -which by my definition is an verb, not a noun.

Tools for crafting
Below is a set of perspectives to help you craft your personal works during this Gemini Lunar Cycle.  Be bold with yourself, strive for that one thing you thought impossible for now is the time to pull out that second part of yourself you rarely see.  Now is the time of Gemini so all the ethers are with us.

Work in Gemini

New Ventures

Mental Wellness

Smooth Transitions

Herb/Flower Essences for Gemini Lunar Cycle


Azalea (Air Element) - Clarity

Clary Sage (Earth Element) - Retention

Valerian ( Earth Element) - Overcome Opposition

Gemini Lunar Cycle Concept - Balance through Harmony

Define Balance

True Knowledge of my Duality

No Good or Bad

Gemini Cycle Affirmation

I am committed to the work this cycle that will reveal

to me all of who I am at this current time,

I will recognize myself and accept all that I am 

without conditionals or hesitations,

This acceptance will allow me to manifest miracles

in my life like never before and I am truly ready