Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Inside the Silence

The dust is settling
As the leaves fall and the grey clouds come we must welcome, with open arms, Sister Winter. Although she's been here for a week I'm sure we are still getting used to her idiosyncratic ways.  I hope we all can stand and absorb all the blessings she can bestow upon us, IF we are ready.

Medicine that is unsaid
While winter is here I hope we are able to take advantage of the true medicine that can come from sitting in our own silences and hearing the messages spirit(s) have for us.  Let the barren branches of the trees make way for light and sight.  What has been thought of as a time of year for colds and sedentary lifestyles can be replaced by movement and activity. 

To accept and forgive
For me this winter is about self-forgiveness and acceptance of the transmutation that has already begun.  Since I can be one of my hardest critics I often forget how profound my impact is on my community, near and far.  Well this winter I stop all of that kind of thinking because my guides have given me such supportive care and compassion on this part of the journey, so who wants to challenge that.  Certainly not me.  I am working on self-forgiveness and acceptance from the inside out and the outside in.  My aim is high, but whatever heights I reach with this will be another step closer and for that I am willing to take the risk.

Choose your ways
I am sharing with you symbols, concepts and benchmarks for you to begin your winter journey.  And take your time, you have many more weeks to get to wherever you are going.  Along the way be honest and when you need help, ask for it. Being in need is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of true understanding of one's place.  Happy Journeying!!!

Winter Animal Totem - Snake

Focus - Dive Into The Snake's Mouth

Know I possess Fire Energy

Amalgamate the Female and Male

All life's poisons can be altered

 Winter Concept - Transmutation


Enter the West Lodge




Winter Mantra


In this chill I am clear and have clarity

*** Try saying the mantra to yourself 108 times at each sitting the mala above can be useful and meditative.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

The secret to change

Dawn of a full moon
Not sure you feel it but we in the midst of the Gemini Full Moon and like the duplicitous sign of Gemini there are high and low points for us.  The moon became full yesterday morning EST and now we have heightened power at our disposal. We will see the best results if we formalize our works during this full moon, so incense, a candle, writing materials, guidance cards, crystals, and even herbs are all in order.  The more ritualized your efforts the better.

Power of two
A Gemini Full Moon is quite a treat and coming at this time of the year is just fortuitous, an early holiday gift.  Gemini, the sign that represents new-ness, employment opportunities, and mental health, is ruled by my personal ruling planet Mercury.  Now, hold up. For those of us whose lives were rocked by that last retrograde know that this full moon energy is the other side of the coin.

Headed for a detour
Mercury gifts us constantly with the ability to journey, communicate, dance through our lives and see trickery ahead, but one of the most precious gifts is change.  This is that amazing time in our lives when we face a choice and we (and only we) can make the decision about doing something differently.  Dearest Mercury opens the way for us to accept, embrace and embark on that CHANGE.  Change is not easy. Change can be uncomfortable. Change is often the unknown.   But mostly, change is the best things that are yet to happen to us.  Say yes, know change is needed and make that change.

 Be-ing change
For me, my task during this Gemini Full Moon has been about and will be about just being.  I stand here in my power, wield it responsibly, and know that my medicine is for me first and foremost.  My change is about knowing all things around me that I adore, admire, and accept are all connected to me.  I challenge myself to erase the lines of separation and know deep down inside that I have access to ALL.

Only change changes
What do you need to change? Are you resisting certain changes? Do you need to review some lessons in order to truly change? Please ask away.  The more open you are to hearing the questions during this period the more potent and magical the outcomes.  Below are steps that can put you on that path, but stray from this, these are just tips, not rule.

Full Moon Goddess - Ishtar

Concept - Boundaries


Give of myself vs. Giving up myself

Stepping back is acceptable

Respecting my boundaries teaches others boundaries

Candle Power

During this Full Moon time it is powerful to burn candles to cement that which you are working towards.  Below is information on the candle color that can be associated with the properties of Mercury, the ruler of Gemini.  Find safe candles, burn them as long and as much as you like.  Fire is creation tool, use it to ignite yourself towards your goals this Full Moon. 



Mind Power

Change Manifestation

Mental Clarity

Personal Flexibility


Saturday, November 22, 2014

The "Wait for It" factor

Dawning of a new moon
This morning at approx 7:32am EST the moon entered the sign of Sagittarius and we have begun yet another lunar cycle.  So we all know what that means; RESET! We get a chance to do even more.  The new moon represents a time in the cycle when we are reflecting, setting intentions and beginning new endeavors.  Take full advantage of this time.  Slow it down, do less and listen more.   All of your guides have messages that you can really use this cycle, but at this, the starting point, we have to be open, be quiet, and be receptive.

The gift of being still
This Sagittarius cycle is cloaked in energy that on the surface seems to emulate Higher Guidance, Intuition, Travel, and Generosity. And yes, those things do exist, but with just a bit of probing we notice that Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which opens us up to an entire universe of possibilities.  Jupiter, the Ultimate Regal Father, lays at our feet an entire cauldron of blessings that all can manifest, if first we hear. One of the most important things Jupiter requires from us is patience.  All we need can and will be actualized if we can just sit still, know things are as they should be, and trust. In a world where millions of bits of information are sent in mere seconds little respect is still given to anything that takes time, even our personal evolutions.  So, this lunar cycle be a revolutionary, expand your
horizon (another gift from Jupiter) and simply be. Ask for openness and peace with being still.  Allow Jupiter to bless and surprise you. I am sure the results will be unforgettable. For all of my Sag friends this just amplifies the strides you all can take at this time, so make it happen!

I will take my seat
My personal path this cycle will be a challenge for I have some lifestyle changes that have to be made, but instead of "kirking" out I am going to use the Jupiter energy to fortify myself and revel in the stillness I am entering.  When all else fails for me this cycle (and with holidays and cold coming that is probably inevitable) I am going to be patient, stop all of my movement and just listen. 

Choose your course
Alright now here is where you get to be a part of this exchange.  What are you going to set as an intention? What things do you need or want to work on this cycle? Listed below are a mash up of concepts to spark you to think and begin the work.  Feel free to pass any or all of these along and if you feel so inspired to make these your own and change them, go right ahead, that's the idea.

Work in Jupiter


Righting Injustice

Broaden Horizons

Living Well

Blessings Bestowed

Sagittarius Lunar Cycle Concept - The Search

Hear the real messages
Take my quest up a notch

Be an adventurous Self Explorer

Am I allowing myself to be blessed

Patience is my best tool

Sagittarius Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences


Anise - Air Element - Purification

Hyssop - Earth Element - Creativity

Sage - Air Element - Wisdom

Sagittarius Lunar Cycle Affirmation

I step on my quest of self knowing that all is destined,

Every step has already been blessed and there is no place
for fear on this expedition,

In my times of doubt I will gravitate towards my patience and faith which are my greatest tools


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hearing the unspoken

The moon has moved
As the moon has moved out of fullness and is starting to contract, even if just slightly, the Waning Phase is upon us.  Now many of us loose our steam during this last phase. I guess we think it's not enough time or even that any work done now is not effective: WRONG. This time, waning, can have some of the most powerful results in all of a lunar phase.

Sign and planet
As we wane it is in Gemini.  When Gemini rules the skies, although we fashion it to be a "sprite" like time, the true ruler is the planet Mercury.  Yes, that's right Mercury, but not in retrograde, that's another kind of goodness.  Mercury the owner of communication, cross roads and transitions can be intense to wield sometimes, but it always keeps us on our toes, grants miracles unimagined and forces us to keep humor in our lives. So let's humorously talk about what this waning phase has for us.

Did you not hear that?
This phase I want us to think about intuitive communication.  What is it? How do we use it? Are we even using it correctly? And lastly, how can we wield it during this waning phase.  First off, I propose intuitive communication to be the hearing of things that are unspoken.  It is a knowing of sorts.  So how can that be used? Use intuitive communication to receive answers, messages, and information that will help you and subsequently others.  Whether or not it is being used correctly is for you to decide.  Ask yourself, am I receiving the messages and if so what am I doing with them? All answers to these are within you, trust you will know the answers to your own questions.  Wielding intuitive communication while in the waning phase is hinged around knowing how to truly be silent at this time in order to know what it is you need to release.  And sometimes how to release it.  This quick prescriptive like formula for using your intuitive communication is a test sample.  I am tasking you with figuring out what intuitive communication is for you and how you plan to use it to release anything that is unwanted.

Daily silence
My personal release will be around daily taking time to hear the messages for me, preferably early in the morning.  Then as I acquire  messages I have to trust in them and allow them to shift my life, right before my very eyes.  And most of this will be done in silence.  A tall order? Maybe, maybe not.  I look forward to the challenge to make this a daily ritual for this waning time and possibly beyond.

 What will you release?
Now how about you? What things will you use during this waning phase? Below are the ideas to use as a springboard from here to wherever you are going.  Take them, use them, change them.

Waning Moon Concept - Intuitive Communication 

Hear whispers and "Un"Verbal

Be open to day dreams and night dreams

Hear what is not spoken

Silence's messages

Waning Moon Affirmation

I joyously accept all of the messages that are for me,

I understand in releasing many gifts will come my way,

However I am rooted in knowing that being in silence 
is the key to receiving these gifts


Friday, October 31, 2014

Remove the veil

Today marks the day
Today marks two significant spiritual days.  During this, the Autumn season, our gratitude should be focused and articulated during the observances of Samhain (Gaelic) and Day of the Dead/Dia de Los Muertos (Mexican).  Although from different parts of the world and manifested in different ceremonies both are hinged on the exultation of our Ancestors.  If Ancestor Reverence is something new for you, hopefully this will provide some perspective.

Who are they
Ancestors are described by the dictionary as - a person, typically one more remote than a grandparent, from whom one is descended - I suggest we acknowledge ancestors beyond our DNA.  To me, Ancestors are anyone who has impacted our lives and made us strive to be a better self, a better wo/man, and a better member of the human family.  The lessons they taught us, the battles they waged on our behalf, the protection they so selfishly gave to us, and the sacrifices they made knowing they may not reap their rewards, these are our Ancestors.  So though memories of them could bring a tear to our eyes, let's see beyond that wall of emotion to see what gifts are waiting for us.

Take the next step
Below are messages that came from a meditation on ancestral reverence I did recently.  I boldly asked what path I should take this year and I am glad to share it with you all.  See these words as guidance towards your own understanding of your ancestors and the space they inhabit within your life.  I'm telling you, once you remove the veil and see the resource you have you may ask yourself why you waited so long to utilize the power :)

Ancestral Concept - See Beyond My Sight

Look past the Facade

The Truth is always there for me

Intuition is my greatest Ally

Step back to see clearly

Ideas to Connect to My Ancestors

Cook Ancestral/Traditional Foods
Food is an automatic trigger for place, time, person, and space. Bring about memories, lessons and understandings, through the food/time you spend thinking about that ancestor.

Look at old Photographs
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, look at your ancestors, see things in the photos you've never seen before. Or, see exactly what you saw before and maybe understand that image differently.

Talk with Others about My Ancestors
Don't be afraid to reach out to others who knew your Ancestors, whether they are related or not.  Ever heard the idiom "Talked You Up", it exists for a reason. 

Use Objects/Wear Clothing 
Often times the things our Ancestors used daily still hold many facets of them. Walk in their shoes, use their old wooden comb, or maybe read their favorite book. Their "stuff" still holds a small pieces of them.

Write Letters to My Ancestors
Though a dying art, writing is one of the most cathartic activities we have been blessed with as humans.  Write to an ancestor, let them know you are here.  You may be surprised at what happens next.  

Lastly, for all of us who have lost a loved one recently, I say Ase to the souls of the newest ancestors. They are with us, we just can't see them with us and that is the biggest challenge.



Sunday, October 12, 2014

The focus of Fall

Fall is here
As the days shorten and the nights grow longer all of us see the musings and machinations of Autumn.  I suggest we harbor this magical time of year that is like no other.  Although the sun shines brightly in summer, the sparseness of winter wonders, and the newness of spring is a spark, fall is a time of great harvest and therefore a space for us to leap forward more than any other time during our year, at least I think so :)

Resistance is futile
I have had some personal resistance to actually posting this time, but as usual great resistance is always due to a message that is so timely and needed.  So, to this fall I say to us all be open to the true harmony that is available.  Harmony? Balance? What am I speaking of, well, ponder on these following thoughts.

To be or not to be Harmony
Harmony has always seemed to me like that see saw fluctuation that could be swung in either direction at almost anytime.  I can't say I have been a real fan or a success at reaching it either.  I, like most of you, have felt like I was either doing too much or too little. Or perhaps you have had some major set back and thought, okay, after this it will all be good when I do ____.  Yeah, neither of these scenarios ever seem to equal harmony.  I could go on, but I think we all know what I am talking about.
True Harmony is...
After receiving this message back to back I realized spirit was speaking softly and starting to raise her voice.  So I acquiesced and began writing.  Harmony is a choice we make each and everyday.  At the core of Harmony is acceptance of self, at this exact moment.  Not tomorrow or when you are a certain size, or even when your bank account has a certain balance. Right now!  And when we embrace Harmony, truly and completely, we are taking many steps on our paths to greatness. 

There will be work
Now don't get it twisted, Harmony does require work and is an active concept, but for each of us that first baby step of saying "I am okay just as a I am" is huge. And just think if we possess this energy and go out into the world and spread it, what a difference we can make.  So, dust off that courage, love up on who you are, and spread those arms and hug (metaphorically and literally) yourself, cause that is what will truly bring Harmony actively into your daily life.

Tools for the journey
Below are just a few tools and entities to call upon during your walk this fall with Harmony, if you are moved to focus on other things, do just that.  I find it is helpful to have guides on any path we choose to take, these are the ones I will call upon, use this or others, but definitely give yourself signposts along the way.

Fall Animal Totem - Turtle
Concept - Mother Earth


Longevity and Grounding

My relationship with Time

Use my Head to redirect my Path

Attune to Opportunities

Acknowledge my Connection to all

Fall Goddess - Ostara 
Concept - Fertility


Lift myself with new intentions

Let the light into my Soul

Use flowers for Encouragement

Embrace power in my Inner & Outer worlds 

Begin Anew

Fall Affirmation

With self and guides I step on the path
and accept me just as I am
no change is necessary

The harmony I achieve drives me
to create a new beginning that
is full of positivity, light, and love

As I move this fall I know that
my success is destined, protected and totally 
up to me; I choose acceptance 
and so it is


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

When communication can be chaos

Fore warn is to fore arm right? A retrograde for the planet Mercury is upon us, our last of this year.  Please use this heads up in order to minimize the possible tail spin or should I say tail chasing that can ensue while the retrograde is strongest.

The planet mercury will goes into a retrograde period three times each year.  When this happens, all forms of communication are off kilter.  To say the least. snail mail, email, cell phone, home phone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well. 


For me, a person who's ruling planet is Mercury, I can only hope that my connection to the planet links me in ways that allow me to embrace it's energy, albeit contrary sometimes.  I will mark these dates and heed it's presence in my calendar year.  Hoping that you doing the same will glean some positively beautiful experiences.  

The retrogrades this year are three times the opportunity to show ourselves, ya know what, we can do this.  Even as that God of Communication does his usual trickery, we can move forward, albeit at a totally different speed.  Take a look below at the days and times when the retrograde turns and when it goes direct again.  Also be sure to notice the planets and remember retrogrades can be felt up to seven days before its onset and sometimes seven days after it goes direct.  Good Luck! We can do this!!!

Turns Retrograde    ← Mercury travels between

→    Turns Direct
February 6, 2014
21:43 GMT
4:43 PM EST
1:43 PM PST

18°10' ↔ 3°20'
Aquarius Pisces
February 28, 2014
14:00 GMT
  9:00 AM EST
  6:00 AM PST
June 7, 2014
11:56 GMT
7:56 AM EDT
4:56 AM PDT

24°23' ↔ 3°10'
Gemini Cancer
July 1, 2014
12:50 GMT
  8:50 AM EDT
  5:50 AM PDT
October 4, 2014
17:02 GMT
1:02 PM EDT
10:02 AM PDT

16°46' ↔ 2°19'
Libra Scorpio
October 25, 2014
19:16 GMT
  3:16 PM EDT
12:16 PM PDT

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A moon, a sign, and a planet all make it Super!

Supa Dupa Full
Just earlier today someone asked where was the moon and in what phase. I was happy to say it had just gone into Full Moon status, this afternoon.  And this isn't just any moon, this is another Super Moon.  Meaning the moon will seem larger and possibly closer to us and it's power will be even more prevalent in our lives.  So that means, forewarned is forearmed.  Now, onto where the planets are lined up during this Super Moon.

The age of...
The full moon this cycle is in Aquarius and although we have latent images of hippies, peace signs and lava lamps, this time is altogether something different.  The time of Aquarius can be marked by being open to remember dreams, pushing forward with all artistic endeavors, and possibly a heightened sense of idealism.  All of these pursuits can be fruitful, but I find that going to the source of the sign, it's ruling planet, makes for a much stronger outcome of works.  And so since Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, our focus may need to be things quite different.

Don't misunderstand
Uranus, often misunderstood or unknown can represent that ethereal Father Sky energy.  Look to this planet when uncovering origins of things, seeking to ignite your inventiveness, using electricity of any type, and revealing inner (self) mysteries.  See, don't get nervous, there is benevolence when work like this has to be done, we must open ourselves and know that the intentions we put forth will manifest.  That knowing, way deep down, is often times half the battle.

Just let it go
For me this full moon is about the ritual of letting go of unwanted anger and resentment towards others.  Although this work has been weeks in the making I still found myself in tears because I realized the amount of energy, time and personal resources I had used and how much more liberated I was about to become.  Well, that and the fact that I am grateful to be at this stage in my life, with these tools.

Your Full Moon practice
This full moon take advantage of that extra strong lunar force and burst through to heights you thought were just unreachable.  The questions below are just a starting point to other things you may need to find out about yourself from yourself.

Full Moon Questions

Do I understand Expansion and Creativity fully?
Have I remained open to new resources?
Is my "Spring Cleaning" complete and have I sealed it?
Do I need to complete any initiations or dedications?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Release in order to retain

And...we're back
Those 28 and a half days have slipped by and we find ourselves at the new moon, once again.  When the moon is dark or new it's the best time during the cycle to begin to set intentions and build towards our own successes.

The lion defined
This cycle, the Leo lunar cycle, represents recognition of all kinds, our public self (known or branded), and the use of control in our lives.  No matter how important all of these are the bigger impact of this lunar cycle is that Leo is ruled by the Sun and that's no small act to follow.

Gifts of the Sun
The Sun, although usually associated with illumination, also makes way for healing, protection of the self, the use of divination in our lives, and that wonderful gift: renewal.  So, hope these concepts have sparked you to really give it your ALL this lunar cycle.

Cut for more to grow
For me, this cycle is about some much needed cord cutting and cords, until very recently, I didn't even know were there.  So for me it's about daily setting the intention to release the cord and replace it with more life affirming energy.  My prayer is that this daily ritual sticks and becomes part of my personal rituals.  A girl's got to start somewhere, LOL.

Focus in order to soar
What's it going to be? Below are the areas that can sky rocket during new moon time, I suggest you start (if you haven't) already making those efforts on your behalf and for your behalf.  The only thing we have is ourselves and for this kind of work, that's all we need.

Work in the New Moon

Rest & Reflect


Quiet Time

Clearing & Removal

Breaking with the Past

Leo Lunar Cycle Herbs/Flower Essences


Acacia - Meditation

Orange -  Love

Tuberose - Centering

Leo Lunar Cycle Affirmation

I ask the Sun to help me recognize all the things 
I no longer need,

Give me the courage to actively purge & release 
all I have moved beyond,

All of this I do with great joy for love, compassion, 
& happiness are my destiny 


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Full Moons of 2014

Looking to align with and name the remaining full moons of this year? Well pictured above is a great visual with the full moons named out for us by the month.  I must say thank you to Helen Viksnins for this image.

For those of us on the East Coast of the U.S. how appropriate to call the July full moon "Thunder" since we have seen a lot of that this month.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fire finding in fullness
More is more
Alliteration aside.  There is much power upon us.  At approximately 10:24am this morning the moon went into fullness in Capricorn.  The really great news is that this full moon is considered a "Super Moon", meaning the moon is closer to us, appears to be larger and ultimately lays more lunar power at our feet.  Are you down to explore what more power can do? I am. We have hit that time of this Cancer lunar cycle known as Full Moon time and frankly it should be our peak.  Below are a set of questions to ask yourself during this time.  Just try them and be open to the answers. I am not suggesting you ask all of these at once, but at least take one or two to really think about over the next day or so.  

Full moon Questions
  1. Am I creating the life I want?
  2. Is my attraction of love, prosperity and long term goal achievement where it should be?
  3. Which archetype am I aligning with and why?
  4. Am I where I should be on my spirit path

Learn by teaching
This particular full moon is in Capricorn, the sign known for cleansing, limiting and most importantly karmic work.  But, all of these things are overshadowed by the ruling planet, fair Saturn.  Saturn, the ultimate Life Coach/ Teacher, gives us lessons in two ways: the easy way or the hard way (usually we choose unconsciously).  Let's try focusing on either or all of the following: getting ourselves together, ancestral connections, or the gateway to life and death.  So, yeah these are not the easiest things to think about, but they are some of the best things to focus on when Saturn reigns supreme.

So very close to making it
To bring this all home, I had a very "come to Goddess" moment with myself this afternoon while meditating for this blog post.  My focus this Super Full Moon is to get over the last hump with regards to true self acceptance. And I am not just talking about surface self acceptance, but rather that deeper, pervasive acceptance that says no matter what "I am okay" just as I am. This has been a battle most of my life but I am SO CLOSE to winning and I want to exert the extra power of the full moon to create that reality for myself.  And you? Take the affirmation below as a starting point.  Make the most of this magical full moon time.

Full Moon Affirmation

I must know what motivates, inspires, and sparks my being,
I will use the full moon to question my passion, self, and drive

If I am not satisfied with where I am in life I must
use the fire inside me to cleanse, burn and re-emerge a new self

If I struggle I'll tap into my ancestors by seeing them through the flame of fire where the messages live for me



Monday, June 23, 2014

The season of the Sun is ready to shine!

As the sun shines on this beautiful Summer morning there is a well of gratitude I am carrying. I am carrying it for life this morning, for breath this morning, but most of all for the SUN.  Although our days are longer and our nights are shorter there is such a blessing in summertime and on these few paragraphs below I am hopeful I can express what I believe can be in store for us this summer.

The summer is a season ruled by the Sun, celestial body that is not planet nor moon but what it is something so significant that it totally colors our moods, attitudes and sometimes decisions. The true power of the Sun lies in it's ability to illuminate.  This illumination is not just of flowers, trees and plants, it all so brings light portions of ourselves we rarely, seldom or never see.  In this summer season I am asking us all to LET THE SUN SHINE IN.  And not just shine in on us but be a tool for healing and evolution for us.

The Sun will bring to the surface things we have never seen or didn't want to see.  It's kind of the ultimate flashlight we can use to peer into our souls.  So I think we can do this over the next some odd weeks, right? Perhaps what will be revealed may be uncomfortable or completely out of the blue, but just go with it for illumination has a way of buoying exactly what needs to see the light of day, even if we are totally unaware of it.

Always one to be the first to share here I will let you know I am working towards my relationship with change. It's something you have heard me say before, but this time I am letting go of my mind and allowing my heart and soul to wrestle to the ground how I truly view change. I intend to face any of my resistance, acknowledge it and then back up off of it.  Yes, the Sun may be a double edged sword, but when on a personal journey all knowledge is good knowledge.

Below are steps and suggestions of how and where to begin your journey to illumination this summer.  Please be as expansive or myopic as you need to be and feel free to use this pass to comment, question or share.  The more we share the more we all know.

Ideas to spark Self Illumination


Dream and Journal

Our dreams hold much power and information but by the time we are in the midst of our daily lives we forget.  I suggest you keep a journal on or near you at all times and just jot down images, people, thoughts or impressions. This can be either during the day or night because daydreams are just as powerful a nighttime dreaming

Old Photographs

A picture is worth at least a thousand words, so look at old photos of yourself, family, and friends, see if you can transport yourself back to that very moment. What were your thoughts? Was there anything lingering? Does the photo bring to mind an emotion? Whatever it is sit with it and let the sun do the work.

A letter to Yourself

Letters are an amazing spiritual tool, they help you iterate what it is that is on the inside.  Now when you turn that tool on yourself and focus on a younger version of you, the results are astounding.  I say take a stab at it and see where it leads you. Most of all don't attach any outcome to it, just be open.

Observe a Fear 

Yes our fears are there, but we can face them. This task is a bit more difficult because it calls for objectivity, which when is near is hard to exert.  When you have a fear that comes up, try to step back and identify the real root cause of it. Once that cause is there ask where it came from and when it began.  An inquiry into the origination of the fear is a step in the direction of letting go of that fear.

Summer Colors

Lavender - Awareness, Abundance

Orange - Encouraging, Identity

Turquoise - Uplifting, Self Attuning 

Summer Herb/Essences


Honey (Earth Element) - Balance

Marigold (Fire Element)  - Renewal

Rosewood (Water Element) - Connect to Higher Energies

Summer Affirmation

In this season of the sun I take up the charge of 
illuminating my past so I can truly know,

This knowing is purposeful, full of self acknowledgement and
eventual LETTING GO,

In the moments of challenge I hold to the love, protection, joy
and ancestors that constantly surround and support my success,

This summer of shining my light is here and I am grateful
and ready to SHINE!

With Sun and Joy,


Monday, April 28, 2014

Dare to DO IT!

That's right. The twelve simple letters in the image beside this text is easy to understand, but much more difficult to absorb, emit and put into every action we take.  Appreciation, gratitude, thankfulness, awareness of what we have and grateful for it.  All of those and some more.  Do we have it? Do we show it? Have we checked it lately?

Why ask about it now, well why not.  We have before us over the next few hours some strong cosmic assistance to take our knowledge of and expression of appreciation to many next levels.  At approximately 2:04am EST the Annular Solar Eclipse occurs and then right after that at 2:14am EST the moon moves into the sign of Taurus, thus beginning another Lunar Cycle. 

When an eclipse occurs there is perfect alignment between the Sun, Moon, and Earth. In a solar eclipse the Moon falls in line between the Earth and the Sun and is a good time to focus on material circumstances such as location changes, self identity, or personal power.  Eclipses are gateways for great change and it's a time to use energy to discover the root causes of who we are.

Directly following the intense gateway of the Solar Eclipse is the New Moon in Taurus, one of the most benevolent of signs.  Taurus, often liked to the stubborn bull is anything but that.  In the time of Taurus much is being guided by its ruling planet Venus.  Venus, the planet of love, seeks to unite opposing portions of who we are.  Other domains ruled by Venus are love magic and manifesting the abstract into reality.  Definitely a planet that would look fondly upon our taking up the mantle of appreciation.

My personal focus during this blessed time is to boldly appreciate who and what I am, right now.  Not like I used to be years ago or what I may be in a few months.  I am focused on appreciating me and my blessings HERE AND NOW. And I have also begun to process exactly what appreciate means, to increase in value, and apply that to me.  I am only going to receive more good if I know and am grateful for the good I have before me.  Simple? Maybe, maybe not. I know I am so excited about embarking on this cycle of appreciation.

So I showed you my hand.  Now begin to build your hand.  Figure out how you will utilize the Solar Eclipse and this Taurus New Moon to your benefit and all the while be appreciative for what and who you have become.  Below are nudges in a direction, feel free to go another route or veer off, most importantly set your intention for this New Moon and watch it unfold before your very eyes.

Work in Sign of Taurus




Taurus Lunar Cycle Concept - Appreciation

Increase my Awareness of my Blessings

Love Completely and Fully

All things are Healed by Love of Self and Others

Taurus Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences


Amber - Attraction

Cherry Blossom - Balance

Violet - Reuniting

Taurus Lunar Cycle Stone - Emerald


Heart Opening




Taurus Lunar Cycle Affirmation

Today I boldly leap into my NOW knowing that all I need is already there,

As I open my eyes to the blessings that I have I will also be open to positive things about myself that were once hidden,

My value of myself, who I am and what I am worth will only appreciate this cycle, knowing the more I uplift these things the more goodness will come my way