Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do it because there is love

This waning time finds us close to retrogrades (mercury and mars), a solstice, and the oncoming holiday seasons worldwide. So, what shall we do with all of this shifting? Well, with a Libra influence, which is Venus ruled, I say love it, love it all. That's right, take the good with the bad with indifferent. Mix it all up, throw away that which you do not need. Remember, waning time of the moon phase is for reflecting on what work has been done this cycle as well as releasing that which is no longer for us. And I must say, Venus type energy during releasing is a good omen. It does not mean that it will be all cute and cuddly, all day long, but it does set the stage for us to receive nurturing, support and an overall feeling of love during this process. We just have to be quick enough to tap that energy when in need.

As I skirt my way to the next new moon I am going to do all that I can to preserve my artistic vision. During those times when I am the most unsure of my art, its direction, and my role in it, I will sit still, know that Venus is love and say, YES IT IS. Without doubt my artistic path is there with purpose, I must walk it no matter how I feel at each moment. Having said all of this I know I am invoking in the universe a certain type of energy and I ask for your help in staying rooted in this fact.

Below are the Past, Present, and Future messages that were shared to focus on and around, during this Libran Waning Moon time.

Libra Waning Moon Messages

Past Message

Expand my idea of art

Present Message
Decide what I allow to permeate

Future Messages
Protection is always here
Move forward without hesitation

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Twoness twixing and turning

This full moon time in Scorpio should feel strong, vibrant, and full of energy. Now the kind of energy that may be surging is totally up to each one of us. Think of the full moon as a midpoint yes, but also a time of quiet constitution building. The colors of her lunar energy are strong and potent and often times we allow that excess of energy to thrust us into egoic and emotion driven fits of passion, pleasure, anger, jealousy, and the like, but I propose, we feel the great surge and breathe in its power to savor it for a time when we feel we have nothing left. It is then that we can benefit from this reserve of power we have built. Construct change, maybe, but things are different only when we say they are different, so say it's different and it is.

Now, I also want to recognize the Gemini sign that this Full Moon falls in, a sign that is quite dichotomous in nature. The surprise of never knowing which side of Gemini is the negative, but also the positive. There is balance to be made this Full Moon, let us grant it to ourselves. And please make no mistake, I am aware that this entire Scorpio cycle is ruled by energy that is strong, deep and often times submerging. Fit all things together, the power of the Full Moon, the beauty of the balance that Gemini can bring to us, and the wave of power Scorpio offers to us.

My personal pilgrimage from this Full Moon to the Winter Solstice is one of Blessing My Space; My Body, that is. I am seeking to transform what I think and how I respond to my body as a space that houses my soul. If I were to see her as a domicile or a structure, how would I clean, adorn, treat, and revere her. Only with this shift of thought will I move closer to some of my spiritual aspirations, which by the way are directly related to the treatment of my personal temple.

Full Moon areas to tap with this heightened energy

Full Moon Work

Love, Attraction, Passion


Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Gemini Flower/Herb Essences
Anise-Harmony and Balance



Gemini Full Moon Messages

North Message
Art is waiting for me

South Messages
Meditate, then meditate some more
My questions and answers are in stillness

East Message
Do what I never thought I could

West Messages
Know my foundation
Explore my definition of independence

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A cycle, re-cycle, or no cycle?

In these chilling autumn days, take the time to truly appreciate the lessons we can all learn from nature. On a recent drive through the park I was humbled at the beauty, the continuity, the insistence of cycling. Nothing grandiose or brazen, just plain and simple; its time. During this Scorpio Lunar Cycle that is upon us, ruled by the mystical powers of Pluto, use our energies to think of ourselves as the proverbial leaf, waiting, entering, or leaving that eventual cycle that goes from bud on a branch, to delectably green shaped vegetation, to boldly Fall color, and finally a decomposed and reusable portion of the earth. As we know Pluto is a planet full of power and mystery, but let’s de-mystify for ourselves. Decide where you are at? Do you need to change to another spot on the branch? Do you need to maybe sit this cycle of growth out for transmutative work, another gift Pluto offers, transmutation that is.

We couldn’t ask for a better set of circumstances, the beginning of a lunar cycle, the ability to question our personal cycle, and the beauty of fall’s foliage to remind us daily of the cycles all around us. My own focus this cycle will be on clearing for what is to come, physically, spiritually, Goddess-ly. I have a feeling big things will be expected of me soon and well, I must be ready when the shining light comes. In order to do that, my *ish needs to be in order. So my intent this cycle is to clear, whether that means fasting, giving things away, or deep replenishing breaths. To all, I must clear.

Below are areas to consider to work towards in this Scorpio lunar cycle which is ultimately ruled by Pluto....

Work in Pluto

Clearing for a new cycle

Forces of destiny


Flower/Herb Essences




Scorpio Lunar Cycle Animal Totem

Beaver-The Dream Builder

Act on my dreams to make them reality

Do not neglect my dental care

Teamwork as a concept

Dreams are easier to build with a team helping

Scorpio Lunar Cycle Messages

North Messages

Be true to my desires

Allow for explosive changes

South Message

Keep an out of the box perspective

East Messages

The young are the way, the truth, and the light

Helping children, helps me

West Messages

Time is right on time

Do everything with ease

Friday, September 18, 2009

The bounty of beauty beseiges us

As we move along into another cycle, this New Lunar cycle in Libra and ruled by sweet Venus is bountiful in every way possible. First off, we are at another beginning, the new moon. We get to set intentions, work on our goal setting and get a DO OVER. So, what better time for DO OVER's than during a period ruled by Venus, a planet known for her sweetness, her pleasure, her sheer joy. So be sure to gently harness this positively forward thinking energy and move forward, whether it be by baby steps or giant leaps.

Another reason to see the beauty in bounty is we are almost at the time of autumn and harvest, a time on the planet that is marked by many festivals, celebrations, and customs that say thank you for the things that have sustained us this far in the year. So, yet again another truly powerful demarcated opportunity to lay it on the line for yourself. What will be reaped; what should stay in the ground for one more lunar cycle; what may need to be focused on by another incarnation of yourself? Decide, delve, and delineate.

My new moon intention is asking myself to look for only things that will help elevate my recognition and upliftment of beauty's bounty in my life. What are the things that make my journey beautiful, from the inside out? Also, what are things that are unrelated to that bounty I am tapping? In essence...take stock of bounty supporters and bouny detractors and rectify anything that is out of balance. It's just that plain and simpe.

During this new moon, take a look at the following domains that may help you develop areas to focus on during this Libran Lunar Cycle.

New Moon Foci




Radical Severance

Flower/Essences for the Libra Lunar Cyle




Libra Lunar Cycle Animal Totem-Lady Bug

Success and begin Anew

See things in the correct light

Symbol of metamorphosis and my place on that continuum

Libra Lunar Cycle Messages

North Messages

Love is naked, raw, and pure

Give energy to the unconditionality of love

South Message

Wholeheartedly have beliefs and support them

East Messages

Move forward in moments when I least expect I can

I have a distant archer's precision when I am locked on a goal

West Messages

My strength is a conjuring talisman

Know that strength is a source of happiness

Monday, September 14, 2009

...How does your garden grow???

A garden, a beautiful concept, but one that could not be any more complex and simple all at the same time. This Waning Moon is in Cancer which is ruled by sweet ole Mother Moon. And these two together with the waning focus has brought to me the message of check out my garden. What things do I need to remove from my own spiritual garden, my physical garden, my financial garden, etc? This time also brings to light my personal relationship with the sow/reap cycle that is in my life and in the life of every entity on this planet. On the heels of the coming equinox, it would only make sense to assess and decide what needs sowing and reaping. Keep in mind many of these things may be at different phases of that cycle.

So a tall order, maybe? But with Mother Moon alongside us, a planet that is all about children's welfare (us and others) and connection to cycles (sow/reap relationship), we can surely do some wonderful magic at this brief ending to the Virgo Cycle.

My garden has been blossoming quite beautifully over the summer, I have made many flowers and plants spring up that have not been receiving sunshine in years. Now, what I must stay diligent about is seeing the entire garden, not just specific plants. Yes this is all metaphoric language, but never truer words have I uttered. So my focus for the remainder of this Waning Moon is to see the entire garden and trim, water, weed, breathe, and plant. And if this is all done in peace because even knowing that I have a garden and I can tend to it is nothing but a blessing.

Waning Moon Foci


Making space in the Garden

As for the Waning Moon I have decided once again to pull based on Past, Present, Future messages that are needed. See them as a continuum all converging at once.

Past, Present, Future Messages

Past Messages-Peace

I must access peace, especialy when stressors are rampant

Allow no one, even me to disconnect me from peace

Present Messages-Infinite Supply

Everyday of my life there is supply

See on the supply

Future Messages-The Arts

My art is an extension of the creative Mother and Father

As I move, do, and create I am being a conduit

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Drawing nearer to myself by choice or force...

Well time does fly, when we are fully engaged and over the past ten weeks Engaged has been my middle name. I have to say it is mid point, I do believe, in this the Lunar year of the Bull. How does it feel? What goals have been met? What goals have been scraped? And yes, what other goals have come up? This checking in point should be one of reflection, appreciation and joy. We are farther along than we were when we started.

I hope this summertime sunshine has been good to us all. I bring news of a new lunar cycle, Virgo. A bolstering full moon, in Pisces. And, a planetary retrograde, dear old Mercury. Let's see if I can spell out some of this in a way we all can use. I say hello, finally, to the vivaciously vibrant Virgo Lunar Cycle. Ruled by Mercury, this cycle has been and will be about friendships, putting things in order, and quite frankly, invoking that teenager like energy that just gets stuff done. Now remember, this energy is all relative, so no going overboard, but remind yourself you can do anything, like stay up all night and then go to class in the morning. LOL...Use the young, take no prisoner vibrations that we all can pull on to make the impossible possible.

Being a Mercurial daughter let me spell out what I know the retrograde to mean. Well all forms of communication (what Mercury rules) are going to be off kilter. To say the least! Snail mail, email, cell fone, home fone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well. We can not put life off during the retrogrades, but forewarning will help us navigate through it. My wish for us all is that we are aware of the retrograde and slide through it like we are successfully playing the retro video game TRON.

During full moon time we find ourselves also at a turning point, but only in this cycle. And this full moon will mean some deep seated thoughts and deeds for us because Pisces is ruled by the deep diving Neptune. Yes, not the fuzzy, lovely kind of energy, but energy that will definitely make us sit up and take notice as well as make sure the lessons we will learn during this time will be the last time we learn those lessons. In particular the following domains are excellent endeavors during this Pisces Full Moon.

Work in the Pisces Full Moon

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance and Prosperity

Blessing of Space

Inner Awakenings
Courage of Heart

Virgo Lunar Cycle Animal Totem-Bee

Fertility and Sexuality

Energies of the Sun

Are you making time to savor the honey of life?

Accomplishing the impossible

Full Moon in Pisces Messages

North Message
Love shared long ago brings lessons even now

South Message
Healing children will heal me

East Message
All I need is love and compassion, everything I need is love and compassion

West Message
Move my body and my soul will follow

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mother Moon, May I....

Welcome again the time of Mother Moon. We are now enveloped in this Cancerian Lunar Cycle. What just peaked upon us earlier this week has already brought about such powerful wells of emotion, of all kinds. Do not take lightly the salient savory energy that we all have at our feet.

The Moon, which rules Cancer, is our mother, is the amalgamation of the feminine, is the holder of many truths for us. We, all of us, must strive to access that place of truth, of empowerment, of simply put, LOVE. Cancer time is for many things, but think about yielding long term rewards or supportive and nurturing love work. Moon time is not for the quick or the dirty. This time should be for steadfast, honest, inspiring works.

For this entire cycle I am putting me first and checking myself in every way possible, for I must take advantage of the healing for my internal that can be done at this time. So, might not be as "on the scene" as I usually am because I am taking time for me. And even in the mist of situations, I will take time, breathe, think about what I want and proceed from there. Rather than irrational explosions, I will allow that inner Moon Goddess to alert me to the next steps.

Now, what's your focus for this Cancer Lunar Cycle?

Work in the Moon

Inner Healing

Welfare of Children

Connection to cycles

Casting off illusions

Flower/Herb Essences for the Cancer Lunar Cycle



Water Lily

Cancer Lunar Cycle Animal Tote-Bat
Face fears and prepare for change

Even with transitions flight is possible

Listen to what is not being said

Cancer Lunar Messages

North Messages
All that I want is upon me
The universe delivers what I accept

South Message
Cleanse my mind

East Messages
Release my brightness
Success is my friend

West Messages
Love is me
Know that I can have all I desire

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Welcome Father Sun and Summertime!!!!

I hope you feel the energy shift that is occurring. We are at the seasons transition. We have left the newness, popping, and crispness of Spring. We are now headed straight towards the Sun and joys, gifts, and blessings that he will bring. The Summer Solstice is upon us, let us briefly concentrate on what it is and what an opportunity it can be for us all.

Technically, the Solstice is the longest day of the year when the time between sunrise and sunset is at its maximum. For those of us in the northern hemisphere this also represents the first day of summer, a time that is appropriate for purification, renewal of the self, a release of sadness, fears and pains from your life. Basically, we are blessed with a moment to renew.

Now, as beautiful a gift as the Solstice is, it will go unmarked, unimportant, and undefined if we let it pass with out taking a moment to stop, think about where we are, what we want and how we can harness this superbly solar energy.

Below are some domains that the SUN rules

Drive away Inner Darkness

Face Issues of Inner Uncertainty

Attraction, Renewal, Success

Use this extra light to bask in the sun, be happy, smile more, and just know that no matter what you may be experiencing at this very moment, the universe is handing you and all of us, a boon in the way of this solstice. DO NOT waste, minimize or squander this opportunity, this one only comes once during the lunar year.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

All that energy comes down to just me...

That intense feeling you have had that has been lingering is not a fluke nor is it anything to fear. It is the building and peaking of Mother Moon. We have come to the Full Moon phase again. And what a beautiful experience it should be for us all this time. As we make our way to the midpoint of this Gemini Lunar Cycle, we must pause to recognize the royalty, omnipotence, and force of this Sagittarius Full Moon. And since Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the regal theme is throughout this full moon. Know that balancing solutions, purification, abundance, and broadening our vision are all available to us at this very moment.

Another key point to take in mind when working at the Full Moon is the opportunity to invoke that Mother Archetype energy. Seek to work on things that develop that side of ourselves that is nurturing, powerful, giving, and receptive. All that we as people associate with the Mother figure, let that same energy be harvested in our thoughts, practices, acts, and understandings at this moment.

For me, this intense period will be centered around my understanding of purification, its role, its shape, and its presence in my life. As I continue on my quest for equanimity this lunar cycle, I want to see my purification path as one that at once challenges, grows, and soothes me. Normally those may be tall orders, but in this particular phase of the moon, all realities are possible for me.

Below are some domains that can be tapped during the Full Moon.

Work during the Full Moon

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance and Prosperity

Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Herb/Flower Essences for Sagittarius Full Moon




Sagittarius Full Moon Messages

North Messages
My boundaries serve me and others equally

South Messages
Answers are always within
Be secure in my knowing
All situations need to be permeated and penetrated by my inner knowing

East Messages
Detoxification and cleansing moves me forward
Take the divine's hand and step steadily

West Messages
The journey is significant, beautiful, and necessary
Rush not the lessons

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Two becomes one, and one becomes equal?

We have made it full circle, back to the beginning of a new lunar cycle. This New Moon is pregnant with possibility. New Moon time is ripe for setting things into motion. Gather your thoughts and give them to the universe, but be sure to let go and experience, it ALL. This lunar cycle finds us in the dichotomously divine Gemini. Now, while a many frown upon the thought of two personalities, sharing the same energy, I say to all of us, let us have gratitude for energy such as Gemini. Without it we would not have that talkative, witty, social portion of ourselves that the public loves. Gemini is a good time to invoke new employment as well as new endeavors. Ruled by the always surprising Mercury, Gemini is definitely a time for expecting the unexpected.

So...set your intentions. Do the work that needs to be done, but then allow Gemini to work its magic of, BAM, here is what you have been waiting for all your life. It really is just that easy.

My walk over the next cycle will be around the concept equanimity as it pertains to detachment. Can I truly appreciate all that is yin and yang, positive and negative, masculine and feminine and detach? I charge myself to experience life, see it in vibrantly bright colors and not be swayed one way or another, but rather digest the lessons and move forward. Sounds like a piece of cake right? I will be checking in. Luckily, Mercury is due to go direct next weekend, so my self communication should be up and running at its optimum real soon.

Work in Gemini

New Endeavors

Dual Nature/Duality

Mental Health

Flower/Herb Essences

Sweet Orange (Sensuality)

Mandrake (Control of Spiritual Energies)

Peppermint (Clarity)

Gemini Lunar Animal-Beaver

Breath control for optimal health

Opportunity, action and construction of my dreams

Does my home need repair (of any kind)

Gemini Cycle Messages

North Messages
Inner divinity must be appreciated
Wake up my care of myself

South Messages
I am open to receive ALL

East Messages
Know what my soul wants
I must be ignited about my desires

West Messages
My body is an ever changing cycle
All cycles are to be honored

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm coming the finish line....Oh snap...bout to enter another race!!!

Welcome to the culmination of what has been an amazing surge of energy, power, and lessons learned. And what better closer of this cycle than the ever instructive sign of Capricorn, ruled by that surreal Saturn, the teacher of all teachers. The waning moon phase can be marked by many perspectives, but I choose to look at the waning moon as the last gift the universe is granting us. Didn’t get it the first three segments, well here....take this...and be pleasantly surprised, mystified, and overjoyed. Closings of cycles are the best time to show gratitude, because guess what, I made it, you made it, we all made it. And...guess what else....we are beginning the journey again. Aren’t we just the most charged individuals on the planet, at this moment? Mother Moon contracts, think if this as the laboring period of this cycle and what lays ahead is the birth of a new us. Laboring in a Capricorn state allows some extra gifts, like a time to work on righting things in our lives through karma, cleansing, and perhaps breaking negative chains, but this sign is motivated by the great planet Saturn, who is a world all unto its self. Go on ahead with our bad selves. We are doing it because of the challenges, obstacles, and difficulties we have. Be okay with not getting it right, but rather getting it.

My focus this final phase will be to break old habits. Gone is the young girl unsure of what she knows. Here to say in the Goddess Woman-type who is bent on being exactly who she is to be in this lifetime, which means I can not, will not, and should not hold onto things that are of no use to me. Will I succeed at this? Yes! Will there be deviations of the path that I think now? Yes, most certainly! Am I infectious enough to spread this around? I sure believe so!!!

Below are a few of the areas to think about that Capricorn can truly exalt for you during this waning phase of the moon.

Work in Capricorn


Negative Habit Breaking

Karmic Magic


Waning Moon Messages

Love is a constant
See the gift that love offers

Metamorphosize my way
Respect all phases

Be more aware of everything around me

Know the beauty in single perseverance
I must know I can make, first and foremost

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Bull, A retrograde, and the potential for many things...

As we pass on to another point in this ever gifting Taurus Lunar journey, we make a stop at a Full Moon. A Full Moon is a peak time to work power, and not power in an external sense, but power internally, a place we shy away from for various reasons. Full Moons can be seen as Ripeness. During Full Moons there is increase in all sorts of energies and things occurring. We have often heard folklore tell of the “wildness” of Full Moons, well I propose it is the climaxing of the cycle, so get ready....

This full moon has the pleasure of falling at the beginning of the retrograde for mercury, the first in this lunar year.
All forms of communication are going to be off kilter. To say the least! Snail mail, email, cell fone, home fone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well. W can not put life off during the retrogrades, but forewarning will help ya navigate through it.

This Full Moon is ruled by Scorpio, a sign that can present itself in very diverse ways. There may be an urge to go to a place of passion, whether that be anger, love, lust or confusion. Another urge could be subtlety, maybe we need to be more sedate and behind the scenes. Or even still, we may want to really consider severance work. Who or what is in our life that we need a clean break from, hell, it might be a part of yourself you have no more need for. Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet, is one of Transmutation, Transformation and Reconstruction. So get ready for energy to move you in one direction or another. And please, do not think you can sit this one out. If you do not actively move in a direction you choose, believe me, you will be moved and maybe to a place you weren’t quite ready to visit.

A few things that might glean themselves when approached during the full moon are the following:

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance and Prosperity

Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Flower/Herb Essences for Scorpio Full Moon

Frankincense (Protection)

Myrrh (Transformation)

Sandalwood (Spirituality)

Messages for the Full Moon

North Messages
A shift at home is a necessary positive, accept it

South Messages
Know my power that I channel

East Messages
Know my desires
Access divine flight

West Messages
Have a mark
I need to be unwavering

Monday, May 4, 2009

Roaring into the light!

This Waxing phase is marked by the sign Leo, which is the satiated servant of the Sun. This roaring Leo time of recognition, glory, and performance also has another side, control and defense. In this building portion of this entire Taurus Lunar cycle, use this Sun and all his powerful gifts he offers to continue towards your intended goal.

The Sun is a sheer representation of light and truth. Request either or both for yourself and your world. Knowing, that light and truth is not always going to be equal to our expectation. The beauty of the Sun is that he shows things as they are, not as we think or want them to be. I would say brace yourself, however those of us thus far on the journey already know that blessings come in all shapes and sizes. Lastly, this waxing time is a time of short term objectives, do not begin to rearrange the whole show, just illuminate and tweek what is necessary.

Try some of these domains for your SUN work in this bubbling phase of waxing

Work in the Sun

Discard doubt, sickness, or negativity


Attraction, Renewal, Success

Belly (Second) Chakra Energy

For this portion of the cycle I am focused on my patience with knowing my clear understanding of purification and its role in my life. I not only want to purify, but really how do I use this process to bring me to another level of understanding and action. Because you know knowledge without movement is what?? Useless...

The messages below represent a past, present, future pull, bringing messages to us from all corners of the continuum, decipher their meaning for you as separate points or the entire spectrum.

Waxing Phase in Leo Messages

Past Messages

I am my answers

Believe my intution

Present Messages

Allow my evolution to unfold

Future Messages

Take time to rest, regularly

Renewal brings great rewards

Friday, April 24, 2009

Taking the Bull by her Horns....

This entering Lunar Cycle is setting its self up to be just about as powerful as they come. Let me set out the players and show you the endless possibilities. This Taurean (Taurus, the Bull) Lunar Cycle is of course ruled by the always love filled planet Venus, but to add to that let us remember that this Chinese Astro Year is the Year of the Bull (my year, YAH!!!), which is also twice as potent during this cycle. This year of the Bull is marked by leadership, strong ability to get things done, protection, reliability and never losing sight of a goal and the ability to be introspective even in crowds. So pay attention to all of those things, even if that isn’t you or at least you right now. The appearance of any of those or other Bull like qualities are all right on time.

Now, you are armed with those things and then we have VENUS. She is a loving, gracious giver who is really all about love. Love of self, love of others, love of nature, love of the entirety of who we are. Be open to fostering a love you have forgot. Love something or someone you thought you never would. Love that part of your self that makes you cringe when you think of it. And we are in that new moon portion of this cycle so be attentive to the beginnings of things. Allow yourself to create what your loving reality will be for this cycle, keeping in mind the tides of Taurus that will be twice as nice. Bull energy is here, you might as well benefit from it rather than be trampled by it.

For me, I am elated, because although this is my year, this is also my month, TO SHINE!!!! I am grounding myself in the love that I am, the love that I have, and the love that I am totally worthy of. With this extra dash of Bull this cycle I will not lose sight of this goal, something I gladly accept as a gift from the Chinese Zodiac reality. Hold me to this, because now that I have put this out there, yall know its gonna come right, left and center and challenge me, I am up to it because I have all of you.

Below are all the possibilities for this Taurus Lunar Cycle

Bull Energy

Born leader and possessing an innate ability to achieve great things

Never lose sight of their goal

Become introverted in a crowd

Protective and always reliable

Work in Venus

Unifying heart and Creativity

Fertility/Bounty of Projects

Creator Energy

Overturning unworthiness and inability

New Moon Concentrations




Radical Severance

Flower/Herb Essences for the Taurus Cycle



Ylang Ylang

New Moon Messages

Miracles occur when I expect them

Know my intentions
Setting intentions is my magic

My power place is me
Adorn my altars and power places

Only allow natural surroundings
Keep beautiful people and experiences around me

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My closing everything!!!!

Ahhhh!!! As we are bringing our first spring lunar cycle to a close, I propose we begin to look at the waning portion of a lunar phase as great saged time. We have put out our intentions, we have seen its growth, now, we must ruminate on what has been hidden. Alright light-bringers, we have to bring it. And mostly to ourselves. As we enter the last phase of the Waning in this Aries Lunar Cycle, let us be thankful and open to all the wisdom we have collected over the past few weeks or millennia, whichever you prefer to tap.

This Waning Phase is in Pisces which is ruled by none other than Neptune, that vast, watery knowledge of all things. I say to us all, seek out that which is hidden. Ask ourselves why we have choosen to hide or avoid certain truths about ourselves, others and the universe. See that which is always there.

Personally for me this waning time is marked with quietness, introspective journeying, and listening. There are many lessons for me in this time of the cycle. I look forward to the epiphanies big and small, learned and re-learned, and obvious and unexpected. I say to all, be the seer of things unseen.

Below are domains ruled by Neptune.

Work in Neptune

Inner Psyche Development

Altered states

Deep Waters

Herbs/Flowers in Neptune

Dandelion Leaves (Psychic Powers)

Lemon Peel (Clarity)

Rosemary (Uplifting)

Waning Moon Messages

These messages manifest on a past, present, and future continuum, but definitely intersect at all turns.

Past Messages


Present Messages

Supply only exists when I know it is there
What I have today is what I need for tomorrow

Future Messages

Stillness brings gifts
Jewels are made in silence

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Abundance aspiring to be reality

This beautiful spring morning has been gifted to me as I sit mere meters from the lake that drenched and cleansed the city of New Orleans. Even now as I type I have tears in my eyes, mainly because I can feel the fullness of the moon and the blessings she has in store for me. The work is well worth it. It is all I can say, in brief form. This full moon is full of Love (which may explain the welling tears that almost just fell), since Libra (the sign of this full moon) is vivaciously ruled by Venus the Queen of Love, Beauty and Pleasure. So take this time to be open to all things that bring you pleasure. Venus is such a portal for us to re-connect with that wonderfully beautiful portion of our soul that is always there, no matter how much she may be shaded by our day to day existences.

Personally, I am looking to expand my capacity for abundance and the prosperity that follows it. I do possess the medicine to accept abundance, but when things begin to look bleak, I flinch, I will admit it. So now, I challenge myself to be steadfast, rooted, and an internal holder of the abundance that the universe has for me. I know I have the means to achieve this, I must put it out there and watch success unfold.

Full Moons are time that represent a mid point in the cycle. It is your time to take time to reflect on what has occurred and what will be the next moves you make. Below are some full moon domains, but as always explore where you are, what you want and what it will take, as a focus, to achieve that goal.

Work during the Full Moon

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance and Prosperity

Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Flower/Herbal Essences for Full Moon in Libra

Ylang Ylang



Libra Full Moon Messages

North-Earth Element
Force nothing...allow time to unfold

South-Fire Element
Faith in action is trust
Pause for the answers

East-Air Element
Believe your feelings...they are reality

West-Water Element
The Earth is me and I am SHE
See the planet as kinfolk

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bounce in my walk and SPRING in my STEP!!!

This initial lunar cycle of spring is such a gift to us all. With her she brings, fire magic, courage to build our dreams, and that base chakra passion energy. But most of all, she has brought me insight. That's right, insight. For it is just now that I have wrapped my pretty little mind around spring, the lunar year and why I am eternally in love with this season. You see, spring is the Waxing Phase of the year. So, yes, many of us have trudged out of winter feeling a little groggy and sluggish, but our universal mother has a gift for us, SPRING!!!! And this here spring, comes with a rush of power.

This power is fostered by none other than Mars as it is the puppeteer behind the sign Aries. This cycle is a time to truly know your power and feel comfortable enough to wield it, mostly on yourself. Think self-direction, think creation (sometimes manifesting as sexual) energy, and of course think warrior. But warrior as never before. Be the protection and service that you seek. Push through all of the muck and dare to dream the most fantastic dream. Then, sit back and calmly watch it unfold. This time, the Aries Lunar Cycle is ours for the taking. All we have to do is want it. Truly want it and know you are worth it.

Below are a few areas that you may want to explore during this Aries Lunar Cycle.

Passion to Achieve Goals

Power to Build Dreams

Breaking Barriers

Flower/Essences for the Aries Lunar Cycle

Patchouli (Passion)

Rose (Transformation)

Tamarind (Love)

Aries Lunar Cycle Messages

Waste not my energy, protection is all around me
I am protected and served

I walk alone comfortably
Use independence as a foundation, not a destination

Release all that is not for me
Ask myself "Am I blocking the coming?"

The universe knows my desires before I do
Calls have been answered, LISTEN!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dive into the place of power pinnacle

I welcome the power and possibility of the Piscean lunar cycle. We are on the brink of a great time in the lunar year. For Pisces represent the totality of all of the signs. So think about that. This cycle for us can be a barrage of experiences, moments of great lucidity, and a host of aha times. Yet, there is one catch, isn’t it always though. Since Pisces is ruled by the fare ruler Neptune, this is not child’s play. We will all have to have our evolved game faces on and ready for challenges as they come. Neptune’s energy is that type that will uncover the covered, illuminate the darkened, and suggest all types of spiritual leaps and bounds. As much of an obstacle jump as it may seem, it is a time of great blessings for those willing to go along for the ride. So...take a deep breath....then plunge into this cycle that will be full of so much....for the entire planet.

My Neptunian journey this cycle will focus on a place I have been before, but never with this much understanding, focus, and perspective. As a woman I am ever in search of a peaceful and loving relationship with my body, one that is true, honest, loving and beautiful. So, this cycle my focus is on increasing the psychic power I have in order to deepen that bond with my body. And of course this will fall right in the mist of Women’s Herstory Month, which in and of itself is a series of activities for me that will ultimately help me address my cycle foci. Below are areas in Neptune to work on, or any other portions of yourself that needs to take center stage. Keep in mind we are in New Moon time.

Work in Neptune

Inner Psyche Development

Altered states

Deep Waters

Flower/Herb Essences




Pisces Lunar Animal-Owl

Feminine, Moon, & Night Energy

Hear what’s not being said

See the darkness of others souls

Opportune place and time (timing)

True strength is gentle

Pisces Lunar Cycle Messages

Home is shifting itself for the better
Change has come to your domicile

Never question if I know...I DO
I must trust Me

The earth is an extension of ME
Take responsibility for my environment (all of them)
Mother Earth needs me

Know my walk is protected
Fear not others
My power of protection is extended to those around me


Monday, February 9, 2009

Going within to make an appearance

Full Moon lunar eclipse is a perfect time to just dialogue with the inner self. Unlike the solar eclipse, the power of the moon naturally beckons us to make changes to our inner world, our emotions and our self state. Not only can you check in during this lunar cycle, but really check in on yourself over the last half year, year, half decade or decades. Are you really the person you want to be? If not how can you make that a reality? Answers to these and any other thought provoking questions come from taking the time to ask. That is all it takes. That and a willingness to honestly see who you are.

This particular lunar eclipse falls under Leo and its ruler the Sun. That means that the power of light is at the tip of our fingertips, all we must do is access it. Our public personality can use this energy to get a boost or go through a PR spin. Use the Sun as the ruler of illumination to bring all the good things you deserve your way. Now, beware, illumination isn’t to be wielded as our own private mojo, it will light all things that are in its path, make sure you want to be seen.

My own journey with the Sun and illumination revolves around what I need to be illuminated in order to bring about the greatest understanding and use of my feminine powers. So, I am asking to bring light to any darker corners I may be avoiding or simply not seeing. I know, I bracing myself. One thing I know the Universal Mother is always full of mercy for those who are attempting to better themselves and ultimately the universe. So below are only a few areas to think about working in during the Full Moon.

Work during the Full Moon

Love, Attraction, Passion
Abundance and Prosperity
Blessing of Space
Courage of Heart
Inner Awakenings

Flower/Herbal Essences for Full Moon in Leo




Full Moon Messages

North-Earth Element
There is divinity within me
I must share what I understand spiritually

South-Fire Element
Patience with myself will lead to great success
I am on a journey, see all of the stops along the way

East-Air Element
Continue to know my end result
Allow nothing and no one to stray me from my path

West-Water Element
Living naturally increases my awareness
Avoid the UN-beautiful

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mercury Retrogrades 2009

once i realized it was coming back again, i was like DAMNNNN!!!! gotta give this info out, cause i know i want to be ahead of the curve. forewarned is forearmed.

the planet mercury will go into a retrograde period usually three times a year (but this year, we are so special its four times, that's right four times), when this happens, all forms of communication are off kilter. to say the least. snail mail, email, cell fone, home fone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well. we can not put life off during the retrogrades, but forewarning will help ya navigate through it.

and to make it more interesting the first retrograde falls as the one lunar year ends and another begins. oh joy! i have learned to get these times by understanding what it means and not becoming frustrated or irate when communication of any kind is, well, just plain WRONG!!!

take a look at the dates below, check out the net for more info, didn't want to overload, just spark a fire of your interest. these are the dates that the retrograde starts and stop and the sun sign it is in.

Mercury turns retrograde January 11th, 2009 8 Aquarius
Mercury turns direct February 1st, 2009 at 21 Capricorn

Mercury turns retrograde May 7th, 2009 at 2 Gemini
Mercury turns direct May 31st, 2009 at 22 Taurus

Mercury turns retrograde September 7th, 2009 at 6 Libra
Mercury turns direct September 29th, 2009 at 21 Virgo

Mercury turns retrograde December 26th, 2009 at 21 Capricorn
Mercury turns direct January 15th, 2010 at 5 Capricorn